Westboro Protests the NBA ‘Cause It’s “Full of Fags”

Photo: PinkNews

Oh, hi Westboro — what took you so long?

We guess it was only a matter of time before the Westboro Baptist Church, everyone’s favorite hate-mongers masquerading as a religious group, weighed in on this week’s cause for eternal damnation: Jason Collins coming out.

Westboro has decided to picket two NBA games, because, as every Christian or Knicks fan knows, #GodH8sTheNBA:

[T]he church has announced plans to picket at both Wednesday’s Game 5 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets, and Thursday’s Game 6 between the Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets. Apparently the Big Man Upstairs, according to the Westboro Baptist Church, is really ticked off at Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant for wagging his fist at the sky before telling reporters that if [Collins] was “happy, that’s cool with me.”

That Collins is on neither team matters not since according to the WBC the NBA is just “full of fags.” They’re hanging off the rafters, clinging to the backboards and lurking in the locker rooms. WBC released a flier along with the statement on their proposed picketing as a reminder to “the world that God still h8s fags.” In case anyone forgot.

Of course, these “protests” usually involve a handful of people with armfuls of signs and only really serve as a reminder that inbreeding is a really bad — and really ugly — idea.

Cover Photo: WBC Twitter

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  • Polaro

    The world hates Westboro Baptists. And, thanks to the Westboro Baptists, its easier for straight people to be pro gay now, if just to distance themselves from the craziest people in the country.

  • tardis

    I so don’t take these people serious.

  • NateB79

    I often wonder if they do. I almost feel like they don’t even believe what they’re saying, and just enjoy the infamy and the attention.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Inbreeding comes from a very shallow gene pool. It’s doesn’t help when the WBC pees in it as a topper.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Wouldn’t it be cool if some gay men were able to infiltrate WBC, do all the men, get it on video and release it to the press?

  • Harley

    If those WBC bunch is going to be in heaven then hell must be FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Alan down in Florida: Oh Lord… parish (sic) the thought, lolol. Just thinking about that makes me gag! Have you seen those guys?????? Uggggggly!!! (Not that they wouldn’t enjoy it….).

  • Nixter

    I would punch these fuckers right in the face. Or at least a hard slap right across the face.

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