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WI Gov. Scott Walker Ousts Attorney Defending State’s Domestic Partnership Registry

Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker — yes, this guy and that guy — has removed the attorney representing the state in a lawsuit challenging its domestic partnership registry. Walker’s predecessor Gov. Jim Doyle had appointed Lester Pines to defend the registry, which is under attack in court by Julaine Appling’s Wisconsin Family Action, which claims it violates Wisconsin’s gay marriage ban. (In 2009, the Wisconsin Supreme Court refused to hear the case.) And while Walker’s camp insists he just wants to appoint a new attorney in the case, Pines counters, “Gov. Walker is ideologically opposed to equal rights for gay and lesbian and transgendered people as is everyone in his administration as far as I can tell and they will be probably want to take steps to ensure that gay and lesbian and transgendered people do not have equal rights. … Everything that Gov. Walker is doing is ideological. I don’t see that his administration has any particular respect for the law per se.” Indeed: As a gubernatorial candidate, Walker vowed to quash the registry.