Why Are the Log Cabin Republicans So Elated About the Senate’s Newest Anti-Gay Lawmaker Scott Brown?s

The Log Cabin Republicans, also known as the gay conservative group not sponsoring this year’s CPAC, has released its official statement on the election of Massachusetts’ newest U.S. senator, Scott Brown. And it’s uber-cagey!

“The voters of Massachusetts have sent a clear message to the Democrats in Washington that has been echoed across the country,” says the organization in a release. And Chairman Terry Hamilton is sooo ready to schedule a playdate!

“Americans want bipartisan consensus and commonsense approaches to the critical issues facing our nation today,” says Hamilton. “The election of Scott Brown to the US Senate gives the GOP the crucial forty-first vote to stand up for market-based reform and fiscal restraint, especially in the healthcare debate. Brown’s victory was delivered by a growing dissatisfaction among independent-minded voters, who have been turned off by the Democrat’s big government agenda. We saw it in New Jersey and in Virginia recently, and now in Massachusetts. Scott Brown’s campaign was run on mainstream issues, championed by the GOP, that are important to all voters: creating jobs and helping the American economy rebound. We look forward to working with Senator Brown on many critical issues, including market-based healthcare reform, tax relief, supporting the war on terror, workplace non-discrimination, commonsense education reform, and ending the failed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy.”

They do know this man ran partly on his staunch opposition to granting gay Americans their rights, correct? Or maybe they just like a comedian.

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  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    because they subscribe to Playgirl!

  • Lance Rockland

    Because Scottie’s a closet homo, get it? Now they can have circle jerks in DC with their new Senator.

  • Robert, NYC

    The Log Cabiners don’t give a damn about marriage equality, not high on their agenda. Their party doesn’t have any interest in our equality. The only thing a handful of their party has signed on to is ENDA. They haven’t even authored, coauthored, sponsored any other equality bill either. This group of selfish gay conservatives believe first and foremost in the status quo, their portfolios, fancy cars, personal wealth, real estate, private health insurance and to hell with those who have no access. Their party hasn’t had a solution to health care delivery in its entire history. Since when did Bush 43 ever mention health care reform? This group actually believes, delusionally so, that be being gay and republican, they can change their party from within. How sick is that? Brown is an ardent foe of equality and they’re celebrating his victory which I predict will be short lived. They’re on the wrong side of history.

  • Same Crap

    You know how all those middle age straight men cummed in their boxers when Sarah P winked at them during the debate? It’s kind of that with Brown and the Log Cabiners.

  • alan brickman

    He’s hawt..but now he will be watched for more reasons…be careful Scott…

  • Brian NYC

    Doesn’t matter. Politics is a waste of time and money.

  • MaxH

    Because Scott Brown is just the kind of Republican we need. He is not the type that will deny civil unions just because it’s between two men or two women… he’s against marriage.

    Look, that sucks, but it’s a stepping stone, and at least he’s for SOMETHING that might be accomplished if it had his support.

    We just aren’t going to get a Republican (that has the national party funding him) that supports out and out gay marriage. Not happening. So we have to take what we can get.

    Coakley wasn’t going to champion gay rights; neither will this guy. But all in all, he’ll be better for Massachusetts than she’d ever be.

  • Attmay


    The former mayor of San Diego, a Republican, is on our side. This guy seems reasonable enough to, gee I don’t know, work to try and GET HIM on our side for once, maybe?

  • Knightgee


    We need yet another anti-gay, pro-corporation, pro-torture, pro-war, anti-environment Republican? Don’t we already have quite a few of those? Or is Mr. Brown somehow different despite his largely similar stances?

  • Scott

    It’s disturbing that people are only voting “against” things. Brown said what he would vote against but he hasn’t offered any solutions of his own, just like the Republican party. Obama has offered plans and all Republicans do is try to shoot him down so they may come back into power. Republicans haven’t offered a scrap of an idea to put this country back on track after they destroyed it during the Bush years. Obama has been mending fences and the Republicans are furious about that. The Republicans added so much to our national debt with that futile war in Iraq but when Obama wants to spend money on the people at home he gets crucified. The Republicans are more than the party of “NO”. They are the party of “NOT YOU” and their bigotry is evident everywhere. I pray the female McCain’s can overrun that party with some sensibility.

  • roger

    i hear a lot of absolute bullshit from people who LOVE democracy. as long as people agree with them about everything.

    we can all be complex. and care about more than one or two issues. and frankly, his positions on economics, terrorism, and healthcare are absolutely what massachusetts’ independents, republicans, and about 25% of democrats wanted. and CLEARLY what most Americans now want after this FAILED experiment with vague “hopeandchange.”

    the people of massachusetts spoke loud and clear. his record was perfectly clear. accept it.

    God bless America. and scott brown.

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