Will The Democrats’ Same-Sex Marriage Position Cost Obama North Carolina?

As the nation turns its attention to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week, we got to thinking about North Carolina, a state that went to Barack Obama in 2008 by a razor-thin 14,000-vote margin.

But that was then and this, as Upper Room Church of God In Christ’s Rev. Patrick Wooden (left) reminds us, is now: “I hope as many African Americans as possible are offended by his position,” Wooden told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I hope that even if they don’t vote for his opponent, they just leave that part of the ballot empty,”

The stakes are high: North Carolina, which brings 15 electorate votes to the table, is one of only a handful of states in play in what has been a remarkably stable election year contest. (The latest polls have Romney and Obama running neck-and-neck.)

Will African-Americans people, critical to an Obama victory, turn on the man who made history by becoming the nation’s first black President—even if, four years later, the sheen has worn off?

Even a small tapering off of black voters could have disastrous consequences for the President. “To win, Obama needs 80% of blacks to support him—and 80% to turn out,” say Michael Munger, a  political-science professor at Duke. “Even if it only muffles black enthusiasm, Obama hurt himself with his same-sex marriage stand.”

Equality as an albatross around the President’s neck in 2012. Who’da thunk it?

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  • MikeE

    So, disagreeing with his stance on a social issue that in the end does NOT affect any of you, you would either withhold your vote entirely, or vote for a man who is so out of touch with reality and the “common man”, that he would destroy any form of middle-low class social nets, and help only his filthy rich allies?

    You would spurn an egalitarian, in exchange for an elitist sociopath?

    Smooth move, Sherlock.

  • AshNYC

    As a black person, I don’t speak for the entire Afr-American community, but I’d venture to guess that, AT BEST ,1% of 1% of Afr Americans who would have voted for Obama will refrain from voting or vote for Romney because of this. There is no story here……

  • Miss Manners

    If he loses NC it will more likely be over the 16 trillion deficit not his position on gay marriage.

  • Cam

    So in other words, did the party that the Log Cabiners claim doesn’t give a crap about our rights, potentially sacrifice victory in an entire state to advocate for our civil rights?

    Guess that kind of cuts the Log Cabin argument off at the knees.

  • Cam

    @Miss Manners:

    Oh yes, by all means lets not forget that Bush came into office, with a surplus AND complete GOP control of Congress and within a few years, still with a GOP Congress he had taken us from the surplus left by Clinton into a deficit, then while Bush was still president the economy completely collapsed. (Remember McCain had to suspend his campaign to come back to Washington?)

    So if you’re going to leave out huge facts, you may want to do it on a subject that people don’t actually remember.

  • BJ McFrisky

    In a word: Yup. Obama will lose NC this year as well as VA, WI, MI, and OH. America tried the affirmative-action president, he didn’t work out, time to usher in a real leader and see if he does any better. Fact is, Obama’s strategy backfired, for had he remained uncommitted about same-sex marriage, you guys still would have voted for him; as it is, he’s lost the conservative black vote, especially in the south, and that’ll hurt.

  • tdx3fan

    @MikeE: You are trying to confuse irrationality by introducing common sense. These people do not think rationally. The ones that would refuse to vote for him because is pro-gay only do so because he is pro-gay. Nothing else matters.

  • Cam

    @BJ McFrisky:

    If you’re going to lie, at least don’t lie about things that are so easy to prove are wrong.

    Obama is polling ahead in VA., WI, MI, and OH. But facts don’t seem to matter to you pathetic trolls.

  • ChristopherM

    Exactly, Cam. If BJ weren’t so far up the butts of GOProud’s shame squad, he could read the polls that say Romney is at ZERO percent with African Americans. As for this story, the fact is that anyone whose vote would be changed by being against marriage equality would never vote for Obama in the first place. It is a non-story.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @ChristopherM: Just to clarify, I didn’t state or imply that blacks would abandon Obama and flock to Romney, I simply suggested that a large part of Obama’s base that was so enthusiastic in 2008 is likely to stay home on election day in 2012, due in part to his stance on marriage equality. And I’m not a member of GOProud, much less “far up their butts.” But thanks for the nasty comment. I’m collecting them now.
    @Cam: I understand the polls, Camster, it’s what’s going to happen in November is what I was speculating on. And, if you must know, the only trolling I do is when I go fishing.

  • brent

    African-Americans will cast 100% of their votes for Obama. It’s the future democratic candidates that may suffer. time will tell

  • Patsy Stoned

    @BJ McFrisky:

    “affirmative action president” – meaning what, exactly?

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Patsy Stoned: Well, Patsy, in case you missed it over the last 40 years, “affirmative action” is a tactic used by liberals to fool minorities into believing they’re valued beyond their worth. For example, an employer (especially the government) will dictate that a specific percentage of its employees be of minority status, regardless of their ability. The perfect example in our society being that of Barack Obama, would never managed or governed anything in his life, and yet those who live their lives by political correctness were determined to see a minority in the White House, experience be damned, and enthusiastically voted him in. Hence, we ended up with the country’s first affirmative-action president. Thankfully, most of those who were hoodwinked by “Hope & Change” in 2008 are a little wiser and more skeptical now.
    Stay stoned, Patsy.
    @brent: He’ll get more like 95% of the black vote—those who turn out, that is. Not nearly the enthusiasm for BHO there was 4 years ago. Thank Christ.

  • Mjl-428

    NC is forgotten.

  • Patsy Stoned

    Oh BJ, I didn’t really need your Rush Limbaugh bloviating, I was just wondering if you were yet another Republican racist. Thanks for proving me right. And stay frisky, darling.

  • dbmyers

    @BJ McFrisky: You’ll be crying in your beer on election night when record voter turnouts decimate the tea partiers (giving a slim chance for republican moderates – those that still exist, to start trying to redeem the party of Lincoln from the theocrat fascist kidnappers of that party.

  • dbmyers

    @BJ McFrisky: Your comments are merely thinnly disguised re-cycled racism. You should goggle the definition of trolls and trolling, since you clearly don’t recognize yourself in those words.

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