Zac Posen Taking Over For Michael Kors As “Project Runway” Judge

zac posen michael kors.jpgSay auf wiedersehen to one of the staples of Project Runway‘s first ten seasons: Designer Michael Kors is vacating his judge’s seat, with fellow Hebrew homo Zac Posen set to take his place.

Kors’ busy schedule didn’t allow for a full commitment, but he’ll appear as a guest judge in the season finale, according to a statement from Lifetime.

It’ll be fun to see what Posen adds to the mix, but we’ll miss Kors’ no-nonsense critiques and classic zingers. (“She looks like barefoot Appalachian Li’l Abner Barbie,” springs to mind.) Somehow we doubt Posen can bring himself to be as deliciously vicious as his tangerine predecessor.

And there’s another big change next season: The designers will work in teams throughout the season.

Really? That drove us nuts on All Stars Drag Race—we can’t imagine it’ll work any better here.

“You can imagine the designers’ reactions when we first told them,” said Klum. (You bet we can.) “But it resulted in some really interesting conflicts and partnerships. And that is how designers work in the real world—they do have to work on teams and manage teams.”

Who watches Project Runway to get a taste of the real world? We want to see designers fighting over garden supplies for their wedding gowns.

Project Runway returns January 24 on Lifetime.


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  • JDJase

    Ugh, Michael Kors is like half the reason I watch Project Runway (and lack-thereof is the reason I don’t watch Allstars)

    And team cahllenges are always my least favorite episodes, so basically now I’m going to hate every episode. Oh well, Project Runway had to come crashing down eventually.

  • Cam

    Jumping the shark.

    1. Kors is funny

    2. Teams are stupid and are only there for unecessary conflict. PR was already 80% of the way to becoming just another reality show and now it’s there.

    3. Another thing they should get rid of are the phony time deadlines. How about letting us see if the designers can REALLY design. Give them three days or more to complete something rather than having them glue something together in a few hours.

  • DickGreenleaf

    I stopped watching after they gave a pass to a designer who made an outfilt that looked like it was raided from Helen Roper’s closet. Somebody told me that she actually won. I don’t know as I stopped viewing.

  • AEH

    Aw, I’ll miss Kors’s bon mots and the opportunity to mock his orange skin.

  • Niall

    In terms of eye candy, yay. In terms of everything else, boo

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