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Why We’re In Love With Sarah Palin


Forgive us, but we’re in love with Sarah Palin. Not the politician, not the pundit, and certainly not the person. But the spectacle. After announcing her independence from Alaska on Friday, the failed vice presidential hopeful is on a new career track. Politico types suspect she’s readying herself for a 2012 presidential run. Media types suspect she wants a television show.

For her part, Palin insists she doesn’t know what her future holds. This may be true!, because: 2012 is still years away. And: Her agent likely hasn’t locked down a show for her to host yet.

What we do know so far is that her decision to resign stems, at least in part, from the heavy legal bills piling up as she defends herself from, uh, politically motivated smear campaigns (LOL, right?). The number of billable hours is probably not helped by having her lawyers make ridiculous demands from the media not to talk about her.

The exiting Alaska governor makes clear that while she’s resigning as the northern state’s chief executive, she’s not excusing herself from the public eye. And for this, we’re grateful. She will help fill the news cycle, sure, but the anti-gay hockey mom will also widen the divide between right-wing zealots and the rest of America. And while we wish everyone could get along, if they can’t, the next best thing is having someone like Palin illustrate exactly what this country doesn’t need.

Our heart is full.