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Welcome Back, Ru! … Hugo Chavez Supports the Gays, But Not Their Marriages

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→ Oh Ru, how we’ve missed you! Season 2 of Drag Race arrives in January — with guest judges Kathy Griffin Cloris Leachman, and Debbie Reynolds — , but first it’s time to brush up on the cast. (via)

→ Turning Church-cum-gay-club-Limelight (cum-Avalon) into a shopping mall is “even worse than we imagined.”

→ Spanish mag Zero expected to join other dying gay media brands.

→ Who does Chicago Mayor Richard Daley blame for Oprah shutting down her show? The Chicago media.

→ One plus-side of Prop 8? It’s turned Orange County’s gay community into a family.

→ Did opponents of Uganda’s homosexuality criminalization bill “storm” the county’s United Nations missions building? Or did they just demonstrate in front of it?

→ Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez doesn’t want gays to be discriminated against, but won’t support gay marriage. Huh.

→ Did then-14-year-old Andrew Gosden run away in 2007 because he was struggling with his sexuality? His parents think so, and they want your help finding him.

→ Also, where is Mitrice Richardson, the Los Angeles lesbian who evidently disappeared while in police custody?

→ If you’re gay and in the military, this photographer would love to shoot you.

→ After initially refusing any media coverage, Ft. Bragg officials will permit “limited” press access to Sarah Palin’s book tour stop there.

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  • Sebs

    i missed the part when Obama said that he support gay marriage???

  • Helga von ornstein

    Let’s hope (or at least I do) that the producers will dig up Grace Jones as a judge. Personally I think the Debbie Reynolds choice is a bit extreme.

  • Carlos Rivas

    OMG! I’m so glad! Who wants marriage when finally Hugo, my president, admits we have the right to live? I’m so proud of such a humanitarian man! So left wing, so involved in rights and social justice for everybody!

    Now, he just have to say his opinion in Venezuela, convince the police to don’t harass LGBT people, and bring the good news to employers, medical doctors, nurses, among others: yes, they can live (and, of course, they can’t have equality).

    So, what’s his message? don’t discriminate them (but not protect them), let them die by themselves. That’s what it’s happening in Venezuela.

  • Attmay

    @3 Carlos Rivas:

    Why, that Hugo Chavez sounds as enlightened as Barack Obama!

  • romeo

    Hang in there, Carlos, and good luck to you. We have a lot of hypocritical lefties in this country, too. I know it’s hard, but try to network and organize as best you can to protect yourselves.

    @ Helga: Debbie does seem like an unusual choice, but anybody who starred in “Singing in the Rain” has got to be more than qualified. LOL Lambert should be a judge on that show. Wonder if we’ll be able to see Ru through the fog filter this year? LMAO

  • Colby412

    ugh! another season of that awful drag race show? this is the best that Logo can do? pathetic.

  • Ian

    Re: #6 Hey now, some of us love some hot & fierce gender-bending diva b!%&#es! Gay culture would be a LOT poorer without them!

  • Attmay

    @6 Colby412:

    Yeah, we need more shitty parodies of 70s sitcoms with the word “gay” tacked onto them.

  • PootieTang

    RuPaul is still alive?

  • romeo

    @PootieTang #8: We’re not sure.

  • PootieTang

    hahaha, she looks frozen in time! I thought I was watching a virtual Ru…

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