What If We Could Take that 18-Month DADT Moratorium … And Make it Last Forever?

Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid says he’s not just on board with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand push to kill off Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but he wants to take his colleague’s bill (to be attached to the Defense Department’s budget bill) one step further: Make the 18-month moratorium on dismissals … permanent. Keep in mind, they still need to find 60 votes in the next two weeks. Oh, and the president’s signature. Is this the type of “change” he believes in?

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  • remingguy

    This is akin to the Singaporean government’s decision to retain the law that makes gay sex illegal, but then say they will not enforce it. It is simply a way to cater to “conservatives.” It demonstrates cowardice on the part of the politicians and lack of true leadership in the executive office.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Well- we will see what develops. Keep up any pressure that can be created. Politicians, like most of my ex-boyfriends, are often big talk, small action.

  • Bob R

    Somehow, I got on a GOP mailing list and get GOP talking points in my spam box. I usually glance at the subject line and delete the email with the rest of the trash mail I get. Today’s talking point is the Democrats are about to deny “paying our soldiers to protect pedophiles.” To say the GOP is outraged at Reid even contemplating attaching this bill to the Defense Department funding bill would be gross understatement. Little Republican heads are exploding all over America today as this nefarious Democratic plan is being exposed to the GOP party faithful. My major concern is, however, Reid is not known for courage or strong leadership. He has a long history of caving. He talks tough and then wimps out in the end. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he and the Dems roll over on this one once the Republican loons start to scream. I hope for once he follows through and this bill makes it through.

  • Dennis

    I had hoped for more, but this temporary halt may allow a ‘transition time’ to bring the homophobic evangelicals in the military power structure into line, and make them justify/prove how GLBT integration harms the military.

    Of course, the risk of any short term strategy has us at the mercy of future elections, and the potential of a future republican majority once again.

    If the Dems remain as spineless and ineffective as they are under Reid, any horrible future thing is possible.

    Oh, and once more, fuck you Queerty for another bullshit swipe at Obama. How many times has he expressed his opposition to DADT? An executive order is much more likely to be challenged in the future, than is a comprehensive legislative solution. This fucking, convoluted mess is a situation he inherited, not one that he caused. He is seeking a lasting, comprehensive, permanent, and legislation-based solution to this complicated discriminatory issue.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Dennis: I love the cognitive dissonance in your post.

  • Dennis

    @The Gay Numbers:
    Please explain my dissonance, in your view…

    I’m looking for solutions in a very imperfect world…and seeking the best available solution to DADT based in current political reality, not in some “but you promised” whine or rant, or some magic belief that Hillary (or ANYONE else) would be able to effortlessly advance our agenda any more than Obama can, etc.

    I’d prefer a permanent legislative solution passed in congress and signed by the president, but am increasingly uncertain these idiots can accomplish that. Plan B, which is becoming more attractive, is congressional action combined with presidential support that would give a “breathing space” to openly integrate out GLBT’s into the military…though I still believe this, of course, is highly risky and leaves the issue unresolved, long-term.

    Clear enough?

  • Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com


    You have two problems.

    First, you’re fishing for credible excuses in Obama’s polluted waters.

    Two, when you excuse his not freezing discharges using his Congressional mandated powers under 10 United States Code 12305 by declaring it’s not, unlike repeal, “lasting” and “permanent” you forget that no legislation is permanent.

    If this Congress repealed DADT, a future Congress could reinstate it.

    That, TOO, is a part of the imperfect world. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our best to still get it repealed but it also doesn’t mean we should reject other interim solutions. So let’s perfectly STOP discharges any legal way we can because this is not just a verbal debate but about the LIVES of gay men and women in the military…over 300 of whom have been kicked to the curb since Obama was sworn in and more tomorrow and the next day and the next day while you…and he…are debating the best strategy for stopping discharges next month, maybe the month after that, maybe…

    Imagine you’ve been knifed by a mugger strung out on drugs. People discover you on the curb. One calls 911 while another firmly presses his hand against your spurting jugular.

    The first person says, “STOP THAT! You’re not a doctor. They’ll be one here eventually and he can stop the bleeding permanently.”

    What would YOU say to both of them?

  • Dennis

    @Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com:
    You speak as if you are absolutely knowlegeable that an executive order would have no adverse repercussions, or impede future efforts to eliminate DADT on a more permanent basis.

    With the murder of August Provost showing us that virulent homophobia is still common in the military, evangelical nutbags rampant in the military power structure, socially conservative/religious ‘blue dog’ democrats not wanting to deal with this issue at all, and the usual assortment of rethuglican asshats opposed, I am not sure your certainty is warranted.

    300 discharges is a tragedy…which will be multiplied many times by future dismissals if this gets screwed up. I do not claim to be an expert on this, nor do I beleive ANY outsider has the only true answer as to what is going on in DC on this, behind closed doors. This entire situation is the embodiment of “SNAFU” and “FUBAR”.

    In return, I would say are you willing to potentially gamble the future career and lives of the tens of thousands of GLBT’s in the military to save 300?

    It appears that the president wants congressional action to support his action on this. Because he’s just a homophobic asshole? Or is unwilling to risk any political capital for us? I don’t think that’s the correct answer, others obviously disagree.

    Unless you have some top-level insider info you’re not sharing about the true nature of this DADT negotiation, how about we keep the public pressure on for the BEST solution, implemented as quickly as possible.

    I applaud your efforts to get this repealed, even if we disagree on various particulars. I’m done for the night…

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  • galefan2004

    I think Reid is afraid of what the fall out of repealing DADT will do to the Democratic majority. I think he is afraid of going to liberal because he doesn’t want to be like the Repug Congress we just got rid of. The truth is, in many areas, voting on gay rights is political suicide even for Democrats.

  • Cam

    @galefan2004: you said “I think Reid is afraid of what the fall out of repealing DADT will do to the Democratic majority. I think he is afraid of going to liberal because he doesn’t want to be like the Repug Congress we just got rid of. The truth is, in many areas, voting on gay rights is political suicide even for Democrats.”

    So basically what you just said that is that they are more interested in holding on to power than they are in doing anything that squares with their supposed beliefs or the reason for which the republican majority was booted out. I have NO problem voting for any Dem primary opponant or donating money to any primary opponant of any cowerds like Reid. Let them know that there are penaltys for cowardis also.

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