41-year-old Brian Sorenson

What happens when two convicted sex offenders are locked in the same cell together? Rape, of course!

Michael Mrozek and Brian Sorenson are both patients in Minnesota’s sex offender treatment program. In 2010, they were assigned as roommates, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

41-year-old Sorenson was serving time for sexually assaulting a woman in 1994, as well as for fracturing a fellow inmate’s skull and breaking his ribs while incarcerated at the state prison in 2004. 28-year-old Mrozek was there for having sex with juveniles in 2010.

What happened after the two men were put into a cell together, Deputy Human Services Commissioner Anne Barry says she “deeply regrets.”

According to an investigation, shortly after being assigned a cell with Mrozek, Sorenson admitted to his therapist that he was grooming his new roommate for sex, and described in detail the methodical steps he planned on using to assault the man. Despite knowing about his plan in advance, and despite knowing Sorenson’s history of assaultive behavior against his previous roommate, the therapist did nothing to intervene.

“[Sorenson] admitted to his therapist that he had gotten up in the middle of the night and laid down on Mrozek’s bed in an attempt to test Mrozek to see what he would do,” an investigator wrote in a report. “Sorenson told me he had been grooming Mrozek by making sexual comments, roughhousing and asking him if he was gay. Sorenson told me Mrozek repeatedly told him that he was not gay and didn’t want to have sex with him.”

Afterwards, Sorenson apologized for his behavior and promised never to do it again.

Problem solved.

Except not.

Because Sorenson did do it again. Only worse. Instead of simply “roughhousing” with Mrozek, he pinned him down and raped him in the early hours of morning when nobody else would hear.

According to the investigation report, after the attack, Mrozek claimed he was “afraid for his life, and he thought he might die at the hands of Sorenson.” At the time of the interview, the investigator noted, his body was covered in cuts and bruises.

As a result, the state has agreed to pay $203,000 to settle the lawsuit with Mrozek. Meanwhile, Sorenson was convicted of raping Mrozek and sentenced to an additional 17 years in the state prison.

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