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Ted Cruz is known for an array of shameful stunts. But the lowest moment of his contemptible political career came in 2021, when he fled Texas for Cancun in the aftermath of a historic winter storm that killed 246 people and left millions without power.

Three years later, Cruz’s constituents still haven’t forgiven his slight. When Hurricane Beryl was on the verge of reaching Texas last weekend, he shared a safety message from local businessman Jim McIngvale, who offered help for those in need. “Mack is an American hero,” Cruz posted. “Stay safe & avoid high water as the hurricane makes landfall.”

In other words, McIngvale was offering to be the anti-Cruz. While the irony escaped the unpopular senator, it didn’t escape others.

Fittingly, it doesn’t appear as if Cruz was home when he posted his warning message. He spent part of his weekend in Southern California, while gay-hating Texas governor Greg Abbott was in… South Korea?

That’s right: Abbott, who wants to build a $20 billion border wall and demonizes immigrants as threats, is overseas as a major hurricane makes landfall. In addition to South Korea, he’s visiting Japan and Taiwan on his 9-day trip. Abbott left Texas on Friday, just as Beryl was approaching.

Cruz, for his part, is back in the Lone Star State. He stood outside Monday and posted a video, complete with a “#HoustonStrong” hashtag.

But his performative gesture wasn’t taken at face value. Once again, Cancun Ted’s constituents asked when he was catching the first plane out of town.

As an ardent climate change denier, it also seems callous for Cruz to record warning videos about Hurricane Beryl, a record-breaking storm. It’s the earliest category five Atlantic hurricane in records going back 100 years.

At least six people have died in Texas from the storm, including four in Houston, Cruz’s home city.

Though Beryl is now moving across the country, more than 5 million Texans are still without power. But Cruz doesn’t appear to be one of them. The attention-seeking pol has recorded five podcasts over the last week, all of which are about Joe Biden.

Cruz’s podcast has become an unwanted focus in his reelection campaign, and not just because he pontificates into a microphone instead of legislating. A couple of months back, a sketchy arrangement was discovered between one of his PACs and iHeart Media, the company that carries his thrice-weekly show.

Documents show that iHeart has sent over hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Super PAC in question since March 2023 Those donations appear to be illegal, since senators are prohibited from receiving gifts from registered lobbyists, such as iHeart.

In an updated filing, the Super PAC, Truth and Courage, reported receiving $156,185.72 from iHeartMedia in May. That brings the total to $787,000 since March of last year.

In a totally non-defensive response, Cruz imploded when a TV reporter confronted him about the unusual arrangement. 

“It really is sad what’s happened to the media,” he fumed.

Cruz is mired in a tough contest with Democrat Colin Allred, who seems to have a real shot at unseating the homophobic incumbent. Cruz only leads Allred by four points.

Sensing danger, Cruz has already started raging about George Soros and other alleged dark forces working against him. But it’s apparent that Cruz is his own worst enemy.

The proof, as always, is in the replies.

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