Kenny Brain’s Leaked Nudes Reveal A Rather Impressive Endowment

kenny-brain-nakedBig Brother Canada‘s resident dreamboat Kenny Brain stuffs his undies with socks.

Some Grindr-esque selfies featuring Brain’s full package — what I would explicitly describe as a big, beautiful dick — have leaked on omg blog, and after today, this man will be the only Big Brother contestant you’ll need to remember.

We most recently enjoyed Kenny’s workout sesh in the Big Brother backyard, clad only in an oily pair of tighty whities and crew socks. The cock shots below were taken in his pre-lumberjack-beard days and, according to omg, that symbol tattooed over his piece is the kanji for “BIG.”

At least he’s advertising it correctly…


Head on over to omg blog for the full monty


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  • JennyFromdabloc

    HOT man!! Impressive from head to toe.

  • TVC 15

    Oh, hell YES!

  • Niall

    Jesus, he looks so much better without the full Moses beard he’s spotting on the show. I like beards too, but it’s too much

  • Maximilian

    I can’t get aboard his fandom train. Too cliché with the beard and tattoos – a typical queen of today.

    Would like to find out how he looks clean shaven. I’m thinking he looks weird without a beard :)

  • yaletownman

    Wow! This is one sexy man!

  • Billy Budd

    His dick is just a little bit above average. It is not by any means huge. But he is hot.

  • yaletownman

    And you’re right. His dick is perfect!

  • redcarpet

    He reaaaalllly needs to trim that beard. I love me some facial hair, but I need to be able to make out the face underneath. I had no idea what his face looked like until now.

  • ErganeFlood

    I like the facial hair and everything else. Rawr!

  • edzarkowski


  • masteradrian

    That’s a nice handlebar there on the OMG blog!

    Must admit that it is a good handle top hold on to, but the so-called lumberjack beard is sick, or is that sickening?
    Does remind me of those anti-gay so-called lumberjacks in the US who were not long ago all over the net…… with their anti-gay statements.
    But then, just my taste and opinion of course…..

  • Maximilian

    ^ Exactly or every Muslim man with beards.

    Bearded men all look the same to me.

    It’s like wearing a balaclava :C

  • DickieJohnson

    Yup, I’ll second that “OMG” reaction. NICE piece, and looks to me the f’skin is pulled back. Love the muscled slim body, but can’t stand the Duck Dynasty beard, especially with the 1940’s haircut.

  • wollam11


    OMG so hot! Fuck Stephen Diangle. Give me some Kenny Brian porn!!!

  • ozonedude

    timing’s right, in that he was evicted from the Canada BB house last week and did not make it to jury. seems to be a grower not a shower because while he was inside the house he spent the whole time in those damn tighty whities. smart guy who has a lot to offer though. hopefully he’ll do something more interesting than porn after this.

  • vive

    Not bad at all. But I don’t get why people send around pics of themselves with only a semi. I always think well, I hope that’s not as hard as it gets.

  • gauty

    OMFG who CARES?? Although tbh, my curiosity did get me after all this ohh-ing and ah-ing over his supposedly humongous penis and… Seriously? Y’all are gay guys, right? Y’all have seen a penis before, are in the ownership of one? That dick is at least at half-mast and by no means flaccid, and from what I see I can tell it wouldn’t be that impressive fully erect. Also, butterface. *Now* I get the beard.

  • gauty

    @ozonedude: I’m sorry, you guys are just… He has what to offer exactly? Apart from, indeed, porn? As a contestant on BB, from what I saw of the breathless coverage on Queerty he has shown tremendous proficiency in… Wearing tightey whiteys? Lying about his sexuality and being a self-loathing prancey douche? I just don’t get people sometimes.

  • misterhollywood

    I love how people are criticizing his beard, Who the hell cares – you can always turn the lights out. The man has a freaking NICE tool! Woof!!!

  • hotshot70

    nice bod. I wonder what it looks like solid? Does it curve up? side? thicken?

  • aspreadb

    It’s in his modelling contract that he has to keep his beard (apparently). Although I also agree he looks better with out it.

  • Sebizzar

    Ok, everything on his body is smokin’ but gawd look at that gorgeous face *_* I guess I’m a face man rather than ass or dick man xD

  • Fang

    hahahaha, the chinese character above his dick means “big.” Dude is proud of his equipment!! I definitely think he’s hot, but he’s not unlike a lot of guys on grindr. Having said that, I wouldn’t turn down getting in the sack with him!

  • vive

    @gauty, yes, he definitely looks better with the short beard than without. (So do I, so I don’t blame him.) The Moses one not so much.

  • ggore

    He’s got the new “hipster clone” look down pat, long beard with greaser top hair and close-cropped sides, and must be worn with skinny jeans and lace-up boots worn un-laced of course. blah blah You see that on every hipster in the world now, both gay and straight.

  • Tracy Pope

    I don’t know who this is but the definition of “impressive” in the title is really subjective, isn’t it? Nice body though!

  • Tracy Pope

    @Tracy Pope: Oops. Did not realize this was the same guy from a previous Queerty article about him. He cleans up nice.

  • litper

    @wollam11: I hope he’s gay not bisexual liar like Steven

  • bmwblonde

    Hey shallow denizens of Queerty-World. The man’s eyes are DEAD. He is so emotionally shut-down, it’s unbelievable. That doesn’t mean he is “butch” or “hot” or macho — it means he is 5,000 light years out of touch with his emotions. And perhaps soul-less.

    This culture conflates (look it up) being “out-to-lunch” with being “sophisticated.” Incredible how long it takes American men to grow up (until their 50’s, if ever).

    Oh well, more pearls before swine.

  • Naja

    @bmwblonde: He has “dead eyes” because he smokes a lot of weed. And if anything he is overly sensitive. Arlie was given a task to insult the other houseguests so he told Kenny that he shouldn’t go around thinking he is better than everyone else. And Kenny started crying because one of his best friends told him the same thing. Kenny is not out-of-touch with his emotions; he just keep them very guarded or he becomes a wreck.

    Plus, if you spent anytime getting to know him from something other than an internet picture, you would find out from his demeanor that he has a very old soul for a 25 year old.

    Not sure what being “American” has to do with anything: Kenny is not American, nor is everyone who frequents this site.

  • Aromaeus

    That dick isn’t big, you people need to get around more.

  • ShallownessH8ter

    It’s not him that I have a problem with. It’s all of you that I can’t stand.

  • Faggot

    Yuk. He’s cut?!

  • DarkZephyr

    The guys saying his penis is small must have the grand canyon for backsides.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Aromaeus: You need to get your rectal prolapse repaired.

  • gaymer69

    Yummy. I would do terrible and glorious things to that man. ;)

  • Will Grey

    Some of you need to take a look at the “The Disgustings” video.

  • I'm Black, and HIV-Positive.

    It’s all right. The first pic with his dick up on the wash sink was a nice tease though.

  • CandyFlossKing

    i would.. all night long ;)

  • eliasadc

    oh wow now thats a man

  • da90027

    Another guy ive never heard of this site is resorting to gay cliche titillation pics there are enough porn sites…lol.

  • patricklee5150

    Damn….he is so gorgeous….and yummy!

  • Texan78730

    What is this business with guys wanting to shave every hair off their bods from the neck down? They look like newborns. Not attractive!

  • CarlIsle

    I just finished reading a lame piece about a catfish’s unrepentant confession, then saw a link to this. I can’t help wondering how these nudes were obtained and how hypocritical it is of Queerty to criticise people for collecting nude pics on Grindr or similar apps, while doing an article with a link to a blog that shows full frontal photos that may have been obtained by a catfish.

  • Clark35

    He’s probably a total bottom.

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