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Why Do Ex-Gays Want Disney to Protect Them on the Job?


We thought the Virgina-based Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) was going to be thrilled when a judge granted them recognition as a sexual orientation because of ex-gays’ sexual “practices” and “preferences.” But then PFOX went and lobbied against federal hate crimes legislation, which in theory would have added new protections even for those vilified ex-gays. So why is PFOX now demanding Disney add ex-gays to its list of protected classes?

“Concerned Disney stockholders have submitted a shareholder resolution asking the Walt Disney Company to include the prohibition of discrimination based on ex-gay status in its sexual orientation policy and diversity training programs,” reads a PFOX release, which adds: “Disney’s exclusion of ex-gays from its sexual orientation policy and programs reinforces the second-class status of ex-gays, and contributes to the negative perceptions and discrimination against former homosexuals.”

We’re perfectly fine with ex-gays having their own movement and organization and whatever. We’re even fine with them lobbying a corporate giant for workplace protections. Who are we to judge?

But if PFOX were really angling to protect sexual minorities from discrimination, they would, uh, do that.

(NB: Also, we’re curious why PFOX is just going after Disney and not, say ExxonMobil, which for years has refused to recognize its employees’ gay partnerships? Is it because Disney lets the gays take over its theme parks every year?)

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