Big Brother 16: The Greatest Full-Frontal Shots & Gay/Straight Cuddles (So Far)

Frankie Grande and Cody Calafiore

The most homoerotic showmance in Big Brother history was bound to end before the summer came to a close, but the juicy gay/straight relationship between houseguests Zach Rance and Frankie Grande could unfortunately be over as soon as tonight.

Frankie and Zach caught the attention of the show’s live feed viewers almost immediately after moving into the house. Their extremely close physical relationship began with hugs, moved into cuddling territory, and now includes full-blown kisses.

Their portmanteau — Zankie — has trended on every major social network from Instagram to Tumblr. Tonight, in honor of Big Brother‘s first and greatest physical gay/straight showmance, let’s take a look at this summer love’s biggest highlights:

The first primetime introduction of Zankie included more than one cuddle sesh and Zach’s first of many “I am not gay” proclamations.


Zankie’s first casual kiss.

Early in the game, Frankie and Zach welcomed former underwear model and straight Zac Efron fan Cody into bed for a threeway cuddle sesh.

Zach leaves a late night cuddle with Frankie to use the bathroom. He emerges with a clear boner.

Frankie was also on hand to judge the impromptu “muscle competition” in the living room.


Zach and Frankie first confess their love for each other while cuddling in bed.


One of Zankie’s many goodnight kisses.



A bathroom cuddle…

…and let’s not forget Frankie’s many love taps with Cody:




And last, but certainly not least, this summer’s greatest full-frontal shots. Courtesy of the hottest men in the house:


Caleb Reynolds serves full ass while taking a shower in the backyard. Check out more shots over at omgblog.


Cody Calafiore flashes clear peen while taking a shower inside. Check out the full monty at boy culture.


Hayden Voss “adjusts” himself. Check out more shots over at omgblog.

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  • kittysurprise

    I think they are cute together and all but I really think the network cast them to play a specific role because of last season’s homophobic undertones.

  • SportGuy

    Why is this show still on the air! Hope it ends soon.

  • jd2222248

    I have never seen the show….I see why. How does someone win? Is it a game?

    So, the straight guy is pulling a James Franco (JF)?

  • rand503

    Zachs bathroom boner comes with a very obvious wet spot.

  • litper

    They’re pushing trans anti-gay propaganda (gay = woman, straight = man, it’s only gay if the balls touch)

  • Saint Law

    @litper: Bitch, u is madder than a wig made of wasps.

  • SportGuy


    Meant to say Caleb, not Cody. :-D

  • jasentylar

    Love this show. The men this season are muy caliente! Caleb and Cody are dreamboats. Zankie is soooo adorable.

  • jwtraveler

    Cute boys, stupid show. And I don’t see anything that meets my understanding of the term “full frontal”.

  • martinbakman

    CBS primetime is very open minded about portraying gay men as long as they are rooster headed queens.

  • Malcolm Forest

    @litper: That made absolutely NO sense. You need to explain fuller whatever argument you are trying to get across to us, the other readers.

  • AlanZ

    Why is it that the only gay men they cast are always screaming queens? If they were to cast an extreme stereotype of any other minority there would be riots. Where is GLAD? Oh yeah screwing each other in Vanderpumps restaurants

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