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19 Entertainment’s Orchestrated Reveal of Adam Lambert’s Sexuality

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In every interview and TMZ ambush, Adam Lambert has played semi-coy about his sexuality. The American Idol runner up has never denied being gay, and everyone at the show knew his orientation, and the media all but confirmed where he stood after Queerty was blogging about it for the entire season. But Adam has never come out and said those two words: “I’m gay.” In the next issue of Rolling Stone, however, he’ll do just that. Why’d it take so long to acknowledge the obvious? Perhaps it’s because American Idol‘s producers legally required him to stay mum.

It’s no secret that Idol production company 19 Entertainment owns most every aspect of a contestant’s life. That’s the trade-off for competing on the show: Simon Fuller holds the deed to your soul in exchange for the chance at worldwide celebrity and riches. It also means 19 Entertainment gets to tell you what you’re allowed to speak to the press about, and that includes your personal life.

Lambert’s mother Leila reveals that not only has Lambert signed away his right to free speech, but so has she. “We signed a contract with Idol and unless it has been set up by them, I’m not allowed to answer,” says Leila, acknowledging the deal Team Lambert struck with producers. Her statement also confirms the Rolling Stone interview where Lambert will “officially” come out is part of a packaged Idol press onslaught (because you didn’t know before how music marketing worked).

Most significantly, however, is that because Lambert is instructed by 19 Entertainment on what to speak about publicly, this means Idol producers are on board not just with Lambert being openly gay, but with pushing that storyline as part of his artist profile.

Of course, they only permitted Lambert to speak about it after the show wrapped, but Rolling Stone will hit before Lambert’s first album and tour does, which means they must be confident they can market a gay singer. And that, friends, is pretty remarkable.

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  • Zebra

    I just wonder how Adam feels about all of this. It can’t be easy having every part of your being and career controlled like this :L

  • michelle

    Of course he can’t speak because of the IDOL contract. He has always said, “I’m an honest guy. I have nothing to hide. I am who I am.” etc. He has never been anything but forthcoming about it when questioned. He said, “Bill O’Reilly was embarrassed. I wasn’t embarrassed.” “This is a singing contest, not a kissing contest.” etc.
    He needed IDOL to launch his career and he signed away some of his rights temporarily. Maybe this is a learning experience that he will regret, but he is, in his own words, also a business man. I think he will be a pop sensation, he is incredibly talented, genuine and a decent all around guy. He will, in fact, be a role model for my own children. Own who you are. Be honest. Be a nice and decent person. Don’t let others’ prejudice get in the way of who you are. Be proud of yourself but respectful of others. He has modeled all of that on this show and he continues to carry himself well. Everyone should give him a break until the article comes out.

  • Carmen

    Y que tiene de malo que sea gay, no es que este todalmente de acuerdo con eso, pero finalmente en el mundo de la musica donde quedan los gay siguientes:

    Freedy Mercury
    George Michael
    David Bowie
    Elthon John

    Asi como actores y actrices renombrados, eso es lo de menos, finalmente no me voy a casar con el o si?

    Adam es admirable, es el mejor y espero con ansias su proximo material, ADAM IS THE BEST ROCK STAR OF THE WORLD!!!!

  • Zerika

    I’m not that familiar with current music scene… or entertainment industry in general. How many gay (at least moderately successful) singers/entertainers have been out at the beginning of their careers? I know several people have come out after they’ve already “made it”, but are there many that have been out from the start?

  • willowisp

    Wow, I don’t believe this is such an all important big deal! Why do you Americans beat this subject to death, it really says alot about a country that has this very weird and unhealthy fixation on sexual orientation. Will you all feel satified when Adam is finally allowed to give an answer? Why didn’t Obama have to tell us how many times he has sex a week? You all look ridiculous. Adam has handled all of this crap, with the utmost dignity, professionalism and style and he is The Worlds Idol and we love him for who he is , for his gorgeous voice and stellar character. When the world is in the state it is in, with serious issues, you choose to make a big deal about this. Amazingly weird is all we can say. Stay strong Adam, YOU ROCK

  • Lonesome

    I’m 63 and don’t care if he is gay. I do intend to buy his album, because I enjoyed his showship and voice on Idol. One of my favorite songs is Play that Funky Music White Boy, which I think he sang better than the original. I loved the fact that he dressed the part for the type of songs he sang. The Rat Pack look was spot on. I’m surprised they didn’t make a better deal out of the fact, when his hair is up, he looked so much like Elvis. In fact I was surprised he never sang an Elvis song.

    What has been annoying me is that since the show, I have been watching talk shows just to hear him again and he is always singing Mad World, which I’m sick of, and don’t really like.


  • dgz

    Prince isn’t gay. well, according to him. and isn’t it sad that all the rest of them are British? not even one american.
    Scissor Sisters are moderately successful and very, very gay. i think Pop Idol’s Will Young came out right away after voting, as well.

  • kathy


  • dgz

    @kathy: BECAUSE WE’RE ALL GAY!!!!

  • Nadine

    Does anyone think Adam Lambert is bisexual?
    Everyone assumes he’s gay. In all the pics we have seen of him, he’s kissing the same guy…

    I know this is not the point of the article, but you know….

  • Ann

    I think Adams private life is none of my business or anybody else’s . I wish Adam would choose to keep his private life private. I would be more comfortable with that.

  • MB

    Ugh, I wish all these straight female fans would stop spamming LGBT websites with their “no one cares if he’s gay” comments.

    The worst was when they accused a writer at The Advocate of homophobia for talking about Adam’s sexuality *rolls eyes*

  • dgz

    @MB: hear, hear. i’m glad they don’t care, but the desire to keep him closeted works my last nerve.

    “The worst was when they accused a writer at The Advocate of homophobia for talking about Adam’s sexuality *rolls eyes*”

    you’re kidding. that’s unbelievable. i realize they have glambert google alerts, but you’d think they’d at least check what page they’re on.

  • broadway_baby

    @MB: “Ugh, I wish all these straight female fans would stop spamming LGBT websites with their “no one cares if he’s gay” comments.”

    Jesus, yes. Thank you. Please shut it, ladies.

    Can someone explain to them that discussion about being gay does NOT equal gossip about someone’s sex life? One is political, the other personal. This IS a big deal and potentially a harbinger of good things to come. Kudos to Adam for bringing his fabulously out and proud queer-ness not only to the biggest show on TV, but now the music industry.

    Oh, and he is not bisexual for chrissakes.

  • Harris

    “Most significantly, however, is that because Lambert is instructed by 19 Entertainment on what to speak about publicly, this means Idol producers are on board not just with Lambert being openly gay, but with pushing that storyline as part of his artist profile.”

    They have no choice but to be on board with it. The guy is openly gay. He has been out for years.

  • AlwaysGay

    Buy Adam! Adam is making a groundbreaking decision to acknowledge his sexuality at the beginning of his career. It is your duty as a gay person to support Adam and his door busting career. It’s worth it. He can sing. The studio versions of “The Tracks of My Tears,” “Feeling Good,” “Mad World” and “Whole Lotta Love” are amazing.

  • norma

    adam deserves respect & no one has shown him any from day one by getting into his personal life how he chooses to live it is up to him not us hounding his family memebrs for answers about him being gay is stupid & cruel people should be focusing on his talent not his lifestyle i’m 42 i love his sing & can’t wait for his cd & the idol tour

  • cacatua

    I hate discrimination. I am from Iowa, where the supreme court made gay marriage legal recently. Immediately people hostile to the idea came out of the woodwork and began stirring up opposition. I wrote letters to the governor and our state representative and senator in favor of the court ruling and for letting it stand. I simply do not understand why people feel threatened by gay marriage. My husband feels the same way, but we both know people who just go berserk about it.

    We both were for Adam all the way through the Idol competition, and whether he is gay or straight is only a detail of his life. I can only hope that we will eventually reach the day when acceptance prevails and we don’t define a person by either skin color or sexual orientation because there are so many factors that shape a life.

    Adam is a very impressive young man in many ways and we feel as though we are witnessing the birth of a star, and that is a very rare thing. I have to think that he is so good because being gay is part of the mix rather than thinking that he has to work around it. Whatever it is, it is the right mix and we will be supporting him all the way.

    I think he has been handling the relentless questions just fine, but I hadn’t heard before that he was under actual contract by the Idol outfit to not clarify the issue until they allowed him to do so, and this does make perfect sense now that I’ve read it.

  • Angeli

    Same with Lonesome. I love ADAM and everything about him. And he reminds me of Elvis in looks and how he affects his screaming fans who can’t get enough of him.
    I actually prefer when ADAM performs a danceable number because he is so electrifying with those sexy moves. I was in awe from his Black or White which I watched over and over I lost count. I was also waiting that AI may have an Elvis week because I think Adam’s baby boomers fans would just die!!! I remember the height of Tom Jones who is simply electrifying as well on stage with his animal appeal. ADAM will go far because he has that IT factor and has the ability to excite, thrill and electrify his audience.

  • Taylor

    I care that he’s gay! It makes him much more interesting! So there!

    And @willowisp: Gotta love it when foreigners come onto American websites to hector Americans about how “all” of us react to our own TV shows. If you don’t get it, it’s not because we’re wrong — it’s because you don’t understand American culture. So who cares what you think?

  • Taylor

    @AlwaysGay: Yes, it is groundbreaking and yes, I would probably support him just for that even if he sucked (no pun intended). But luckily he’s awesome! What a talent.

    And ladies, no one is “disrepecting” Adam by talking about his gayness. He’s out. He’s fine with it.

  • dgz


    my jaw is on the floor. with friends like these…

  • Laura

    who will cover the story on Kris being straight and married? This is ridiculous that this is news.

  • Cam

    He’s only being allowed to talk about it because bloggers were going after him for denying it and they were starting to get a backlash from the gay community. The LAST thing we need is another Clay Aiken closet case. (Yes, I know Clay is out now, but they ALL come out after their careers tank)

  • Cam

    @Cam: You said…

    No. 24 · Laura
    who will cover the story on Kris being straight and married? This is ridiculous that this is news.

    You mean other than seeing his wife every night on TV with the heading under her saying “Kris’s wife”? You mean other than, Them constantly talking about how she and Kris have been married less than a year and what a struggle it was to do the show? You mean other than Simon commenting on Kris’s wife etc…? Is that what you meant?

  • Cam

    @willowisp: You said …
    “Wow, I don’t believe this is such an all important big deal! Why do you Americans beat this subject to death, it really says alot about a country that has this very weird and unhealthy fixation on sexual orientation. Will you all feel satified when Adam is finally allowed to give an answer? Why didn’t Obama have to tell us how many times he has sex a week? You all look ridiculous.”

    You’re serious? WHY is this an important big deal? You may as well ask why Separeate but Equal schools were a big deal. The big deal is, as long as people, while they are famous, like Anderson Cooper, Kevn Spacey, Jody Foster, Sean Hayes, and when it mattered, Clay Aiken, and Rosie O’Donnell stay in the closet, they are not introducing America to gay people that they know. The same people that loved Clay Aiken, and thought he was straight are probably the same type of people that would have voted for Prop 8. If Clay came out earlier maybe those people change their minds.

    Then again, I wouldn’t expect somebody from outside this country to understand. After all, we just elected somebody from a minority group as President…please name me one country in Europe that has ever done anything similar…..oh yeah, thats right, NONE of them.

  • Michele

    Who cares??? He’s gorgeous and he can sing and entertain!! I never cared what anyone did in the bedroom. I’d rather him be out than an angry wife beater because he couldn’t live his true life!! Go Adam, you’re the best. The only thing I care about outing is his album so I can buy it!!!

  • Debbie

    Based on what I’ve seen from Adam, I’m pretty sure he’s dying for that article to come out.

    Since the show ended, he has been dropping hints, probably because it is the most he can do under the circumstances and within the restrictions he has been given. One thing that I admire is that he has always been upfront and always says he is proud of who he is. This speaks volumes. I loved his reaction to O’Reilly’s segment. Not sure if all of you saw, but Adam pointed out that the pics were censored and he asked “Were they indecent??? I’m not embarrassed, but maybe he (O’Reilly) was”. This doesn’t strike me as someone who is ashamed or hiding. He has shown this time and time again. In fact, since the show ended, he has gone beyond the questions asked, and thrown in hints. He painted an elephant pink, said his closet is wide open and said he likes the top. This is not someone who is hiding.

    I think everyone should give the kid a break and just wait to see what is in that article. I think the restrictions are also there so that the focus is on the victory, not personal issues. If Adam had announced this after the show ended, it would have become a media circus and no one would be talking about the winner. There’s a lot here that we aren’t aware of, so let’s just see how Adam handles it. I suspect that he’ll be brilliant.

  • BradSA

    I am convinced that Clay Aiken was not given the go ahead by 19 to come out. The fact that he came out within days of his contract ending and the fact that 19 saw what happened to Clay, they won’t make that mistake a second time. No wonder Clay is pissed off at AI.

  • dgz

    @Cam: Amen. Hallelujah. Tell it.

  • Debbie


    Well rumour has it that Rolling Stone was at the Finale, and that he gave the interview THAT night, so there goes that theory.

    Adam is a very, very, very proud man. I’m sure everyone will see soon enough. He will not be like Clay Aiken.

  • marsh


    sorry Ann, we wouldnt want to make you uncomfortable.

  • Teri63

    THANK YOU for this article. I’ve spent the past few days spazzing and barking at my computer screen every time I read a blog from some ignorant person “frustrated” by or “bored” with Adam’s “coy” refusal to come out (although any true Adam fan knows he’s been out for years). I never really read blogs before my recent Adam obsession, so I didn’t know how dense people out there in the mass population could be. Even blogs following the articles about his mom signing the mum’s-the-word contract questioned Adam’s motives in withholding information. I mean, even if you didn’t speculate before that he might be temporarily hindered from speaking out, didn’t those articles make it obvious? Since Adam hasn’t seemed particularly fazed by the internet photos out there and since he’s consistently tweaked lyrics to already symbolic songs to have personal meaning, I just assumed that his avoiding overt admission was because he was being advised to do so. From what you can tell from interviews and all the kind words his fellow contestants have had to say about him, he’s a really open, honest guy, and his admirable confidence suggests that he is very proud of the person he is, as well as he should be! I’m glad for him that he’ll soon be able to openly resume his personal life without constant badgering from the press — on the issue of his sexuality, at least. I think he’ll be in the media a lot in years to come, so I’m sure they’ll find something else to focus on.

    Anyway, thanks again for a great, insightful article!

  • Lorena

    Completamente de acuerdo contigo Carmen… la gente es demasiado prejuiciosa.. no se trata de orientacion sexual, se trata de talento, lastimosamente algunos creen que tienen derecho de juzgar y prejuzgar sin saber…
    Adam es increible!! es un artista extraordinario.. y yo creo que gay o no gay le espera un futuro brillante!!

  • Zerika

    In ideal world, it wouldn’t matter. But this world is far from an ideal place, so it’s a huge fucking deal. Just like it matters that Obama isn’t white. I don’t think most of those who say they don’t care actually mean anything particularly bad, but they are blinded by their privilege so they miss the cultural significance of having openly gay celebrities.

    This Rolling Stone article has most likely been in the works for weeks already. Rolling Stone should be a good deal for Adam (and not because they’d pay him – I don’t think they do). It will be good publicity, and I’m sure it will be much more than a “coming out” article. Rolling Stone has been praising Adam pretty hardcore all season long.

    They also have some nifty covers. It will be interesting to see what they’ll make of Adam.

  • Jamie

    Adam was out along time ago to the entire world. According to his friendster profile… http://profiles.friendster.com/3761487

    Clay Aiken was not out to any of his family (his mom and brother) who are all very conservative Southern Baptists, until a couple of years ago, and just very shortly before the People story, he finally came out to all his family and friends. There’s a big difference between Clay’s situation and Adam’s. Give the poor guy a break.

  • Joan

    Thank you for your article!

    I find it very sad that anyone who is gay has to “come out” in public! The only way I see the gay community will have attain the final victory is the day that sexuality will be considered as part of a person and not defining a person and will be treated as such without discrimination of any kind.

    I do not define myself as heterosual, why in the name of God anyone should have to define themself as homosexual or bisexual?

    Mad World indeed!

  • Luche


    lmfao are you serious? Europe does not have the same type of issues America has. The leader of Iceland is an Open Lesiban.

  • BradSA

    Clay was out to his family and everyone he worked with since 2005. I still think he had to wait to come out to the media till he was free of his contract. With Nigel Lythgoe gone this year the old homophobe has no say.

  • Lauren

    Jim Verraros S1 AI contestant said that he was told to stay in the closet while on the show. There is no doubt the same situation existed for Clay Aiken and others during their time on the show.

  • pilgrim

    Whatever happened to spell check?

  • Grace

    I never thought that Clay stayed quiet about being gay because of his contract. I thought he was a naive 23 year old “boy” who only recently had told his religious, conservative mother and wasn’t ready to tell the whole world. I can understand that but I think he lost alot of his fan base who couldn’t come to terms with his being gay as well as fathering a baby with his fifty year old record producer. I think Adam is so much better off but then he’s older, more mature, and has been in the gay scene for quite some time in California.

  • BradSA

    @Lauren: But after the show the contract with 19 carries on. Jim Verraros wasn’t signed by 19 so he was free to talk after his season wrapped, Adam and Clay are/were under contract and at the mercy of the producers. Adam will be until his contract runs out or he is let go. It could be 5 years like Clay.

  • Molly

    I don’t think Adam cares at this time whether or not he can speak freely to anyone. He’s probably just thrilled that he’s getting this awesome opportunity to record and produce his very first album with a major studio backing him up and getting paid some big bucks. That has always been his dream. When artists like Adam who struggle financially for so many years just to try and pay the bills and stay in the industry, I think most of them are willing to give up some of that freedom to talk freely to anyone about anything in order to get that incredible opportunity to live their dream.

  • Harmony

    Watching American Idol this season it was obvious that the producers and coreographers were showcasing Adam every step of the way. It always looked like the show was backing him and supporting him. I’m still not convinced that the votes were counted correctly, but either way, I think it’s great that American Idol is going to continue backing Adam. I’ve only watched Idol for the last three seasons, so I’m not sure if they always continue to support their contestants after the contest is over. If Simon Fuller and American Idol continue to support and back and advertse Adam I think that’s awesome! Any artist just starting out would kill for that kind of backing. I have throughly enjoyed watching Adam on Idol every week and already miss seeing him and hearing his amazing performances. That’s awesome that he’s going to be on the cover of RollingStone. I can’t wait for the issue to come out. I could be wrong, but Adam might be the first American Idol contestant on the cover of RollingStone. How cool is that?!

  • BradSA

    @Grace: He told his mother in 2004. He was much younger than Adam and from a very red state but I still think he would have come out a lot sooner (like 2004/5) if 19 had let him. No wonder he is bitter with how he was treated.

  • BradSA

    @Harmony: “I could be wrong, but Adam might be the first American Idol contestant on the cover of RollingStone.”

    Clay Aiken was first in 2003.

  • Cam

    @BradSA: You said
    “@Harmony: “I could be wrong, but Adam might be the first American Idol contestant on the cover of RollingStone.”

    Clay Aiken was first in 2003.”

    It was great, rolling Stone played a joke on him, that as a closet case he wouldn’t have gotten.

    There was a VERY well known book in the gay community at that time called “Growing up Gay”. The cover of Rolling Stone had the words “Growing up Clay” next to him on the cover. I remember cracking up over it when I saw them.

  • Kyra

    Clay’s Rolling Stone cover was one of the highest selling issues in the history of the magazine. Ruben also appeared on the cover a few months later.

    Of course, making the cover of Rolling Stone is not as meaningful as it used to be now that they put the likes of the Jonas Brothers, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan on it.

  • lisak

    i can’t wait to buy anything Adam ever does ….

    Whatever his sexuality …. in fact, the more sexual the better

  • AngieBaby

    I apologize in advance for this rant. But you get to a point where you just can’t sit back and not say anything. After all these months, why does the media still insist on asking the obvious question when they interview Adam? I go online today and the headlines are….Adam to come out in Rolling Stones magazine next month. Are you kidding me? Is the media that stupid that after all the pictures plastered all over the internet, you still have to ask the question? I commend Adam for not coming right out and giving the media what is so obvious. All they want is for Adam to verbally answer the question himself…but why should he? What he does behind closed doors is no one’s business but his own, however everyone, especially the media has this hard on about “is Adam gay or not”? Again…are you that stupid that you have to ask the question in the first place. If I was Adam…that is exactly what I would say the next time I was interviewed and asked…are you gay? Are you that stupid to ask me that question…again? And why does it matter? Oh yah, I know why, because people have this sick demented attraction to force celebrities into saying things that are controversial. I honestly hope Adam NEVER says if he is or isn’t. I think I would have more respect for him if he never actually answers the question. Let him walk around with his boyfriend and/or girlfriend openly and happy, yet never come right out and say either way. If there were pictures plastered all over the internet of him kissing women, do you honestly think that the media would ask…are you a heterosexual male? HELL NO. It infuriates me to think that all “they” are concerned about is his sexual preference. People, all you have to do is listen to what he says when asked the question. He hasn’t said no…he makes references that are so obvious, yet all the media wants is a YES or NO answer and he’s not giving it to them. Good for him, and again, I hope he never comes right out and answers it. Just to make a point. If you are that ignorant to ask the same question over and over…then screw them….don’t answer the question. Why not focus on what he set out to do and that was to entertain and perform. Focus on his talent and his vocal ability and not on who he kisses. The media has made such a big deal out of nothing and it’s sad that every interview the same question is asked over and over. Adam’s answer from the very beginning…“I am who I am and I have nothing to hide”. Get over it. I assure you that if the media wasn’t so pushy about his sexuality, he would have answered the question already…out of respect for himself, his family and his fans. It saddens me that the perverse curiosity of so many has become the focus of his interviews lately. Adam has such amazing talent…he has captured the world, mind, body and soul in such a short time. Please allow him to focus on what he does best, and not what his private life is.
    Adam…if you read this, please continue to stay true to yourself and know that your fans love you for who you are. Continue to ROCK OUR WORLD and we will continue to love and support you for years to come.

  • broadway_baby

    @Joan: Some of us are quite proud to define ourselves as homosexual. Otherwise, we’re invisible.

  • Lori

    I have always known ADAM is gay, but I can still dream can’t I. He is an amazing performer and singer and that should be all that is important. I just can’t believe this country or the media.

  • Landon Bryce


    Thanks for pointing out how Aiken’s frustration with his enforced closet may have fueled his anger at Adam Lambert. It makes some sense out of what otherwise seemed insanely petty.

    And I guess I’ll be buying Lambert’s album, although I don’t know that I’ll ever listen to it. Queerty is right about how we need to step up and show the money men that openly gay can equal big bucks.

  • Kyra

    @Landon Bryce: He’s human. He makes mistakes. He apologized. There’s not much more that can be done but to put it in the past.

  • Landon Bryce

    @Kyra: I agree- I guess I wasn’t clear that I was grateful to Brad for helping me to see it is a sympathetic light. I don’t think it was big deal, in any case.

  • Maria

    @AlwaysGay: Uhm, It’s because gays voted for Kris instead of Adam that he lost..

    @Zerika: Theo Tams came out DURING Canadian Idol, which I think is a first;)

    @Taylor: I agree, he’s out and proud, he has no problems with it, so why should we? I think it’s OK to talk about it, since it’s a part of who he is. It doesn’t define him, but it’s a part of what makes him Adam. He is who he is, and that’s cool. We need more people like him coming out. Remember what Harvey Milk said? Everyone who is gay should come out and be proud before fighting for LGBT issues and equal rights, the LGBT movement has more power that way. Adam coming out is great. Great for America, great for the LGBT community, and last but not least, great for himself. He stays true to who he is and isn’t ashamed, he’s gay and proud. One just have to admire a person like that.

    Oh, and BTW: He has been open and proud for years, probably a whole decade, I mean in his private life. This isn’t news for anyone who knows him. This will just work as a confirmation for the public, stop the rumors and at the same time allowing for Adam to be who he is, and live the life he wants to live without any speculations.

    @Cam: I agree, gey youth and the LGBT movement needs a gay role model like Adam. I’m not saying he should be a devoted spoaks person for the LGBT community now, it’s enough just by being out, that alone sends a positive message to all of America.

    BTW: Iceland just elected a lesbian for president, so..

    @Debbie: I know, I think it’s a small miracle people still think he’s straight.. He has been dropping hints like crazy. People are either stupid, deluded or both not to see that he’s gay. Lets look at some of the hints: We have seen pics of him kissing guys. He wore a RAINBOW shirt on AI. He CHANGED the lyrics to some of the songs he performed on AI to stay true to himself. He said in an interview “I am who I am” (= GAY). He said on the Upright Cabaret performance pre Idol that women are NOT his preferance. And in interviews after Idol he has talked about “the pink elephant” and the bunk question with the sexual innuendo was hilarious too, “the top”. HOW can people not see that he is gay? I don’t get it.. People should get it from all the hints he’s been dropping, but like I said, people are stupid, deluded or both. LOL

  • mary

    I just love Adam to pieces. He is really a talented, likable, and adorable guy. He has been handling this whole thing very well and I trust that he will do the right thing. He gets my support regardless.

  • Alex

    People have been using the personal lives of celebrities since Charles Dicken’s manager left the door to his chambers open a crack while he ate his supper. I won’t deny that this is progress for us, but no one should be shocked by the process.

  • Christine

    What? The Idol producers are “on board” with him being openly gay??? If that was the case he would not have had to sign a contract in the first place. I think it is insulting. Did any of the other contestants sign a contract about their relationships? Obviously not.

  • rick

    he still makes my ears bleed when i hear him sing.

  • M Shane

    If Adam is gay he’s got to be a lesbian: A real fishy one…doesn’t even look vaguely like a male!

  • eee

    123 testing

  • what now M Shane

    @M Shane: Lol, are you serious?


  • Smokey Martini

    By the way, Queerty: it’s Simon COWELL.
    NOT Simon Fuller.

  • Leah

    Isn’t anyone else upset that they contacted his mother about this???? Bad enough Adam is under constant scrutiny about this but now they are calling his mother?? Shameful! Love you Adam!!

  • matthew

    I don’t get how anyone can compare the whole Aiken & Lambert closet situations:

    Aiken- raised by conservative Southern Baptists, dad neglected him probably because he feared he might be gay (treated his daughter fine), step-dad psychologically abused him probably because he feared he was gay (treated his other kids fine), devout Christian, whole family entrenched in conservative Christian community, was not out to ANYONE in his life when he went on IDOL, told his family, friends & coworkers over a period of time (like many of us), happily raising a child as the most prominent single gay dad in show business.

    Lambert – raised by liberal, loving parents in southern California, already out when he auditioned for IDOL, but for all intents & purposes went back in for the course of the show. Official coming out part of a marketing plan by his team.

    The difference in their life stories, when they were on IDOL (2003 versus 2009) & their entire familial/social structures are at polar opposites. TPTB at 19E/R/M knew Aiken being gay would not appeal to his fanbase & musical genre. They also know that Lambert being gay will probably serve his image in the industry as a positive. Again – polar opposites. It’s a lot easier to say you’re gay & an entertainer in America in 2009 than it was to do so in 2003 – 6 yrs is a long time in the social conciousness.

    From what I have heard, Aiken was wanting to come out for a long time, but his contract held him back. As soon as he was free of RCA & 19R, he did it. I’d like to see Lambert walk in Aiken’s shoes, live his life & see just how “honest” he would be. We all have different journeys & shouldn’t bash each other for not coming out on someone else’s timeline. Aiken is out & proud now & that’s all that matters. He also just wrote a very eloquent opinion on Prop 8, but that’s not as important to the entertainment sites as his opinion on one song of Lambert’s that he didn’t care for. Sad.

  • Jackie

    Gay,straight…who cares. Adam oozes sex appeal & has a great talent that I intend to enjoy for a long time. Can’t wait til he drops an album. Love his voice, so consistent, strong…it’s like a well played musical instrument! And, he has a great personality that is intelligent & funny.

  • kayed

    I don’t care what Adam is, as long as he’s ALIVE TO SING!! He deserves to have love too. Can’t wait to see Adam on tour. What an amazing voice and a nice person. YOU ROCK Mr. Lambert!

  • HAF

    @Jamie: The thing is, Aiken didn’t just not come out — he asserted, loudly, publicly, and often that he was NOT gay. THAT is the huge difference between Adam and Aiken, and why I have no respect for the latter.

    Personally, I think Adam’s quasi-coyness in the face of ridiculously obtuse questions about his sexuality is charming and about as clever as he can get, living under the yoke of 19 Management.

    I can’t wait to see what Adam gets up to next.

  • dgz

    @Smokey Martini:
    no… it’s Simon FULLER. he’s the executive producer and creator, and prez of 19 entertainment. cowell’s an employee.

  • Emma

    No. 69 – Matthew, you said it all. 2003 vs. 2006, NC vs. CA, Conservative Southern Baptist vs. liberal.

  • Landon Bryce

    @matthew: Your message would make sense if Lambert had attacked Aiken. He didn’t. Aiken made a bizarre, unprovoked attack on him. Clay has apologized; no one seems to be making a big deal of it, least of all Lambert.

    I think everyone would agree that being out has been easier for Adam than for Clay for all the reasons you name. I’m quite positive Adam would, aren’t you?

    I don’t see anybody being hard on Clay Aiken here, or denying the difficulties of his situation.

  • matthew

    @HAF – Wrong. I see people say that often & it’s become an accepted myth. But the truth is that Aiken denied he was gay once or twice in 2003 when he was just out of IDOL, & afterwards his position was that it was no one’s business. Lambert also hasn’t been relentlessly harrassed about it the way Aiken was, just the comments here prove that. Aiken never wanted to talk about it – he didn’t assert loudly, publicly & often at all – in fact, he tried to avoid the question whenever possible. It’s in his personality to keep his private life private, he’s still doing that to this day.

    @Landon Bryce – Sorry, I just don’t see answering a question on a private fansite, no matter how detailed, as being an attack on anyone. You nor anyone outside his fanclub would have even known Aiken said it if his stalker hadn’t sent it to Gawker. What Aiken wrote was really more about the manipulation on IDOL than about Lambert. (His fans had been asking him to comment for weeks.) His stalker has rebuked Aiken now that he’s come out & been with a boyfriend for the past year, & now the stalker is after Lambert. Sending Aiken’s answer to the gossip sites was the unprovoked attack & was meant to endear the stalker to Lambert. Yeah, the whole situation was bizarre because that psycho freak stalker will do anything to get attention. My comment had nothing to do with anyone attacking anyone. But it’s true that Aiken has been raked over the coals for yrs without any consideration for his personal situation in the coming out process, whereas Lambert is usually given a complete pass for not being completely open on the show.

  • Phoenix (The One That's A George Takei Fan)

    Adam Lambert is a debutante?

  • KC

    HAF to set the record straight Clay was quoted in Rolling Stone in 2003 that he was not gay. He told Diane Sawyer also in that year if he had to carry the banner for men who aren’t gay, he would be happy to do so. That was it, from then on he did not declare he was not gay, he said what he did in his personal life was no one’s business. He even said he was sorry he ever answered the question that he was naive to do so. He did not continue to deny being gay, he just wouldn’t confirm it.

  • madie

    I dont care a bit if he is gay! Nothing can change the fact that he is extremely handsome, super sexy , very intelligent and articulate, has very good poise and posture. And he possesses the most remarkable voice ever!!! I cant wait to buy his album!

  • Laura in DC

    This is exactly how I feel. Thanks, Mary! :)

  • Wry Bred

    Would love to see him out and proud. Absolutely love it. The more high-profile individuals who behave with dignified comfort in their own skins, the faster acceptance will come.

  • Adryia

    ~Hope Adam will always hold on to the happiness he feels when performing~ The media has spoiled and down played a lot of the good qualities and effects of the Idol experience he may of had. *Way to much speculation on sexuality* Guess that’s what sells the mags. talk shows, and media all around. 19 true winners.

  • jools


    >>Well rumour has it that Rolling Stone was at the Finale, and that he gave the interview THAT night, so there goes that theory.

    Actually, I have never heard that rumor. The story broke on one of the AI blogs (MsJ) and Adam was apparently interviewed the weekend after the final in New York. Same person that broke the RS news also correctly predicted that Adam would be at Hair on the Tuesday.

  • Alx

    It does not surprise me that they are willing to market an openly gay singer. This season they tried some new things, some were stupid like the judges save, and other were brilliant, like letting Adam be Adam. The producers surely know that since Google exists, it was only a matter of days until we found out those pictures. They took the risk, and it worked. They let Adam do things like “Ring of Fire”, love it or hate it, nothing like that had ever been done in the show. We can’t forget the extra sexually charged “Whole Lotta Love”. If we think about some of the song choices that were made from both of the producers for him (One and A Change Is Gonna Come), the message is quite clear. They also let him dress himself up at the Kiss performance, and believe me, I do not think they brought Queen to the show thinking about Kris Allen.

    There was a Billboard article in which 19E stated that the winner and the runner-up would receive the same kind of promotion and treatment. Adam didn’t win, for whatever reason, but that doesn’t mean that Adam does not reflect a change in the way an almost openly gay tv star can become a cultural phenomenon with legions of fans who just want to hear him sing.

    I truly felt proud when, 3 months ago I saw that Adam interview in the Top 13 party, when he said that he was proud of being who he was and that he had never been shy about anything on his life. Being gay myself, that was enough for me to see him as someone out of the closet. He hasn’t said “Yes I am” yet, and I do know that those 3 words are very important, those 3 words can make a small difference for a small boy or girl still in the closet from their families. Ellen made that difference for some of us.

    It was pretty obvious that Adam wasn’t going to come out in a blog or a short interview like the one at EW.com, specially right after Kris had won and it was his moment; we are talking about Adam after all, and if that is going to happen, let it happen in a loud way, let it be the cover of RS!

  • Gabe

    @RICK – LOL! Mine, too. Don’t know much about Clay Aiken other than he has a great voice, was discovered on American Idol and is gay with a kid. But I sure agreed with him on that point!

  • Kimmerz

    Adam has handled this situation with integrity, a grin and fabulous wit! I just love him! He is a beautiful person inside and out and I LOVE the ride he has taken us on! I just want him to be happy, so whatever and whoever makes him happy… I’m lovin it! Bottom line is: ADAM = SEX! And he deserves the very best!
    Who else would love to take a look at all the costumes that boy has in his closet?! lol Adam you Glam-Rock! <3

  • Janine

    It’s too bad about Clay Aiken. Unfortunately he wasn’t 27 when he appeared on Idol. He may not have been sure of his orientation. Kim Locke was the first person he ever told he was gay, and that may have been after the show ended and they were living together. He was not out to his family. It was a huge paradigm shift from his upbringing.

    Possibly because of all that, his career is totally screwed up.

    Adam and Clay make a good case study. Very similar talents, yet such different environments.

    Too bad for Clay. Looks like there aren’t any do-overs.

  • Wilfried

    ALX: You’ve said it all. +100 You’re absolutely right when you say that 19E have marketed him as an openly gay singer from the get-go. When the “pictures” showed up on the internet, some naive people (mostly over at VFTW) thought that it would piss 19E, but it was incredibly stupid. 19E definitely lifted the ban on openly/obviously gay singers (Adam, Jorge, Nathaniel, Normund, possibly Scott… etc.) and it was obvious that they would either throw them under the bus early on either support him all the way. They chose the latter, and indeed as the article shows well, they had a very clear marketing strategy for his total outing.

    As for Adam and his freedom of expression: He is a very very well-spoken person. He’s been in the business for a long time enough to know how to treat the media, and he’s not naive like Aiken or others. He knows exactly what he’s able to say, what he’s not, how to speak to journalists etc. He’s very clever, and it shows: he’s said everything he could without breaking the 19E contract of confidentiality (he probably has some “words” he can’t say), in a way that I’m sure annoys 19E a bit. If he continues to play his cards right, he can be one of the only Idols to really make it in the industry.

  • nikk

    Great article! Hopefully, that cracking sound I’m hearing is a great number of minds opening up…

  • jason

    Note the huge, huge double standard in American society as far as American singers go. Female singers came out as lesbians years ago (Melissa Ethridge), female singers can sing songs like I Kissed A Girl and have a number 1 hit with it, female singers can claim to be bisexual and be thought of as “cool”.

    Replace “female” with “male” and what do you get? A complete opposite. Unless you wake up to the fact that the entertainment industry is biased against male-male sexuality, you won’t get anywhere.

    We have to start by holding liberals to account. The liberal bias against male-male sexuality is evident in the bisexual double standard. It is a strategic move by liberals to keep male-male sexuality out of the mainstream.

  • yourfreakinamazing

    America, how about everyone is gay unless they prove they are not LOL, who really cares, I don’t. I just love Adam. Adam do whatever you feel is right for you, you are an amazing guy, intelligent, charismatic, lots of fun to be around and by far anyone who has you as their BFF is very lucky, if we all had a friend like you (including me), everyone would be happy. You’ve done a great job with the media and are always very positive and true to yourself. You deserve to be happy like anyone else, so keep smiling, singing and just rockin and we will be doing the same with you. We all love you!!!!

  • Cam

    @Luche: You said “@Cam:

    lmfao are you serious? Europe does not have the same type of issues America has. The leader of Iceland is an Open Lesiban.

    Are you kidding me? France just had massive Race Riots. There are generations of Algerians in France that are still rioting because they are disenfranchized and not allowed into society. There are huge areas outside Paris where even the French police will not go.. Housing areas that Gypsies live in in the Czech repoublic are walled up and the entrances monitored so their comings and goings can be watched. The leader of Iceland was elected after the complete collapse of the govt. there, however, did you also know that there is a massive sexual divide in Iceland? The political parties are nearly split by gender. So please don’t try to say “Everything is honky dory in Europe because, hey, Iceland elected a lesbian. Again, we just elected a president from a minority group. That could never ever happen in the Europe of today.

  • Cam

    @Debbie: You said


    Well rumour has it that Rolling Stone was at the Finale, and that he gave the interview THAT night, so there goes that theory.

    Adam is a very, very, very proud man. I’m sure everyone will see soon enough. He will not be like Clay Aiken.

    Rumor has it? Not sure I buy that. However I hope you are right.

  • opinionmine

    I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone doesn’t know already that Adam is gay or why it is such a big deal. He isn’t in the closet, never has been. The photos of him and former boyfriend Brad Bell were widely circulated on every form of media possible, just as photos of him and current boyfriend Drake LaBry are making their way across the media now. I just do not feel that Adam has anymore need or responsibility to publically declare “Yes, I am Gay”, than any of the heterosexual performers need to declare, “Yes, I am Straight”. Those who care already have figured it out by now, those who don’t care now, won’t care if he makes a public declaration. Why bother? Let the man live his life in the manner in which he sees fit.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    Dear Guys who are mad at us girls, women, ladies, etc.

    Please don’t get mad at us. What I think women mean when they say they don’t care that Adam is gay or not, is that they love Adam anyway no matter what. End of story. The reason you hear us say that so often because we are always having to defend our love for Adam to A**hole straight guys who love to give us a hard time about it. I know I have had stuff said to me. But I don’t care. I am in awe of Adam no matter what anyone says to me.
    The straight guys are just jealous. And you gay guys on here complaining must be jealous too. Do you think we’re going to take your Adam away from you? Well, you have no better of a chance with him then we do because google Adam again and read ’em and weep. Adam was spotted hand in hand coming out of Guys and Dolls night club with his boyfriend. So we’re not the ones to express your anger to. You should be glad we love and support one of your own as much as we do. Why don’t you buy yourself a membership to Clay Aiken’s fan club so you can curse him out for attacking Adam the way he did. Don’t you all need to stick together?

  • PhDude

    Adam is AMAZING! I am buying whatever he is selling.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    BTW what I mean by we don’t “care” is anher way of saying we “don’t mind.” or that it “doesn’t affect the way we feel about Adam.”

    Adam = Awesome.

    Adam projects a god-like love out into the world making us want to be better, more loving human beings.

    Adam must be an Angel for us all, not just for you.

  • jay

    Whoa, when Adam falls from that pedestal you’ve got him on, insufferable “doesn’t” know it all, it’s gonna hurt like a bitch.:-)

    Aiken and Glambert…two different situations, really. Different upbringing, different dynamic. But I have to give Lambert props for being himself, to a degree, and Aiken for finally being able to be. It’s a tough road, that many have traveled..we can’t ever really know what it was like for someone else but should be able to have at least some semblance of compassion for the journey. I personally can’t hold Aiken up as the Anti Christ to gaydom as there are many out there in their everyday lives that have done far worse than saying a time or two “I’m not gay”. It’s not like Aiken enacted some antigay legislation or whatnot; he struggled..it happens. Now that the man, and anyone else who stuggled, has finally reached their peace, I say you can’t hold the past against them, that past being their own struggles of whatever kind. Let them move forward, especially when they are obviously and notably willing do so, and be a visible symbol of their community. JMHO


  • insufferable_know_it_all

    Gee Jay,

    You must have me confused with what some else said.

    I only made one little comment about Aiken and it wasn’t a comparison about how each handled their own way of coming out.

    I was mainly talking about the gay guys on this site complaining about us females saying we don’t care that Adam is Gay when what we really mean is that we don’t mind that he is gay and that we love him anyway.

    I will tell you something right now. YOU are definitely no Adam and neither am I, truth be told. He is a more loving, patient, godly acting (he treats everyone with respect almost all the time).

    I promise you that I will not be disappointed if Adam “falls from grace.” My disappointment has all been spent on the so called Christians who bash Adam because if they were really following the doctorines they are spouting all over the place then they would have nothing but love for their fellow human beings.

    So now that my disappointment has been all used up I should have no problems. But thanks for the concern, my brotha.

  • Why the Grudges


    Clay Aiken explained his slip up in Rolling Stone when he came out last year, he was 23 years old and had not even told his family that he was gay when he was hit with “the question” and he tried answering in a way which he thought was ambiguous, he tried to “spin the spinners” and got tripped up. That is the ONLY time he ever definitively said he was not gay, from then on he never answered the question and tried to deflect to something else, even claiming to be asexual to try and get them to shut up.

    @Jay, No. 99 Well stated.

    If 19 has told Adam he can’t answer the question, yet, fine, but I think his “playing” with the question has been a mockery to all those who have actually struggled hard in their lives to come out.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    And BTW Jay,

    You damn sure don’t know it all. I just reread your reply to mine and you so totally don’t know what you’re talking about. More so than I originally thought. Find out who you’re really replying to and speak at them about it.

    Here is my comment once again on Clay Aiken. “Why don’t you” (You = the gay guys who are complaining about us women either liking Adam or stating that it doesn’t matter to us that Adam is Gay)”buy yourself a membership to Clay Aiken’s fan club so you can curse him out for attacking Adam. Don’t you all need to stick together?”

    What it means, Jay, all so Dense and mighty, is that in my opinion, Clay should have never made a public comment about Adam’s singing in such a catty manner when it is clear that so many people want to crucify Adam for being gay and that right now, it is in gay people’s best interest to at least publicly support each other (even if they don’t like one another.)

    That’s how that comment was intended.
    And to the gay guys telling us women that you can’t stand us for sticking up for Adam, etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah,

    Here is my pet peave. I can’t stand it when a gay person publicly attacks Adam or anyone else of their own. Really, as a friend of a gay person in the south, it’s really painful to see him struggle let alone if his own kind were to start persicuting him too.

  • jay

    Insufferable…I should have put some space between my admonishment of the dangers of pedestal placement and emotional destruction at it’s possible breakage, and my opinion of the differences in the “coming out” sagas. My bad.:-) The pedestal comment was a joke…feeble? Mebbe. But no worries, brotha…just a cautionary concern. It seems like a lot to put on Adam, though, imo. I do suspect, though, that if (when) that pedestal does topple the internet breakdown could be an interesting read.;-)


    Still think we need to look at the big picture of being out, when, how, whatever..whomever is willing to be publically speaking up for equality, in all forms, should be welcome. It’s gonna take us all. Division helps no one…

  • Publicity Stunt?

    Pictures this morning hit Just Jared of Adam out holding hand with his boyfriend last night.


  • insufferable_know_it_all

    Okay Jay,

    I’ll call a truse. You are right. It will take us all. That’s why I’m so mad at my other idol, Clay Aiken. He’s been a naughty boy, but I’ll get over it.

    I’m from Alabama (Born here not raised here but now miserably back here, Arrgh) and you should have seen how everyone acted every time I told them I wanted Clay to win, not Rueben, also an Alabama native.

  • BradSA


    Spencer Pratt and his insufferable wife are ripe for vilification. They deserve it because of their own actions and are getting a lot of heat for being the entitled assholes they are.

    What you suggest is that the straight people of the world hold back their disdain because Spencer and Heidi are straight like them? Ridiculous!

    Aiken has no more obligation to stifle his opinion of a performance by a gay man than a straight man. That is true equality, when gender preference is not an issue and it is about the singing.

  • yourfreakinamazing

    Adam may be playing with the question, but what does he have to prove to anyone???? this is personal people!!! All we should care about is his TALENT, SINGING, and the AMAZING GUY HE IS. Like someone said before… do we need to know how often Obama has sex each week? I don’t want to know or need to know lol. So why care what Adam is doing? Let him be who he is, he has nothing to hide and its all about SINGING and ENTERTAINING US. We all want and need to be happy so leave him alone and let him concentrate on his new career and life. I know I will. We all love you Adam.

  • BradSA


    Speak for yourself. We don’t all love Adam, not by a long shot.

  • Cam

    “”No. 107 · yourfreakinamazing
    Adam may be playing with the question, but what does he have to prove to anyone???? this is personal people!!! All we should care about is his TALENT, SINGING, and the AMAZING GUY HE IS. Like someone said before… do we need to know how often Obama has sex each week? “”

    No, we don’t need to know that….however, if somebody asked Obama if he was black and he replied “well why should I answer, isn’t it more fun not to know?” Don’t tell me that the black community wouldn’t have one huge collective intake of breath.

    You keep saying that it is all personal, well Danny Gokey’s wife’s story wasn’t personal, Kris’s hetrosexuality was on full display every time he spoke about his wife, Allison talked about dating etc… the ONLY person who didn’t say anything about things like that was Adam. When one particular group is either afriad or prevented from discussing something that every other person or group in a situation is askked about and speaks about, you can’t claim that it is because that topic is personal or private.

  • yourfreakinamazing



  • Alexa

    @insufferable_know_it_all: Grow up and buy a clue. Do you really not understand how patronizing it is to say you “don’t mind” that Adam is gay, as if being gay is something you should mind? I’ll bet you’re an ex-Clay fan as well from the way you talk (oh yes, from a later post I see you are). Honestly, the way you Glamberts or whatever you call yourselves troll the internet defending Adam is sadly reminiscent of what the Claymates used to do, and it is tedious, offensive, and, yes, insufferable. I really hope you idiots don’t cause as many problems for Adam as the Claymates did for Clay.

  • Deedle

    I love Adam, gay, straight, or bi, Jewish, whatever. He’s a lovely young man, amazingly talented, sexy, gifted, and honest and open. He was raised in an open, loving and supportive environment, and he is a great role model. My grandkids adore him and so do I.

    I am so impressed with him in his interviews. He is very respectful of others. It makes me sad when people blast him in the blogs, but, this is a nation with freedom of speech.

    I think he looks very happy with his friend at Guys and Dolls and I wish him the best.

    American will show their love of Adam with their wallets!
    Go, Adam! You Rock!

    The reason we are all reading this trivial “news” stories about Adam is because we cannot get enough of him! He needs to be on TV doing something, doing anything! Can he host SNL? I’d die to see him on that. He’d be great on Dancing with the Stars, too. I’d watch a reality TV show of his life. Might be interesting to have a new twist on a new kind of couple.

  • yourfreakinamazing


  • yourfreakinamazing

    No. 112 DEEDLE

    love your comments totally awesome thank you!!!!!!!

  • insuffferable_know_it_all


    I don’t need to buy a clue but I have some I can sell to you.

    I didn’t cause problems for Clay and I’m not causing problems for Adam. And I didn’t say I stopped being Clay’s fan. I still play his CD’s despite the stares I get. You better take a good look what’s really causing problems for both Adam and Clay.

    1. The media.

    2. The Christian Coalition, they are liars and hatemongers who sit on sites like this and spread hate, and try to divide and conquer their fans. Take BRADSA for example. He or she said that he/she didn’t like/love Adam. So what’s he doing here for? Doesn’t he have something better to do.

    Hey BRADSA, don’t you have something better to do? Uh oh, you must have burnt out the last 2 brain cells you had writing a reply to my post.

    3. I bet even the FBI infiltrates comments on places like this to cause people who have not formed an opinion or who are too weak minded to think for themselves and stand up for what they believe in unwaivering to sway towards hatred.

    BRADSA, Did I even mention Spencer? If you can’t figure out why a community who are oppressed shouldn’t sit and make comments about each other in public especially when so much at stake was going on when it was said, then I suppose you got your kindergarden degree from a Loopy Loo’s cereal box. You know, Prop 8 was going on then.

    I’m sorry you’re so dumb. Maybe you’ll be smarter in your next life. BTW, do you also think its ok for black people to shoot each other up or do you think they should find a way to get along. Just some food for thought. Oh, yeah, I forgot, you can’t think.

  • insuffferable_know_it_all

    And Alexa and everyone else,

    Stop being so sensitive about the “I don’t mind” or “I don’t care” thing. I do care. I care about Adam (and Clay) that’s why I cringed when Clay said what he did. I care about their well being. I care about them as human beings, I care about their careers. I’m proud of Adam for being himself and being able to go out on the town with his boyfriend proudly.

    What the heck do you think we mean when we say we don’t mind or don’t care that he’s gay. If you have a better way of expressing how we are supposed to say that, please right and tell me.

    You are just like some black people I know. They get mad when you call them Black so then you call them colored they get even madder and say they want to be called Black. You can never win for loosing there. Don’t call me a racist, I am black so I can say that. So go ahead with your protest comments about that remark too. I only call it like I see it instead of pitching a bit** fit on a post only so I can hear my own self rant and rave (talking about you Alexa, Bradsa).

  • insuffferable_know_it_all

    I mean please write

  • insuffferable_know_it_all


    Many cities have a drug rehab program. You should join one. You’re even more insufferable than I am.

  • TheBigotBasher

    This is no different to Will Young / Gareth Gates played out in the UK years ago. Gareth Gates was straight, Will Young gay. Gareth won but went nowhere. Will Young is still reasonably successful.

  • Windyloo

    I think the problem with some of the comments by straight women here are typical ones brought on by the fact that sexual orientation is not something that is visible to most people. In some ways this is like jewish, mixed race, or other people who can “pass” as white. Just because you can do so doesn’t mean you should in a society where there is still so much disrimination based on membership in a social category. I struggle to get this accross to my students all the time.

    Someone mentioned President Obama up thread and I think he is a good illustration. Yes, he is bi-racial, but it really doesn’t matter since, in today’s society, he is still seen as black by the vast majority of people who would pass him on the street and they would react to him as they would a black person. That would, unfortunately, often include stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination. This is still reality even if we wish it were not. So every successful minority person who proudly claims their identity and proves the bigots wrong helps. Denying or not claiming an identity others will assign you anyway helps no one.

    The same is true with LBBT people. Hiding does not help to change things. Being open and talking about your personal life just like any straight person would is an important step. For a celebrity to do that carries even more weight. This type of public example of success by racial minorities and women were essential to gaining rights and the same is true for LGBT people. Those who have racial, gender, or heterosexual privilege need to realize that claiming an identity publicly is a very important political act. It isn’t playing a card or prying into someones life- it is recognizing the reality of our current socio-political situation instead of living in some fantasy of the future. Besides, no one wants a society where important parts of our identity “don’t matter”. We just want to be treated equally despite our differences.

  • spindoc



  • Obsidian Eye

    @willowisp: I’m from the Philippines and you are absolutely right. The matter of Adam’s sexuality has been blown up to inordinate proportions, when it is utterly irrelevant to what he does. It’s also ridiculous that there has been all this time spent on speculation and that people have a dire need to have things spelled out for them, when we’ve seen pretty much enough to intelligently draw some inferences for ourselves. I’m extremely surprised at the social immaturity and lack of sophistication I’m witnessing.

  • Obsidian Eye

    I’m a heterosexual female fan of Adam Lambert. I don’t care whether or not he’s gay. I don’t mind that he’s gay. It doesn’t matter to me that he’s gay.




    ‘no one wants a society where important parts of our identity “don’t matter”.’


  • Windyloo

    @Obsidian Eye: First, no need to scream. Second, the goal is for these things to not limit our access to equal rights but for many it is not that they become “irrelevant in how people see and treat one another.” Many people want to be recognized for their ethnic, religious or other cultural practices. Culture really does matter a lot to some people and they don’t want to just blend in and “be like everyone else.”

    Also, when we start pretending that we are “all the same” or encouraging people to “just be people” we have to be very careful to ask who gets to decide what that will be. This is the classic “acting white” concern of the great W.E.B. Dubois. Why should African-Americans (or any other category that has distinctive cultural practices) give up their distinctive speech, music, food, way of practicing religion etc. so that they won’t be seen as different? If they give them up what do they start blending into? Can you remember your past if you no longer see yourselves as a unit? (No I am not suggesting that every member of a category is the same but there are patterns).

    Finally, how can we not notice differences if they actually are there? The issue is that they not limit peoples rights or life chances. And while some people may argue that the fact that a person is gay does not affect what they do (say a Matthew Mitchum in diving) I think that is a stretch when talking about an artist. A person’s life experiences are extrememly relevant to the creative process- what they choose to write and sing, how they perform it, the selection of words they use in the song etc. This is especially true in rock or pop where romance, relationships, and sex are one of the main topics.

    Acting like it “doesn’t matter” really does come accross as dismissive even if you don’t intend it to. The reality is that a person’s sexual orientation really does matter in this country right now. As many have pointed out, Adam’s relationship, which he is clearly proud of, was not mentioned in the same way those of other contestants were. How then can anyone suggest that it doesn’t matter? I can say race or gender or sexual orientation don’t matter (i.e. I am colorblind or whatever) but those are still very important categories in our lives and not everyone wants to see them completely obliterated.

  • Alexa

    @Windyloo: excellent points, in both comments.

    @TheBigotBasher: actually, Will Young was the winner of Pop Idol.

    @Obsidian Eye: @insuffferable_know_it_all: Calm down. Seriously. You really are becoming as tiresome and annoying as the Claymates. Right now Adam is popular, please don’t become so obnoxious that people get turned off him because of you. It happened with Clay, it will happen with Adam if you don’t stop.

    Look, it’s fantastic that straight people love Adam, and you coming to gay sites and supporting him is cool, but you have to understand that to many in the lgbt community a popular openly gay artist who comes out at the start of his career is a big deal, especially right now. It does matter. And we are different. So stop yelling and behaving like children, and try to understand our POV, please. Go back and really read windyloo’s posts.

  • So?

    So with the Prague Spring of 19, when are Simon and Ryan going to come out, too? Talk about deeply closeted.

  • staciegirlie17

    Hey Alexa,

    This is insufferable_know_it_all. This time I’m posting under my original name because either you’re put off by my obnoxious name or that I’m straight (reverse discrimination).

    Do you want to know how I earned insufferable know it all as a nickname? By battling Danny’s bigoted fans online whenever they said vile, harsh, vulgar things about Adam before the voting. You will never see some of those things that they said because blog sites immediately delete them. Hence you are ignorant of what was really said. Now Christian bigots can claim they never said the things they did and go on to claim that Adam lost only because Kris was more mainstream. But Adam didn’t lose because Kris is more mainstream.

    It got ugly out there. Downright shameful to the point I’ll never set foot in another church again. I know I saw these posts before they were deleted because I was online 24-7 along with Adam’s truest fans battling the “gay insult” comments with real facts about gay people not being able to choose their orientation. Christians killed Galileo when Galileo tried to inform his community the earth was round not flat. I still believe today that these same people who are discriminatory towards gays based on religion still believe the world is flat because they do not respect modern science. They hide behind their bible and think that’s the only knowledge they need.

    So please, stop blaming me for Clay’s demise, Adam’s possible demise. Don’t you see it’s the media destroying Adam as well as the Christian bigots? Google Adam and you will see a very disturbing article where the Author claims he’s only joking about his choice of words “You are a disgrace” and of course I commented on that too.

    I’m here to tell you that your way of handling things are no better. You are alienating all the straight people who love and support Gays not because gay people are gay but because everyone deserves the same respect and I give everyone an equal opportunity to be my friend except for people wielding daggers for the purpose of backstabbing. I’m predjudiced of backstabbers.

    So here it is. Does this statement work? I have no problem with Adam being Gay. Is that better than “I don’t care that he’s gay” or “I don’t mind that he’s gay?” If you have a problem with that then you have some self introspection to do. You need to find out if you are the one who is self-loathing.

    Remember, I’m not the enemy and top believing those Christian people with the gentle voices telling you that every thing is alright. They in the senate, the house and the courts right now doing everything they can to take away all “Gay” rights and you want to argue with me?

  • staciegirlie17


    Also about the Clay thing. We did not ruin Clay’s career. Did you buy every CD Clay put out? I don’t think so.

    Oh, I feel an opinion coming on so let me give it. (And I can give an intelligient one because 1st, I have a college degree and 2, I am a songwriter and guitarist so I know something about the music business.)

    Reasons more than likely Clay’s career is ruined (or almost ruined).

    1. 19E sucks. They can’t put together a decent album even if the Gods of the Gods of Pop or Rock came down and put the album in their hands.

    2. Clay doesn’t get any airplay. At least he doesn’t in my neck of the woods. There’s not enough press about him. I find out he put a new album out a year after the fact. Pathetic.

    3. Clay got wise and broke things off with 19E and helped Kelly Clarkson to do the same. That pissed the f*** out of 19E the “Powers That Be” that can make you or break you from blacklisting you in the industry. This is done to artists everyday for various reasons less than directly defying your record company. Do you know how powerful 19E is in the industry?

    4. Now Clay is going to struggle much like a new artist because of this. Did you know he tried to attend the studio audience at one of this season’s american idol shows? He nearly got tossed out on his head. Thank God he’s light on his feet. Read up on these facts will you? If they won’t even let him near one of their events what else do you think they are doing to stop him?

    5. Clay needs to get his star appeal back. Is he Country or Pop? He needs to loose his weight, style his hair, wear stylish clothes and make sure the music he picks on his album is what is fans expect out of him. HE HAS TO BRING IT especiallly now that Adam is on the scene. Linkin Park is the only band I know(Adam will be the other) that can successfully change genres and their fans still love it.

    6. Every star, gay or straight or green, blue or purple has fanatical fans that say and do crazy sh** all the time. THE FANS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH A STAR’S SUCCESS OR FAILURE UNLESS THEY ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD THE ARTISTS’ STUFF WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT. So All Adam’s fans and Clay’s, Please, for God’s sake, please PAY for your artist’s music and DVD’s instead of bootlegging. This will ensure that your fav artist stays around for the long haul. If they are not making any sales, they will be dropped from their record labels even if they are popular. Money talks Bullsh** walks. Remember that.

  • shirley romano

    I am amazed at the tone and defernce used in the Lambert article as opposed to the Clay Aiken article. What’s your problem, guys, do you feel the pain of rejection because Clay dissed your Adam-guy? And please do try to get your facts straight regarding the name change on Clay’s foundation. This was decided by Clay a long time ago, for reasons you are too blind-sided to take note of. You actaully give tabloids a bad name. href=”#comment-173790″>Zebra:

  • Barbi

    What is with the America hate…is it really so bad being curious and inquisitive? He is not obligated to answer. Yeah, there is some homophobia in the US, but isn’t there everywhere? Sometimes it goes to far, but it’s not like we’ve been after him for years and years and years like MIKA in your country.

  • staciegirlie17


    Please. “What is with the America hate?” Do you even have to ask? I’m American and I can see that. In the world’s eyes, we’re hypocrites in what we’re supposed to stand for–freedom, the pursuit of happiness, equality. We are not the barbarians but sometimes I wonder. Thanks to Bush and others that’s how we are seen now.

    Get a load of one of BBC’s news casts if you want an echo of what the world really thinks of us.

    As for being curious and inquisitive? “Is it really so bad?” Are you kidding me? Even though wondering what Adam may do behind closed doors is sexy and exciting, would you find me asking me asking him about it to his face or worse yet, ASKING HIS MOTHER OR FATHER about it?

    How about this? Please answer these questions in your reply to me and see how you like it.

    1. Do you have sex with a man or woman?
    2. Do you like it on top or bottom?
    3. How many times a day, week, month do you like to do it?
    4. What song do you like to listen to while you’re getting it on?
    5. Do you scream when you’re getting off?
    6. Do you like me asking you these questions about your sex life?
    7. Do you like having to broadcast it on this blog post?
    8. Now do you see what’s wrong with being curious and inquistive?

  • Windyloo

    Could people please stop confusing having a gay identity with a person’s sexual behavior? You can ask a person if she is a lesbian or bi-identified woman without asking her if she likes to use a purple strap-on. Wheather you like it or not sexual orientation is an important part of someone’s identity in our society today and, due to the segregation created by law and the need for the closet, it is attached to a culture that has developed over time. That does not mean all people who are attracted to people of the same sex participate in this culture or fit a mold (any more than all African-Americans fit into black culture) but it does mean that that culture exists and that many want it to be respected. You are not prying into someone’s sex life by asking them if they claim a gay identity.

  • staciegirlie17


    If you reread my comment you’ll see I’m not trying to confuse gay identity w/ sexual behavior.

    Those questions are asked of a specific person (BARBI) who doesn’t understand why it’s not okay to pry into someone’s personal life. And I wanted to see if Barbi would actually answer these questions or tell me to F*** off. Because if she tells me to F*** off, then I will know that she is being a hypocrite and that she thinks its okay to pry into someone’s private life as long as it’s not her own.

    SORRY if my post offends you in anyway. It is meant as a lesson to those who think the very way you are complaining about. Ok?

  • staciegirlie17

    I’m sorry Windyloo but I left out some of my comment.

    Another reason for that my post to Barbi is because the Media HAS gotten out of hand. Did you see the video of TMZ reporters hounding Adam and Drake as they walked down the street? Towards the end they were asking them to “Smootch for the camera” and all that. Not that it wouldn’t be cute or anything, but people ARE crossing the line. That pissed me off (they won’t even let them walk down the street or eat lunch without them asking the poor guys “who likes the top” or “kiss for us,” or “could you give us a repeat performance of last night when you were holding hands as you came out the club?”

    Those questions that I asked of Barbi are not because I want to know them per se, it’s the only way to get her to see why it’s not good to pry.

  • Obsidian Eye

    @Windyloo: Hello. Firstly, the all-caps was for emphasis, and admittedly, a show of annoyance on my part, given the numerous preceding posts that clearly showed people were being misunderstood in their saying “I don’t care” and “I don’t mind”. If I intended to come across as screaming I would have used exclamation points. However, seeing that there are people here who actually read posts en toto and not just unmindfully scan, latch onto a word or sentence completely ignoring the context and then start mouthing off, I’ll gladly adjust, no problem.

    Secondly, when I say I choose to see people as people and that equal treatment regardless of the differences should be the ultimate socio-political goal, it is not to promote the homogenizing of society or a disregard or non-appreciation of differences. On the contrary, I am a staunch individualist and non-conformist–on top of having been born with a rebellious mind, I have spent years consciously ridding myself of whatever programming and conditioning have been foisted upon me by society that I may have unconsciously adopted; I denounce groupthink at whatever level it occurs. When I say “people are people” it simply means that at the very core is a person’s humanity, plain and simple. From that fact alone proceeds fundamental rights and certain things are naturally observed (initially, at least)–basic respect, decency, fairness, etc. Whatever qualities and acts spiral out from an individual due to personality, culture, alliance to various groups, sexuality etc. are seen by me as interesting colors and facets of the individual. Basic rights and treatment on the basis of humanity, then, is the limit of my “irrelevance in terms of how people see and treat one another”. It does not extend in scope to homogenizing people.

    From a legal standpoint, it is easy to see why a particular group would seek recognition as such, i.e. that certain differences amount to valid, substantial distinctions, so as to place them within the purview of the Equal Protection Clause. Precisely because of the present social reality of existing discrimination against homosexuals, bisexuals, and lesbians, this emphasis on ‘difference’ is necessary. However, if the social milieu were sufficiently advanced, would it still be necessary? This is why I said *ultimate* socio-political goal.

    On the political level, much of the preceding paragraph applies. There is also the all-too important factor of volume — both in the numbers sense and in terms of *voice*, in how a group makes an impact upon political players in order to further their agenda. I therefore understand why gay advocacy groups would want a celebrity or public figure to openly and unequivocally declare themselves as gay. As you said, “Those who have racial, gender, or heterosexual privilege need to realize that claiming an identity publicly is a very important political act.” In this regard, people in the gay community are therefore free to attempt to convince a celebrity to politicize himself and his sexuality, in order to further their cause. If Adam does do it in Rolling Stone, then they certainly have reason to celebrate. However, what if he doesn’t? I hope the members of the gay community do not lambast him for choosing to remain ambiguous, and realize it’s his right to remain apolitical, and to choose how he presents his truths or himself to the public. Respect the individual, right? Otherwise, people would be guilty of criticizing him for exercising his basic rights, and of trying to impose conformity to their group, when they would use the very same arguments (rights and non-conformity) to advance their own agenda. I should think the gay community would be more openminded and accepting, since these are the same attitudes they would have the rest of society have towards them.

    One last matter: Is Adam’s being gay relevant to what he does and to my appreciation of him? I think you misunderstood me. First, what is not relevant to my appreciation of his talent and performances is what he does in his private life, i.e. his being gay. In other words, I can and do appreciate what he shows onstage or on camera as a performer and artist without having to look into his private life and person. I make a distinction, I see a boundary between public and private. For instance, I can like a person’s performance in a movie without bothering to find out the actor’s sexual preference. It’s irrelevant. If I subsequently discover he’s gay, would it alter my admiration for his acting, whether positively or negatively? No. Because it’s irrelevant. Second, is it relevant to what he does? It depends on what it is he’s doing to which we’re referring, and the areas, levels, and criteria of evaluation and criticism we’re discussing. Let’s take his singing. Is his being gay relevant to his vocal skills on a technical level? I’d say no. His musical interpretation/artistry such as his phrasing, modulation vis a vis the lyrics, et al.? I’d still say no. Emotive qualities and personal meaning that he internalizes and then projects? Perhaps, if the subject matter to which he relates or finds meaning in is germane or related to his being gay. If he were to sing about the plight of whales, his being gay is irrelevant. Finally, you wrote about the creative process. Without belaboring certain points any further, I’d say it still depends on what he’s doing or creating in the first place, and what aspects of his personality and experiences he’s drawing from in creating, writing whatever. People have different levels and facets of being. The very notion of a singular, totally and always integrated identity, acting at all times, in all contexts, is an illusion. Many truly artistic and creative people are in fact those who resist being pinned down to a single identity or dimension thereof. They are the sort who have no need to conform not only to society at large, but no real need to identify with any group therein whatsoever. In fact, to conform is death. I suspect Adam is of this breed. On a final note as regards the creative process–in art and literary criticism, there is a school of thought that holds that once a work is produced by the artist/writer and “out there”, it no longer belongs to him. That is, it is solely the reader’s response to the work that is relevant in the construction of meaning and the reader’s experience of the piece. Under this theory, whatever Adam does, once he’s done with it, belongs to the person perceiving and experiencing it. If the person finds relevance in Adam’s being gay vis a vis the performance or piece, then his being gay is relevant. If the person doesn’t, then his being gay isn’t relevant.

    Some points to the person who made a comment on straight women “spamming” this site:
    1. Under the law, SPAM refers to unsolicited pornographic and marketing.
    2. If you simply mean “unsolicited comments/participation”, then please suggest to the webmaster to post a notice that this is a gay site and that heterosexual females are not welcome to comment.

    Alexa, I don’t care if you find me obnoxious. I say what I say, I am what I am. If some people get turned off towards Adam Lambert because of his fans’ opinions, it’s the undiscerning people’s loss and a glaring illustration of their level of judgment.

    Thank you, all.

  • staciegirlie17


    You are so right. I’m a non-conformist too and so is Adam.

    And I would like to add due to the last video of Adam I just had the displeasure of witnessing is that Adam needs to focus on his career until he can get himself a body guard. The reporters have gotten downright disrepectful ever since he revealed his boyfriend, Drake.

    Did you see the reporters corner him in the stairwell of a parking garage? These pap reporters acted WORSE than any of his fan girls ever could. They were giggly and mindlessly taunting Adam while Adam begged them to let him get to his car. If that homeless lady named quween hadn’t been there, would they have physically assulted him or something? In another video they chased him in their car while he was driving his new car.

    Makes me very nervous and outraged. It reminds me of what happened to my young gay male friend when he was in highschool. Can anyone tell me why a straight male jock would spend all his waking hours verbalizing how much he hates gay boys only to later on rape the poor guy when he’s walking home alone?

    I know these two incidents are miles apart different but the relentless taunting is what came first in his ordeal.

  • Obsidian Eye

    @staciegirlie17: Thanks, Stacie, and I celebrate your non-conformism =)

    I’ve seen those videos and they are downright disturbing. Did you comment at that site? I’ll look for you there. I’m sorry to hear about your friend and I cannot agree with you more that security is a top priority for him right now, especially because he’s gay. There are homophobes and sick gay haters, and oftentimes, they express their hatred violently. I had a gay college friend who was murdered in his apartment–stabbed multiple times–by someone he’d just met at a bar who pretended to be gay. Another friend of mine knows of someone who’d occasionally pick up gay transvestite prostitutes, then proceed to beat them up in the motel room. I can’t even begin to articulate how I feel about these things.

  • Obsidian Eye

    @Windyloo: Just a brief addendum to the matter of the creative process, since you brought up the fact that love, sex, and relationships are main topics in pop and rock music, and might accuse me again of stretching things since I gave the whale example (which would be close to Andy Warhol and his Campbell soup cans anyway). In the craft of songwriting, Adam could draw from experience as well as pure intellect and imagination. What about those three topics are peculiarly gay and cannot be said (especially in songs for public consumption) as applicable to both homosexual and heterosexual relationships? Love is love. Sexual desire is sexual desire. Unrequited love is unrequited love. Inspiration is inspiration. Even as to choice of words, e.g. pronouns, details, colloquialisms–if Adam chooses to use non-gender- specific terms and non-gay-peculiar idioms, then the song produced would reflect the same. The creative process may germinate from various aspects of the artist (and his being gay may or may not figure into it), and at every step of crafting, largely a matter of choice.

  • karen

    Scissor Sisters

  • staciegirlie17

    @Obsidian Eye,

    Oh, no! Did they catch the guy who did that to your college friend? As for the other person, you should encourage your friend “who knows of someone that beats up transvestites” to turn this person in. The police (if they care) will set up a sting operation and bust this person.

  • Deer

    Windyloo, Jews ARE White. Duh!

  • staciegirlie17

    Not all Jews are White. They have found some really black ones in ethiopia. Try looking at the history channel every now and again. It does wonders for the IQ.

    And yes, this tribe is traced back to one of the original 12 tribes of David (Israel).

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