WATCH: What Would A Gay Mitt Romney Sound Like?

Perhaps anticipating Rick Santorum’s departure from the campaign, Mitt Romney lightened up as he prepared for an interview with Sean Hannity. (We say “interview” but, since this is Fox, perhaps “campaign stop” would be more appropriate.) When Romney choosing a tie to wear, he gave the camera some Marcus Bachmann realness and squealed “Oh, I’ll take the pink one!”

Oddly enough, we image Marcus has uttered those very same words many, many times.

Source: Gawker

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  • D P

    “Yeth, GURL!”

  • D P


  • Kate Bushwhacked

    something something gender binary cissexist something something

  • Bailey

    Why don’t you ever read what you wrote before posting it? You have serious grammatical errors. For such a large site, you should proofread a bit more.

  • Tone

    Pee off mittens, we don’t want you in the tribe.

  • Clockwork

    Yep, that’s why I come here -> for the comedy.

  • jason

    Mitt Romney, as Governor, was probably one of the gay-friendliest Governors in America. And this is going back some 20 years or more if my memory serves me correctly. Don’t diss him simply because he’s a Republican.

  • Curtis

    Can I “diss” him because he’s a Mormon?

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