WATCH: Why Gay Bars Hate Drunk Straight Girls


First off, we’re not haters. We understand that without drunk straight girls, we wouldn’t be here.

But anyone who’s been in a crowded, busy gay bar has probably seen something like the above clip happen: A drunk chick that makes our bartender friends want to slit their throats. When this recently played on the televisions at J.R.’s in Washington, DC, all the male patrons were glued to the screens, laughing and yelling out “Amen!”

Dear drunk straight girls: We love ya. Just order your drink and get the hell out of our way.


Scott Wallis is the co-host of the Queerty/GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. This week, they’ve got a straight girl on the show, Stephanie Gibson, star of Broadway’s “The Addams Family,” and new music from out pop singer Aiden Leslie.

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  • Cam

    So damn true! The ONLY time I have ever seen puke in a bathroom in a gay bar it has always been a “Straight girl leave behind”

  • the crustybastard

    ZOMGZ! Women go to bars try to order drinks from bartenders, then attempt to pay for them? Then they tip badly after the bartender is insulting and rude?

    Stupid bitches.

    Why can’t they just put on their burkas and stay home making sammiches and babies?

    The only funny thing smug bartender said was “vodka is tasteless and odorless.” Christ, if you don’t like dealing with drunk people (and you cannot smell or taste liquor) why did you want to be a goddam bartender?

  • LOLZ

    It’s in English and it’s that messed up robot voice but does anyone notice a faintly French Canadian accent?

  • FreeRangeRadical

    This is why bars need people-sized blenders and trap doors in the floor

  • QJ201

    Not a single thing in this is fiction. I so don’t miss having to serve straight girls in bars and clubs. But should have added. “Girl: I’m hot, why isn’t anyone paying attention to me? Bartender: This is a gay bar, unless you are hiding an 8 inch dick under that too short skirt, you are out of luck.”

  • DJ

    Crazy shit lol

  • newcityspot

    I bet if the headline was “Why straight bars hate drunk gay guys” people would be screaming that it was anti-gay, hateful speech, etc…

    So what makes this okay to publish? This makes gay people look really lost in their own argument.

  • christopher di spirito

    I used to love it when members of my college fraternity would come home sloshed, horny and frustrated because some whore they were chasing wouldn’t give them pussy. I was always too happy to relieve them of their burden. Late Saturday night was always a bounty to be had.

  • Little Kiwi

    @Christopher, I used to bring my straight buddies to the gay bars/clubs when I was a young wee twink, in order to have their pick of the “Girls Out With The Gays” – it served two purposes: it got them laid, and it got the girls outta the establishment.

  • ewe

    @newcityspot: Of course you would think that one little video clip is the responsibility of all gay people. Did you notice what you just said asshole? You blamed all gay people for this clip? Do you get what i just said to you dipshit? Do you understand the bigot you fucking are? BTW i saw a man spank his child so i guess i should act like you and say ” This makes all Dads really lost in their argument”. FOOL. Dumb ass motherfucker. Say your sorry and mean it and then change yourself. It is you that needs to defend what you said shithead.

  • newcityspot

    @ewe: I’m gay. Um, so what’s your point now?

  • ewe

    Some drunk straight girls are fag hags. Fag hags for the most part tend to be fixated on one gay guy. After they hit 30 they tend to wise up and realize that they are not desired sexually by gay men and accept that their attempt to woo them is futile. Drunk straight girls are annoying because they are drunk. We all have insecuities and it is very obvious drunk straight girls distort their femininity which is amplified and on display when no one in the room is the least bit captivated. They end up looking wounded and if you add being drunk to wounded you just look plain ol pathetic. People go to bars to enjoy themselves not see a greek tragedy unfold.

  • ewe

    @newcityspot: that you are a self hating faggot. You qualify for nothing just cause you ignorant ass is gay. UM ok? Snap to you too. Wee!!!

  • ewe

    @ewe: I was talking about your comment not your freagin sexual orientation.

  • ewe

    @ewe: I was talking about your comment not your freagin sexual orientation. The key word was “ALL”. Now go act like the drunk straight girl with someone else not me.

  • Little Kiwi

    well, i don’t *do* fag hags. I do “Soldier Girls” ;-)

    Fag Hags are girls that can’t associated with straight guys or other straight girls. they obsess over their gay friends and get in the way of their lives. they serve a purpose when you’re young and Coming Out and need “someone to go out and be gay with” – the dramas usually arise when boy meets boy and faghag realizes she’s being bumped out.

    at some point gay men need to learn to stand on their own two feet as gay men and be able to associate comfortably with other gay men without needing a straight-female buffer.

    Soldier Girls, however, are straight girls who just fucking rock and choose to hang with their gay buds for a fun night.

    you’ll notice the difference between how Soldier Girls and FagHags behave in the bars. Hags? it’s like a drunker tourist – “look at me! i’m in a GAY bar! omg, have you met my friend!?!?” no, and shut up.
    Soldier Girls? they’re just having a laugh and a drink with their buddies. being in a gay bar is not an exotic thing to them that need to call attention to. they’re not getting in everyone’s faces. they’re not trying to set up their buddies with guys who are just trying to enjoy a night out. they’re there for fun, not to “show everyone that they’re in a GAY BAR!”

    most young’uns have their Hag days. it’s all part of the journey. but at some point the hag has to learn to associate with straight dudes and the gay dude needs to learn to associate with other gay dudes without a ‘safety net’

  • newcityspot

    @ewe: I think you’re possibly the dumbest person I’ve ever read from. What’s your IQ? I’ve never seen such a stupid line line “You’re a self-hating faggot” Hahahahah! Joke of the week! I guess you’ll never know how that line reads to an intelligent person.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: single female buffer? HA. That’s funny. Fag hags are not buffers. We feel sorry for them because without gay men they would be sitting at home in front of a tv alone with their RingDings. Being in a gay bar is not an exotic thing to anyone unless you just became of age. You’re funny. I liked reading your take on it though.

  • ewe

    @newcityspot: You are shallow and insecure. Instead of addressing your ignorant statement lumping all gay people together you choose to say you are gay and immune. I will pass on your type of intelligence. Keep runnin honey. You bring yourself with you.

  • newcityspot

    @ewe: I don’t think you have a choice…you have to pass, because you can’t reach that high. Hey good luck in your cesspool of stupidity. I’ll be peeing and pooing in it from above.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: come on now. Why would a gay man need a straight female buffer in a gay bar? think about it.

  • ewe

    @newcityspot: no kidding. And add avoidance to your list of habits.

  • Little Kiwi

    @ewe, like i said, it’s part of the journey. it’s what “newbies” do, or “Gaybies” as I call ’em. It was me at 17/18. When you’re a new wee Gaybie, you have your Hag. The girl who’ll go out and do “gay things” with you because you’re not yet ready or able to do it alone, or you don’t know other gay people yet.

    go out to a bar and you’ll see it in action :D the Gaybies in college with their new gal friends going to a gay bar because it’s all new to them :)

    like i said, it’s all part of the journey. :)

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: lol. well i learned a new term from you i never ever heard before. Soldier girls? You should patent that before someone beats you to it.

  • ewe

    I miss fag hags. I used to have them around me in my twenties and then they got hip to their biological clock and split. They settled. But i always felt a fag hag was generally fixated on one gay guy and basically trying to change them for their own selfish needs. I hope that doesn’t sound mean.

  • newcityspot

    @ewe: Gosh you have mush for brains. It’s clear you have no place of responsibility or authority in the world. Hey if this forum helps you feel like you’re asserting yourself, then continue. You’re not hurting anyone and nobody is obligated to listen to you or care about what you say.

    You really should take a course in reading comprehension so that when you write, you actually are following along one thread of logic, not talking like a friggin ball of yarn. YOU CRAZY! (and dumb)

  • ewe

    @newcityspot: go away. i am tired of you.

  • ewe

    Drunk straight girls on the other hand are very different than fag hags. Drunk straight girls think they are superior to gay people and show their meanness when they are drunk. Although underneath it all is just a misguided princess standing alone abandoned and disillusioned in a pink dress with all her baggage. It’s really sad. Just goes to show we all need to be loved. Even you newcityspot.

  • newcityspot

    @ewe: I like that your name is homophone for the word that is the actual noise people make when they think of you, or meet you, or have to be around you.

    Ew, you, ewe.


  • ewe

    @newcityspot: oh honey please. Start peeling your own onion. I don’t have the time.

  • Shannon1981

    This is why I don’t do hags anymore. Yes, even as a lesbian, I have had my share of drunken straight women- and men, who are the equivalent of fag hags- tag along with me to the gay bar, get too drunk, and make asses of themselves. No more. I don’t go to gay bars to hang with straight people. My opinion is this: gay bars are for gay people. Period. We are not yet at a point where we do not need our own space. I just don’t see the reasoning behind straight people hanging out in queer bars. It is beyond me, honestly. Usually the straight girls are infatuated with one gay dude that they think they can turn, and usually straight men want to watch two women, or, at the very least, turn some lesbian into his gf. Annoying. No thank you.

  • ewe

    @Shannon1981: and i have to tell you that my straight female friend years ago always ALWAYS scored in a gay bar. She inevitably found some straight guy in that bar every single time. So maybe she was really only going for herself after all. lol

  • ewe

    @Shannon1981: @Shannon1981: and then we would all say “what the fuck was he doing here.”

  • Shannon1981

    @ewe: Most of the straight friends I have these days *get* that they are sort of *ahem* guests when they visit a gay establishment. They might go to say, tip the drag queens or whatever….but it ends there. They usually just drop me off, go to a straight (mainstream) club, and the DD stops off to pick me up at the end of the night. Works out well. They go do their thing, I do mine. Ever since I got bashed, I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable in a club full of drunk straight people, and they understand why and respect that. It is simply beyond me, the straights who frequent gay bars. I just don’t get it.

  • newcityspot

    @ewe: What? Anyway, whatever this is the dumbest set of comments I’ve ever read. Gay media shouldn’t be hating on any group while we are in the process of working hard to stop the hatred towards us. The title of this article is a step back for those working hard to end hate altogether. It would be ridiculously stupid and contradictory to hate anybody of any orientation coming into a gay bar. Tolerating bad behavior is not necessary though, tell anyone that isn’t behaving properly to stop or leave.

    I just think it’s extremely reckless to headline an article coming from gay media that is expressing hatred towards a specific sexual orientation. Just plain stupid and regressive.

  • Shannon1981

    @ewe: LOL @ “What the fuck was he doing here.” EXACTLY. I can almost understand the smitten straight women in a gay bar. But straight men? Completely beyond me as to why they would ever be in such an establishment. Maybe you are right. Maybe she did go for herself, and had better luck at the gay bar than the mainstream clubs.

  • christopher di spirito

    @newcityspot: You’re a miserable dullard. People who appear on Queerty and do nothing but insult the regulars have no value or merit. You will die a sad, old queen, all alone and filled with regret. I honestly feel sorry for you.

    Now, be gone.

  • Shannon1981

    @newcityspot: In case you haven’t noticed this is a snark blog. Most of what is posted here is going to be rather abrasive in tone. Good grief, I was hoping not to have to break newbies in on a Saturday…

  • randy

    My experience is that faghags are straight women who are terrified of straight men for some reason. Either they are scared of intimacy, afraid of being taken advantage of, afraid of being seen as a sex object, or just too insecure about themselves to go out there and do the hard work of finding a man. Hanging with the gay guy is really easy and fun, there is no sexual tension and everything in the relationship is pretty transparent. Plus, they get to go out on the town with a man, which is much better than going out with other single women or staying home alone.

  • newcityspot

    @christopher di spirito: Nah, none of that is true. I guess this is the first time where I got attacked by what I guess you think is an honorific title “regular.” You can keep telling me to go away, but I know you know that you have no control over that, so maybe it’s pointless to say it. But then maybe what you say is pointless altogether? I guess? I don’t know, I just don’t care enough to think about it any further. I guess you just go on the attack in defense of a fellow “regular” instead of actually talk about what I initially said that this article is an article expressing hatred towards a specific group that has been identified by their sexual orientation – straight girls. That’s simply hate towards people of a specific sexual orientation. Sound familiar? Yes, because people are more often heard hating gay people, but here it is again, but on the flip side, gay people hating straight people. It’s fine and all, go do it, but don’t go shrilling aloud claiming intolerance when you’re practicing it in your own home. DONE. You can’t come back with anything that actually makes better sense. I’m sorry, that you and the other commenter fail to see this ridiculous argument. Maybe this blog is for stupid people that don’t represent progress within the gay community.

  • Little Kiwi

    actually, newcity, in respect to fairness it’s not “hating straight people” – but specifically something that a lot of people who’ve worked in gay bars/clubs can attest to – the straight girls that come in for a party and act like “tourists” – get too wasted and spend their entire time making spectacles of themselves to get the attention of gay guys who had gone to a gay bar to socialize with other gay people.

    i don’t mind straight people in gay bars. i love my soldier girls. but i’ve also bartended in establishments both gay and straight, and there is an annoyance in the straight girls who come to gay bars and act like it’s a big taboo exotic rebellious act and then get so wasted it becomes an annoyance to everyone within earshot, or puking distance.

    it’s not “we hate you because you’re straight” – it’s “if you’re going to come into a bar that exists to give LGBT people a place to be with “family” can you please try to keep your shit together?”

    that said, i don’t care WHO you are – gay or straight, male or female – if you’re in a bar or club know you’re freaking alcohol limit, have at least one friend who stays more sober than the rest to keep y’all in check and for the love of Christ always remember that under the influence of alcohol you are nowhere near as funny or interesting as you think you are in that moment.
    irritating boorish loud obnoxious behavior is irritating no matter who does it.

  • newcityspot

    @Little Kiwi: I can agree with everything you said.

    You know how in media, one little thing can get lifted and blown out of proportion? I just think it’s a little irresponsible to say “hate straight girls…” that’s all.

    People who don’t have the experience of seeing what you just said, can use that against us. Basically, no blog could get away with “Why Straight Bars Hate Drunk Gay Guys” – just based on that line alone. Just highlighting publishing responsibility. That’s all!

  • Little Kiwi

    i hear that. at the same time, there is a double-standard in society. people will ignore any and every “positive” LGBT Story and focus on the one tiny thing that they think they can use to bolster “their case” against us.

    selective amnesia.

    for example, a few months ago in Vancouver there was a massive riot after the hometown hockey team lost a game. sports team lost. people rioted, looted, smashed shit, blew up cars.

    you didn’t see the world freak the fuck out about “straight stereotypes” or “things straight people do” or “straight people being all violent once again” or even “sports fans make themselves look like neanderthals”

    and if someone wants to say “How do you know it wasn’t gays torching those cars?” I will respond with “because i’m not a complete idiot”

    i bartended for years to put myself through university. gay places and straight places. never once had violence in a gay bar. only ever in the straight ones. regularly. and yes, straight girls barfing in gay-bar bathrooms was/is a regular and annoying thing.

    but at some point we need to buck up and realize that bigots are going to ignore EVERYTHING that proves them wrong and focus solely on what they think proves them right. we need to understand the difference between EXCUSES and REASONS. there are no reasons to be anti-gay, only excuses. for a straight bigot to cite this story, or headline, as an example would be an “excuse” as it would mean they’re intentionally ignoring every other positive and friendly LGBT story out there. people see what they want to see and we as a community need to realize that in many cases catering to their nincompoop sensibilities is like trying to get blood from a stone.

  • danoo

    I honestly can’t stand these dumb whores who show up there either

  • christopher di spirito

    @newcityspot: You screech, “You can keep telling me to go away….”

    Really? I’ve never seen your handle in any comment section before this morning. So, your claim that I “keep telling” you to go away is not only ludicrous but impossible.

    Unless, your handle of “newcityspot” is a doppelganger and you posted under another identity and name. Is that the case, punkin? Are you double-dipping?

  • Cam


    “I bet if the headline was “Why straight bars hate drunk gay guys” people would be screaming that it was anti-gay, hateful speech, etc…
    So what makes this okay to publish? This makes gay people look really lost in their own argument.”

    If it was true, “The Gays” would be laughing along with it. Please let me know what in this was hate speech?

  • Shannon1981

    @Little Kiwi: I lived in Buffalo for two years. I can attest, first hand, to the boorish behavior of the Buffalo Bills football fans and to the Buffalo Sabres hockey fans. Absolutely shameful. In fact, the last winter I was there, I had Sabres season tickets, went to all of 3 games and wasted the rest of the season past because I got sick of drunken, angry, violent men pushing, shoving, rocking cars, shouting,etc every time the Sabres lost. Double standard, for real. They can do that shit, we can’t.

  • Little Kiwi

    it’s one of those things that more LGBT people need to start being aware of.

    seriously. we’re not the ones with reputations for violence and social disturbance and rioting because a fucking sports team didn’t win a fucking game.

    we didn’t riot in the streets MILK didn’t win Best Picture. In Canada, the UK, and now the US it’s the same thing. gay people afraid that “_______” makes us look bad. No, it doesn’t. You’re giving too much value to the baseless excuses that bigots give. Excuses are borne out of chosen willful ignorance and selective amnesia.

    Ignore 50 or so of the “good examples of Gays” you saw in one week and choose instead to focus on the barely-registered “bad experience” that they blow up to epic proportions. They’re ignoring the good and focusing on what they deem “bad” – and we all need to wake up and realize that it’s baseless bullshit.

    blood from a stone, my brothers and sisters.

    anti-gay bigotry is not in any way “caused” by “gay stereotypes” nor “bad examples of gay people” but by insecure people with inferiority complexes who feel a need to hate someone else in order to feel better about themselves.

  • Shannon1981

    @Little Kiwi:

    “anti-gay bigotry is not in any way “caused” by “gay stereotypes” nor “bad examples of gay people” but by insecure people with inferiority complexes who feel a need to hate someone else in order to feel better about themselves.”

    Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Rest assured, nobody gave a damn about all that drunken,violent behavior after those games in Buffalo. In fact, unless you didn’t go home when the cops told you to, you didn’t get so much as a ticket. But let a group of gays do that shit. We’d ALL be in jail. In fact, more than 300 of us were questioned and accosted by cops for no real good reason at Charlotte Pride. Tell ya anything?

  • Shannon1981

    ugh sorry html FAIL.

  • Little Kiwi

    nothing at all “makes gay people look bad”

    bigots choose to be bigoted and their excuses are baseless and selective. we cannot worry about “bad examples of gays” because the sheer reality is that no amount of “good examples of gays” has made those people change their minds.

    GOProud hasn’t had any success in getting their fellow Republicans to get over their bigotry and support LGBT Equality.

    Serving his country didn’t win that gay soldier the respect of Rick Santorum or the crowd of low-thinkers that booed him simply for being gay.

    Decades of “positive” gay roles models and “inoffensive to straights” portrayals have meant nothing to people who simply are CHOOSING to remain bigoted. Heck, we still have people who refuse to give up racist beliefs. Anti-Semitic ones. There are still people who insist that President Barack Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim, despite the factually backed-up reality that he isn’t.

    The man produced his birth certificate and they STILL insist it’s not real. Why? Because they’re choosing to be bigoted, they’re PROUD of their bigotry. it’s all of they have to hold onto to feel “better” than someone else.

    So, come on gays, stop worrying about “how this is making us look” – it’s only “making us look bad” to people who are already bigoted and whose minds will not be changed by a world of “different examples” of LGBT people.

    Discern between EXCUSES and REASONS. And realize that excuses are baseless and thus not worth worrying about.

  • Shannon1981

    @christopher di spirito: Unfortunately, a site like this, where one does not need an actual account to post, trolling is rampant. Look for the posting style elsewhere. Not difficult to find. Personally, I am here to hang out with my buddies online and am far too lazy to go through the nonsense of figuring out sockpuppets. But, if he is here elsewhere under other names, it won’t be hard to spot.

  • iDavid


    I mostly agree we need our own space, but there is something I like about a few fag hags in the bar. My bf and I had a great fag hag friend and she was totally gaga over my lover but we were all great friends and knew where each other stood. I wouldn’t think of banning her from our fave gay clubs. And she could hold her own. You might have thought she was quite a catch. ; )

  • Sabat

    @christopher di spirito: Would you be so kind as to give us a story or two?

  • Dave

    Everytime I go to a local GLBT bar there’s always some loud and obnoxious drunk fag hag screaming at the top of her lungs and she always expects the bartender to just drop everything she/he is doing and stop making drinks for other customers and make her yet another drink.

  • Shannon1981

    @iDavid: LOL I don’t hit on straight girls, though I am sure she is very pretty. :) I’d never go so far as to ban them, but when there’s a bar full of straights, and I am there to get my gay on, NGL, I get a little miffed.

  • Stephen Frost

    Sounds like American bars are different to the ones here in the UK. We have smirnoff ice, WKD, bacardi breezers etc and we have beer on tap. Vodka is tasteless and odourless? Since when? It’s like paint stripper! lol.
    OMG, they’re gonna hate me, when I visit. Cos nobody tips bar staff here. It’s just not done. They get paid wages ffs. lol.
    I can’t stand groups of straight girls in gay bars. Makes me feel lieke they are there to watch some sort of freak show! Come see the gays! Woo!

  • Dave

    Stephen Frost-We have Smirnoff Ice, those Bacardi breezers, and other drinks like that, plus beer on tap. Any good bar here in the United States should have all of that and liquor.

    Here in the United States bartenders do get paid wages however it’s not a lot of money and they make most of their money in tips.

  • Cam

    Actually coincidentally, the same bar listed in the post above “JR’s” in DC had an issue a few years ago.

    Tons of straight girls were coming in on Dollar Vodka nights to slam drinks, and straight guys were coming in to hit on them. They were losing their gay crowd because the girls were loud, screaming, etc… the bartenders tips were dropping way down. What they did is just turned Ladies Night on it’s ear and the dollar vodkas became a special for men only.

    Some of the women threatened to go to the city apparently and the bar told them to go ahead because if they won, then that would mean all ladies nights in straight bars would also have to be shut down. Needless to say nobody complained.

  • Lola

    Wow, I never knew there was so much drama and thought involved in going out to a club. I like going to a gay club because the drinks are strong, the music is good and I can dance without some sleazeball grabbing my ass or trying to grind on me. getting trashed and asking for freebies is tasteless and classless regardless of sexual orientation. Plus I dont mind being the “wing woman” to my gay friends because they do the same for me at a straight club. “read: rescue from that pervy predatory dude waiting to slip you a rufi outside the bathroom when you are on the strong side of buzzing” LOL some things are universal…

  • Storm

    In Kansas City we’ve stopped calling them “gay bars.” Now, they’re “bachelorette bars.” Drunken bachelorette parties have polluted the atmosphere. Every fucking weekend. Any straight woman is a gay men’s bar is pretty much like a giant ozone hole.

  • koko brown

    Funny in all the gay bars I’be been to its always some green gay kid wanting to be seen all sloppy drunk and in everyone’s face. And I agree with @ewe gay bars are the best place for straight women to pick up men. I’ve never walked out without a stalker or someone wanting a number even though I’m never looking for anyone.

  • Ronbo

    @koko brown: @koko brown: I’m not a stalker you fuckin nitwit! I’m the doorman and you left your underwear in the bathroom. I’m just trying to get you to put your spanks back on because you are scaring the paying guests!

  • Ronbo

    @Storm: I’ve missed you. We now call Marsh’s Sunfresh a gay bar because it’s where all the hot gays leaving Golds stop off for healthy foods. Fuckin’ health nuts. Ohhhh. Look at me, I have bicepts, a hot ass and gorgeous veins.

    No!! Look at me, I have a sandwich, a boyfriend and no diseases. (Damn, I’d like that hot ass)

  • Allen D.

    The only thing that injected sexuality into this video is the headline. There was nothing ‘gay’ about the video.

    Drunk girls are annoying, straight or gay. In any bar, straight or gay. Hell, drunk guys are annoying too.

    I don’t understand was this was posted here period.

    Stupid Queerty. Their equivalent of a slow news day.

  • steve

    Straight girls are so damn annoying!

    They hit the dance floor still with their over sized handbag over their shoulder. ARG!

  • Mav

    The term “fag hag” is so obnoxious and insulting, I can’t even concentrate on the fucking argument at hand. If I was straight and one of my gay friends called me his “fag hag”, I would have to resist the urge throw my appletini in his face.

    “Fag hags are not buffers. We feel sorry for them because without gay men they would be sitting at home in front of a tv alone with their RingDings.”

    ^ Either you have a very high opinion of yourself (see the royal “we”) or a very low opinion of your straight female friends (if you have any) and either way, you come off as an ass when you say shit like this.

  • Barbie

    @Little Kiwi: “I used to bring my straight buddies to the gay bars/clubs when I was a young wee twink, in order to have their pick of the “Girls Out With The Gays” – it served two purposes: it got them laid, and it got the girls outta the establishment.

    You little asshole, I hate people like you! ;)
    Though I am not, I “look straight” (gag me). Subsequently, I cannot tell you how many men have approached me at gay bars, started chatting and dancing with me (I usually assume everyone in a gay bar *is* until proven otherwise), and then came on in for a kiss- and were SIMPLY SHOCKED! (just shocked!) that I was not interested. Boys, I’m at a *GAY BAR.*

    Drunk straight girls at gay bars who are in it for the novelty are annoying, sure. But let us not be too hasty in our judgement, drunk straight men are just as awful.

  • Storm

    @Ronbo: Wow, Marsh’s Sunfresh is so old-school! I thought all the hot gay guys were shopping at Cosentinos in the P&L District now. LOL.

  • Jason

    The only thing more annoying than straight girls is obnoxious self-absorbed bartenders.

  • Kevin_BGFH

    Some straight women in gay bars can be awesome, but when they travel in packs, they can be a nightmare, and that’s just my experiences as a patron, not a bartender. I’ve seen women push themselves in front of me to the front of the line because they’re used to being deferred to in straight bars. I’ve then had said women turn to me and ask me to buy them a drink. (Maybe if you let me suck your boyfriend’s dick first.) Then the latest Britney song comes on and they, in unison, start shrieking at decibals that would make a dog wince. Then, after doing their 4th shot after two rounds of 2-for-1s and a day of bottomless mimosas, they either pass out or start vomiting uncontrollably.

    You know it’s bad when the New York Times writes an article about the issue in SAN FRANCISCO, writing about straight couples coming to the Castro for Sunday brunch and getting beligerantly drunk. (See “Change With a Straight Face Barrels Into the Castro,” Scott James, The New York Times, May 7, 2011.)

    A straight bartender friend of mine who works in both gay bars and straight bars has repeated at least 80% of the stories in the above clip to me.

  • 420GUY

    Drunk women are always a pain in the ass, especially in large groups. Cant stand their fucking annoying laughs and the way they think they can put their hands all over you, just because theyre chicks and you’re a guy. They are the root cause of most of the fights i ever witnessed in bars&clubs. Come to think of it, a gay bar that banned females would be a great night out for the (straight)lads.

    Drunk bitch groups: STFU or GTFO

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