Which Country Has The Hottest “Big Brother” Hunks?

big-brother-hunksThe current season of Big Brother USA has been hailed both as the most gay-friendly and one of the hottest casts in the show’s history. As a result, it’s been one of the greatest and most homoerotic seasons to watch — a nice departure from the bigoted mess that was last season.

But that’s just the show’s United States version. And since its original premiere on Dutch television in 1997, the franchise has spun out to include more than 300 different seasons in over 50 countries from six different continents.

So which countries choose the hottest dudes to represent them? We took three babes from some of the franchise’s highest-rated incarnations below. You tell us…


Big Brother Africa
(Season 5 winner Uti Nwachukwu, season 8 houseguests Michael Bonny Bassey and Melvin Oduah)


Big Brother Albania
(Season 7 houseguest Erald Lila, season 3’s Seldi Qalliu and season 6’s Vigan Shehu)


Big Brother Australia
(Season 10 houseguests Ed Lower and Matt Filippi, season 9’s Ryan Buckingham)


Big Brother Brazil
(Season 12 sex tape maker Jonas Sulzbach, season 13’s André Coelho and Marcello Soares)


Big Brother Canada
(Season 2 houseguest Kenny Brain, season 1’s Alec Beall and Emmett Blois)


Big Brother Germany
Season 11 houseguest David Ortega Arenas, season 9’s Benjamin Ringler and Marco Eismann)


Big Brother UK
(Season 15 houseguest Winston Showan, season 10’s Ashley McKenzie and season 9’s Dale Howard)


Big Brother USA
(Season 16 houseguests Caleb Reynolds, Devin Shepherd and Cody Calafiore)

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  • skylerbound

    Why did you only choose this years current HM from the US when you chose from various series of the other BBs?

    I can’t really vote unless it’s ALL from every series or just the current. This current crop of BBUK would DEF be at the bottom of the list if it were just current series.

  • Lefty

    Brazil, no contest.
    I still remember when Queerty did a Jonas Sulzbach Morning Goods. Probably the most beautiful man you ever featured (apart from Francisco Lachowski).
    I know it’s all a matter of taste, but I’m genuinely surprised that the US is ahead in the poll, as they seem by far the blandest of the bunch.

  • broadshoulder

    Don’t like the Americans – far too chiselled. Love the UK and brazil

  • Masc Pride (masc4masc)

    Brazil will always win these things.

  • NateOcean

    Amazing what steroids can do.

  • litper

    so many closeted ‘mos

  • Vince Smetana

    Africa is a country?

  • Cagnazzo82

    Australia then America… (although America has pretty hot guests from the past that weren’t used).

    All the others I find kind of bland. Especially Brazil.

  • montserrat

    @Vince Smetana: that also made me laugh.

  • Casanova

    Cody from BB 16 from the United States is in my opinion THE HOTTEST guy on BB 16. I would love to get inside his pants and give him the best Blow Job he has ever had!! I know he is gay but in his closet. In my relationship with cody he definetly would be the bottom because on BB 16 he acts very much like a woman 100%.

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