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WI Gov. Scott Walker Ousts Attorney Defending State’s Domestic Partnership Registry

Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker — yes, this guy and that guy — has removed the attorney representing the state in a lawsuit challenging its domestic partnership registry. Walker’s predecessor Gov. Jim Doyle had appointed Lester Pines to defend the registry, which is under attack in court by Julaine Appling’s Wisconsin Family Action, which claims it violates Wisconsin’s gay marriage ban. (In 2009, the Wisconsin Supreme Court refused to hear the case.) And while Walker’s camp insists he just wants to appoint a new attorney in the case, Pines counters, “Gov. Walker is ideologically opposed to equal rights for gay and lesbian and transgendered people as is everyone in his administration as far as I can tell and they will be probably want to take steps to ensure that gay and lesbian and transgendered people do not have equal rights. … Everything that Gov. Walker is doing is ideological. I don’t see that his administration has any particular respect for the law per se.” Indeed: As a gubernatorial candidate, Walker vowed to quash the registry.

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  • valentine ghost

    uh, i might be wrong, but isn’t that a bit…dictatorial?

  • TMikel

    Walker is a troglodyte whose administration is doomed. As more and more Wisconsinites wake up to his attempts to destroy the working class, he and his ilk will lose power.

  • Stephen

    Julaine Appling looked us in the face during the community debates going on while fighting a state gay marriage amendment. She told us that she was not going after DP benefits. All she cared about was the marriage and civil union ban. She works for a family organization but is single and lives with a female roommate. I thought Wisconsin was suppose to be open for business?

  • Tommy Marx

    @valentine ghost: You’re wrong. It’s only dictatorial, fascist, socialist, like Hitler, or evidence that he’s the anti-Christ if he’s a Democrat. Since he’s a Republican, he’s pure and chaste.

  • greenmanTN

    Hey, haven’t y’all heard? Both parties are the same and it doesn’t matter who you vote for!

    At least that’s what GOProud and other assorted shit-heads keep trying to tell the gay community. “Upset that you’re not getting EVERYTHING you want from the Democrats on your schedule? Vote for the Republicans then! Sure there are some wackos by nobody listens to them!”

    @TMikel: From your lips to god’s ear.

  • Soupy

    First the labour unions, then the gays. He should be moving on to stripping women and blacks of rights soon.

  • justiceontherocks

    @greenmanTN: I think the guy is running for a spot on the 2012 national GOP ticket. He is a tea baggers dream come true. He cannot be taken lightly.

    Reminds me of a Republican senator from Wisconsin in the 50s. Ran the Unamerican Activities Committee.


    This scumbag admits on tape with a reporter who pretended to be one of the Koch brothers and readily admits he and his aides discussed planting agitators to cause trouble at the protests to make the union supporters look bad on camera. Which shows just what an absolute scumbag this man is……….And suprise, suprise the Koch brothers happen to have like a zillion businesses in that state all tethered by union rules. By smashing the unions they would benefit tremendously not having to honor union contracts…………..

  • niles

    Attention gay Wisconsinites: They hate you, they really hate you.

  • B

    No. 1 · valentine ghost wrote, “uh, i might be wrong, but isn’t that a bit…dictatorial?”

    Well, it is probably more than a bit dictatorial. You should keep that in mind the next time someone complains about Obama and/or Eric Holder scrupulously following rules that force them to support laws that we (and I presume they) don’t particularly like.

    While Walker has a right to sign a bill eliminating the domestic partnership registry and a right to lobby the legislature to repeal it, he has an obligation to support it operationally as long as it is required by law in the absence of a compelling argument that the law is unconstitutional. If there is a law suit against it, he should make sure that the state offers the best legally valid defense – it would be inappropriate to put such a case in the hands of someone whose intention is to sabotage it, but he doesn’t have to defend a law at all costs (e.g., by claiming that something that is obviously unconstitutional is OK).

  • Dfrw

    You get what you vote for.

  • Oprah

    You gotta give it to Walker though, he displays a ballsy manly swag rarely seen in white white colar- supposedly ‘educated’ men. lol

  • gregger

    @valentine ghost: Really? Most of the crap that he has pulled is straight out of Mein Kampf.

  • Soupy

    Keep in mind Oprah that as a 14 year old girl, it is illegal for you to “give it” to Walker. On the other hand, that’s a good scandal that a repug can’t survive.

  • SparkyO

    Um, didn’t Walker say he was going to replace Pines? Why is everyone assuming he’s lying? And Pines’ response was “. . . as far as I can tell they will probably take steps to . . .” The key word there is PROBABLY. It’s one man’s opinion. So until Walker publicly announces his disdain for all things gay, we “tolerant” people should cut him some slack.

    Unless, of course, you’re just so goddamned angry you can’t help but scream at others via your keyboard.

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