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  • GaryG


  • robert

    I hope not.

  • alan brickman

    Yuk!! The way they killed their animals/friends was chilling…

  • Cam

    I couldn’t finish watching the show. The one who stayed up at the farm was so nasty, neurotic, and annoying, constantly picking and nagging the other one it was just irritating. I don’t know why they stay together, but I know that I don’t have to tune in and watch it.

  • Ky


    I agree. I really wanted to enjoy this show, but the constant fighting was a big turnoff. The show may have only depicted more of the negative and less of the positive in their relationship, but it was painful to watch the very apparent bitterness between them. Not my cup of tea.

  • Stephen

    Which one was the one that stayed at the farm?

  • Cam


    The Dark haired one, the one without the glasses. After the first show I even checked out their webiste, I was giong to buy some of their soap etc… after watching the next few, there is no way. I don’t want to chance that all that “bitter/nagging” is contageous and carried by the soap.

  • Satire

    It’s a train wreck I can’t stop watching. And it’s the only reality show I watch. Love being Fabulous!

  • Jeffree

    Anyone want to bet if they stay “on the farm” once the show’s over?

    I’m betting NO!
    (maybe someone already knows the answer & will spill the beans)

    I just wish they would be portrayed as not so whiiiiiiiiney. All “reality shows” are heavily edited, of course, but the constant bickering & whining just ruins the show for me.

  • Penny

    It’s basically just branding. They hope that the publicity will launch their products in a big way. Even knowing this, I can’t look away. It’s ‘aging club boy meets/tries to retain Martha Stewart wannabe’. Great drama every week….but I still can’t believe that anyone would open their life up so much just to make money. Wait….isn’t that what celebrity is all about?

  • Mollie

    I think this show is great, and although they fight.. who doesnt?
    The only thing i though was digusting was how they killed there pig, which were pretty much pets- can you say cruel? Im a vegetarian, and with the materials they have there, it would be very easy.

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