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Won’t You Join AFA In ‘Buycotting’ Chick-fil-A?

For now it’s just Tim Wildmon pitching the American Family Association’s “buycott” of Chick-fil-A, because rabid homosexuals are trying to paint the company as some sort of hate group-loving chicken restaurant. But maybe one day soon Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts will lend her name to Chick-fil-A’s defense? There is a “culture war going on here in America,” says Wildmon in his pitch. “There are people who want to change our country for the worse.” Agreed! And one of their names rhymes with Jim Mildbon! And once you’re done spending your rapidly decreasing disposable income on chicken sandwiches, Wildmon asks that you be as “generous as you can” with a donation to AFA.

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  • A Library Worker

    Chick-Fil-A sponsors kids’ programs at my library in Dallas. Community outrage, anybody?

  • Jeffree

    @LibraryWorker:A fast-food restaurant shouldn’t be sponsoring library programs. I don’t want my kid learning phonics from a McDonalds menu or a Chick-Fil-A coloring book. They’re doing those programs to sell more sandwiches, not to instill a love of reading.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    Dear Tim,

    (1) Do something about that shirt
    (2) Try eating a little less fast food.

  • Cam

    @A Library Worker: said…

    “Chick-Fil-A sponsors kids’ programs at my library in Dallas. Community outrage, anybody?”

    The KKK has donated to Volunteer for America and to the African Methodist Church as well as sponsoring activities and camps for children.

    Does that change any other facts about them?

  • Jeffree

    No wonder we have so many copies of “Arnold the Angus Gets Turned into Unhealthy Ground Beef” in the Children’s section of the library!

    The books on hatching & raising baby chickens? Those have all gone missing.

  • JAW


    Unless u plan on caughing up the big bucks that companies give to local groups (like libraries, AIDS groups, LGBT youth groups etc) let thme be. The companise do not dictate how the money is spent, once the orginization gets the grant.

    stop being a jerk… figure other ways to stop homophobia…

  • Justin N.

    @JAW: Hey, JAW. Just admiring your kindly demeanor. So many commenters resort to name-calling these days — diminishing the point they’re trying to make in the process.
    It’s nice to see some civility restored for a change!
    What a breath of fresh air you are!


  • Kev C

    @A Library Worker: This week I’ve learned that Texas has a college and a library. But why? Texans are smug fatasses who don’t need education.

  • Soupy

    It reminds me of the parody edition of the Tea Party magazine that Bill Maher created. One of the headlines was “What to do when you catch your husband reading”.

  • Jeffree

    @JAW: This thread is about Chick Fil-A and libraries, not LGBT or AIDS groups. It’s about sponsoring programs, not providing grants. Perhaps you were commenting on another article, because nothing you said applies to this case.

    As for the gratuitous name-calling, I won’t take bait from a troll.

  • Kev C

    The only reason Chik-fil-A donates food to Texas libraries is to prevent texans from eating the books.

  • Ricky

    Groups like AFA – and like everyone in the Tea Party – are generally made up of unaccomplished, under or unemployed, uneducated – or poorly educated, desperate, angry bitter-losers who are doing nothing more than chasing the great American buck to wherever it takes them — true to their cankered carny lineage.

    They are too stupid – and too lazy – to actually do anything – so they find those more stupid than they are – and take them for every coin they can get their grubby, stubby, dirty-nailed hands on and in the name of hate disguised as morality. Democracy and freedom scare the Hell out of the truly stupid – they do not understand or want either — and only pure hate can medicate the terror they feel every single waking moment of their dreadful unhappy lives.

    When ignorant hate-filled fringe groups like this latch onto your brand – to try to make a buck off of your image and hard work – it is just a matter of easily-measured time before franchises start boarding-up – and investors start running the other way.

    Hopefully, Target will be their next buyout.

  • the crustybastard

    @A Library Worker: “Chick-Fil-A sponsors kids’ programs at my library in Dallas. Community outrage, anybody?”

    Depends. Do the kid’s programs teach that gays don’t deserve to enjoy their fundamental and constitutional rights? Do the kid’s programs teach that gay people intend to destroy society?

    Other programs that Chick-fil-A sponsors do precisely that.

  • JAW


    No… actually it started out with the article about The BUYcott… guess you missed the article and video… I was responding to parts of the thread that dealt with people being upset that a library accepted money from chick-fil-a

    The point I was trying to make is that many companies and groups make donation to many non profit groups that we all use. I agree that chick-fil-a is filled with hateful leaders. I have chosen not to eat there for many years. There are many groups like the Catholic church that have done good things for us. One place comes to mind is St Vincent’s Hospital in NYC. They were one of the only hospitals in NYC that took AIDS patients in the beginning of the crisis in 1980. Should we have turned our back on that hospital and all that they did for the community? I THINK and HOPE not!

    If there is a group that all of us here on Queerly will agree on, that comes forward to donate money to the Library to replace the money from chick-fil-a then let’s do it.

    Keep in mind that we here on queerty are a small % of the people that benefit from libraries. I would bet that nobody here has made any cash donations to their local library (including me). They all need money to survive.

  • McMike

    There are so many amusing things about this video but I’ll just point out a few:

    1) “GIRL! I suggest you do a “buycott”, K???” – The guy has a lisp worse than Cindy Brady’s in parts of this commercial. He is beyond gay.

    2) As someone has already pointed out, the anti-gay crowd are a bunch of POOR, uneducated bigots. They are lucky if they can take themselves and their 5 bastard children out to McDonald’s $1 meal once a month much less a place that costs $10 per person.

    3) The anti-gay crowd is also, usually, over weight. Chick-fil-A is a semi-healthy fast food chain. They would have much better luck if they targeted people buying the milkshakes at Chick-fil-A because maybe that would get them to get their fat asses off of their couches.

    4) “Pro-marriage event”? Isn’t that like saying “it’s not cold outside” to tell everyone it’s hot?

  • TheMadHater

    Tim ummm america was also built on slavery and witch hunts! “GO FUCK YOURSELF!”

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