32 Years Before Marriage Equality, Bernie Sanders Fought For Gay Rights

bernie2These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a Democrat with any sort of antigay platform — hell, even the Republicans are starting to realize that to be relevant in 2015 and beyond, you’ve got to move past the “gay issue.”

But these are only very recent developments. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton may be champions of same-sex marriage now, but you don’t have to go far back to find a time when they weren’t. And hey, we’re happy to have their evolved support.

“A decade ago politicians ran against LGBT rights; today, they’re running towards them,” Obama said once in a speech, leaving out the fact that he is one of those politicians.

But you know who wasn’t? Well, assuming you’ve already read the headline, you’re right: Bernie Sanders.

Not only did Sanders vote against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 which defined marriage as between one man and one woman, signed into law by then-president Bill Clinton — an unpopular position then — a look back at Sanders’ political career shows consistent support of the gay rights movement. Even when it was more than just unpopular, it was downright controversial.

In 1983, two years into Sanders’ run as mayor of Burlington, VT, local gay rights leaders planned the city’s first ever pride parade and called on the Board of Aldermen to designate June 25 Lesbian and Gay Pride Day.

Those opposing the designation were as committed as they were vitriolic. The Vermont branch of the Maranatha Christian Church wrote at the time:

“We will express our sympathy with the sick humanity that is involved in this sin but can in no way on God’s earth and in light of His scripture condone or even sit back and not voice God’s word.”

Sanders threw in his full support at the meeting, and the board voted 6 to 5 to pass the resolution.

“In our democratic society, it is the responsibility of government to safeguard civil liberties and civil rights — especially the freedom of speech and expression,” Sanders wrote later in a memo. “In a free society, we must all be committed to the mutual respect of each others [sic] lifestyle.”


The parade was a success, but not long after, Burlington resident Maikel Carder was beaten up on Church St. on the suspicion that he was gay. It didn’t matter that he was actually straight — the two events became linked.

“As morals keep slipping, will we eventually celebrate Murderer’s Day, Rapist’s Day, Alcoholic’s Day, Dope Day, Arsonist’s Day and Child Molester’s Day, or will a greater power give us The Day of Reckoning? Stand up, you weirdos, and give your brains an airing,” read one of the more colorful responses.

But Sanders was unfazed. The following year he signed a resolution recommending that all levels of government support gay rights, and the year after that in 1985 (the same year then-president Reagan finally said the word ‘AIDS’ in public), he wrote:

“It is my very strong view that a society which proclaims human freedom as its goal, as the United States does, must work unceasingly to end discrimination against all people. I am happy to say that this past year, in Burlington, we have made some important progress by adopting an ordinance which prohibits discrimination in housing. This law will give legal protection not only to welfare recipients, and families with children, the elderly and the handicapped — but to the gay community as well.”

Compare that to the fact that 32 years later there are many parts of the country that still have no such housing protections, and we aren’t surprised Sanders has been able to stir up the grass roots for his 2016 bid.

via Seven Days

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  • Desert Boy

    I like Bernie Sanders. I agree with him on 99% of the issues. He’s the opposite of the cowardly Democratic God, Bill Clinton, who threw the LGBT community under the bus to save his presidency. The sad reality is, Sanders doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected president. We’re stuck with Hillary Clinton, who voted “FOR” the Iraq war and was opposed to Marriage Equality as recently as 2008. But, I always think of the Supreme Court and the next president should get two appointments, so I will hold my nose and vote for Hillary in 2016.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Desert Boy: Why would you support Sanders? He doesn’t share the neoconservative viewpoints you have, including on your foolish foreign policy positions. Sanders is for diplomacy, even with nations like Iran. So who are you bullshitting? Why do a couple of right wingers on here claim to support Sanders? Sounds like you are covering your own ass.

  • martinbakman

    @Desert Boy: I agree, SCOTUS must be protected from the Repubs. Is Hilary Clinton as slick & slimey as Bill. Hope not.

  • Chris

    The more I learn about Sanders, the more I like him.

  • youarekiddingme

    @Desert Boy: I agree with your post. Clinton(s) only pretended to support the gay community then did what most politicians do and did a 180 once he was elected. No reason to doubt that Hilary will do the same now that we know her “record” on the same-sex marriage issue. Bernie’s record speaks for itself. He has always been a strong supporter of gay rights. Just disregard the other hateful, foul-mouthed post. I have no problem respectfully disagreeing on a topic…but never, ever using foul-mouthed language on a gay-friendly, supportive website like this. We are all here to support each other…NOT bash each other.

  • DimAsAnEmber

    And this is one of the many reasons I’m throwing my support behind Sanders. I can get behind most, if not all, of his positions, and he seems genuine next to hollow Hillary. This seems like the guy who was really looking out for his country from the very start of his career, not a specific political agenda.

  • Giancarlo85

    So I take it people find issue with people supporting the LGBTQQI community? So what if people change their minds? Do you realize the only reason same sex marriage passed in several states by vote is because of people changing their minds? People have a right to change their minds on the matter, and if the Clintons support us now that’s fine.

    As far as the DOMA and Bill Clinton, he had little choice on the matter. Republicans had veto-override power while he was President.

    @youarekiddingme: How was my post hateful or foul mouthed? Take a look at Desert Boy’s recent posting history. It’s all neo-conservatism.

  • Wil Chaney

    So what? That does not make him presidential.

  • Arcamenel

    I will be voting for Bernie Sanders in the primaries and general election if he wins.

  • Giancarlo85

    People changed their minds in Ireland recently. The first national election to legalize same sex marriage passed overwhelmingly. The evolution of thought and the abandoning of conservative doctrine is the only reason it passed in Ireland. Are people wrong for changing their minds? People seem to harp on about certain people changing their opinions over time… why is it such a problem? Is it offensive? Do you reject this support?

    Do you realize the democratic party didn’t even advocate same sex marriage (as one unit) until recently?

  • crowebobby

    How about “A Politician Who Doesn’t Make Your Skin Crawl” as a slogan for Bernie’s campaign?

  • Bob LaBlah

    Lyndon LaRouche junior here is not going to be president. He looks and sounds just like the angry old man he appears to be in this photo. It took the exposure via television for the American public to see what Walter Winchell was, an angry old man, and the same is happening to ol’ Bernie here. He is causing his own demise by being nothing else but himself.

  • charles101davy

    That’s what I like about Bernie Sanders. A real leader makes decisions that he knows are right even if they aren’t popular at the time. While Obama and Hillary’s support is very welcome they only jumped on the bandwagon as it was becoming popular. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that and their views may have evolved. However they didn’t show any real courage or leadership on this issue.

  • Arcamenel

    Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who has for the most part been consistent on the real issues and will hold wall street and the top .1% accountable. He’s the real middle class candidate and the fact that the crowds he gets outnumber any other candidate running right now shows that people are getting his message. Hilary will only work for the corporations supporting her campaign, not the american people. I don’t give a rats ass that she supports marriage equality now, at least Bernie didn’t have to do it when it was politically convenient.

  • man5996853

    @Arcamenel: You are absolutely correct but that is precisely the reason why he couldn’t possibly win the presidency. This country and its politicians are owned by corporations and Wall Street and the general apathy in the American public to do anything to affect change will serve as Bernie’s undoing.

  • Giancarlo85

    Hillary will work for the American people, despite what some are claiming. Don’t let your biases get in the way of reality please.

  • Desert Boy

    @Giancarlo85: You need to go back on your meds. Your thoughts are jumbled and illogical.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Desert Boy: You’re a neo-con. And you think I need meds lol? My thoughts are highly coherent and totally logical. That’s why I’m a leftist.

  • Giancarlo85

    I still don’t get how neo-conservatives/conservatives can support Bernie Sanders. Where is that lauraspencer character? The self proclaimed economic conservative supporting Sanders… doesn’t make any sense lol.

  • Desert Boy

    @Giancarlo85: Squirrel alert! Squirrel alert!

  • Giancarlo85

    @Desert Boy: Right wing neo-con alert! Right wing neo-con alert! Go back to yahoo comments!

  • UltimateSin

    I keep hearing that he has no chance to win. The only way that will come to pass is if you decide to vote for Hillary in the primaries. By voting for her, you lose any legitimacy when it comes to complaining about her.

  • Kangol

    He’s got my support, and if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, she’s got my support. Anyone but the pro-war, anti-gay (and in some cases openly [email protected], like Donald Trump), tax cut-obsessed loons and goons now vying to gain the GOP nomination.

  • Alistair Wiseman

    If you are a one issue voter, Bernie is your guy.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: And while I’m not supporting Bernie, what one issue is that?

    Seems to me the guy has stances on a variety of issues.

    Typically a single issue voter is mainly a republican.

  • Cagnazzo82

    @Alistair Wiseman: Pretty sure Trump is literally the only one-issue candidate running at the moment.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    I’m not stating Bernie is a one issue politician, I’m stating many gays (unfortunately) are one issue voters.

    As long as the politician has the right position on gay rights, that is who they will vote for.

    • Cagnazzo82

      @Alistair Wiseman: I think you have it the other way around though. Generally, for me at least, when someone is against gay marriage it comes with a whole package of negatives as well.

      It’s not just gay marriage.

      People who have illogical stances such as wanting gays to be treated as second-class citizens tend to come along with anti-intellectual, anti-science, pro-corporatist, pro-foreign intervention positions.

      So for me being anti-gay is only the icing on a very bitter cake that I’d rather stay away from.

      I have never run across a politician who’s anti-gay who happens to have a package of positions I generally agree with. Maybe this might’ve been the case if I were of voting age in the 70s, 80s, or 90s… but it’s certainly not the case with today’s slew of politicians.

  • Ladbrook

    It’s time for us to draft the grownups. Draft Gore and Biden. It’s the only way we will win in 2016.

  • lauraspencer

    I like what Bernie has to say. He is a LIBERAL Democrat. Hillary is so conservative in comparison. If I wanted a conservative in the White House I would vote Republican.

    Hillary needs to step up and actually show that she is anti-establishment and show her liberal side. I’m not seeing it yet.

  • jwtraveler

    I think the Clintons’, like Obama’s, opposition to gay marriage was more a matter of political expediency than personal conviction. They didn’t want to risk going against the mainstream. Now the mainstream has shifted and it is politically expedient for Democrats to support gay rights. This is not a defense of their past positions. I just think that we can count on Clinton to be in our court from now on.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: And how are they one issue voters? Care to explain? All gay people I know who are politically active are concerned about multiple issues. This is just another weak right wing attack… you are acting very immature as I expect from a right winger.

    You are clueless. Do you realize most gay people don’t want to vote right wing or conservative because of a variety of issues? Republicans are terrible for the economy and have been for the past 40 years.

    @lauraspencer: Interesting. But aren’t you an economic conservative? So why are you voting for Sanders anyways? You’re the one that voted for Mitt romney in 2012. That was recent history.

    Hillary isn’t a conservative. Lets not fool ourselves. And you’re not a so called “liberal” (which actually means right of center).

  • Giancarlo85

    Most conservatives are two issue voter… meaning abortion and opposition to same sex marriage. Nothing else!

  • youarekiddingme

    Giancarlo85: Sir, my earlier comment about being hateful and foul-mouthed had specifically to do with the fact that you were using offensive language in your post to argue a point to Desert Boy (i.e., “[email protected]$” and covering your own [email protected]@). Your further posts prove that you do argue your points without using offensive language but you still get your point across. We must, as a LGBT Community, stick together and not “belittle” one another (we get enough of that from all the hateful people in society) in a forum designed for a discussion about topical or recent events.

    I agree that people do change their minds and that can definitely have a positive effect on us and the causes that we are trying to fight (except perhaps for those who are trying to jump on the gay marriage “bandwagon” now that it has been approved)!

    I think that with another Supreme Court Ruling (Citizen United v FEC) we know that government and elections are ruled by big business since it strikes down the limit that wealthy donors can donate to political campaign funds. Unfortunately for all Americans, big business will have the last word on which politicians are “bought” in the next election. Anyone who thinks that you can run for office in today’s modern era without substantial financial backing is mistaken. Television time alone would break the banks of almost anyone thinking of running for public office. A sad state of affairs for people who are supposed to be OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS!

  • Giancarlo85

    @youarekiddingme: Those are valid points. I know valid points are difficult for the right wing mind to comprehend. I still don’t quite grasp how a neo-conservative can possibly support someone like Sanders. I think Ted Cruz is more up his alley. I’m sticking together with people who are so quick to sell us out and work against us. I think we need to ignore certain types in our “community”.

    And you accusing people of jumping on a “bandwagon” shows you don’t care for their support. The only reason any of this has gone forward is because people changed their minds. Changing ones mind has NOTHING to do with a bandwagon. Those same sex marriage bills passed by popular vote in three states. And in typically strongly Catholic Ireland, passed nationally. Ireland used to be quite anti-gay, but minds have changed.

    And then you go off on a tangent about big business and so forth. As I have said, republicans have consistently sold this nation out and as long as they control the Congress, nothing will improve. The democrats (specifically Frank-Dodd’s bill) pushed financial regulation on wall street for example. The Frank-Dodd act set strict regulatory controls over wall street. So what happened? Republicans gutted these rules.

  • Giancarlo85

    By valid points I mean referring to certain views as bullshit… because when it stinks it’s mostly likely bullshit.

  • DimAsAnEmber

    @youarekiddingme: I think Hillary is really behind gay marriage, but I think she agreed with it before and is using this for more political traction. It’s not that she’s not liberal, she’s just going with the political flow because she wants to be viewed as the best candidate for the most people.

  • youarekiddingme

    Giancarlo85: Sir, the “bandwagon” I was referring to (I didn’t make myself totally clear) was those who literally HATED US (like my own Governor ((Michigan))and Attorney General–who fought us to block gay marriage and forced it to the Supreme Court) and like all those wonderful Christian Ministers who have now said that gay marriage is fine now that they now that it was passed by SCOTUS. They didn’t do a thing to support us or bring about change. So if I was unclear about who those people were that I was referring to, then I hope this brings clarity to my previous posting.

    As far as the information I posted on big business and Citizen United v FEC it had to do with corporations now being treated as INDIVIDUALS. They have rights to make unlimited campaign donations thereby giving them unlimited power to control the politicians that they get elected. I have no idea what you “have” said in the past so I am only talking about this post.

    BTW: THE LAST 2 PARAGRAPS WERE NOT AIMED AT YOU. They were general statements…That was why I seperated the 2 as paragraphs. Hope this clarifys my statements.

  • Kevin Harrell

    People should know this, he did not to evolve, which was bullshit on Clinton’s and Obama’s part.

  • poppupz

    @Giancarlo85: The Clinton’s have defrauded voters before. In 1991 Bill Clinton while pandering for votes he promised gay activists he would end discrimination against homosexuals. Once elected he made gay marriage a federal offense, extended military discrimination and activists fought to and created “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, which Clinton had difficultly endorsing. He was asked to end workplace discrimination he did not. Records made public in 2014 from the Clinton Whitehouse state Bill Clinton bashing gays to Colin Powell in staff meetings. This excuse of hands being tied are not accepted as the same for Hillary blaming Republicans for her husbands sexual affair, seriously and people buy their scapegoating.
    He and Joe Biden drafted policy which employed an extra 100,000 police nationally to patrol poor and minority neighborhoods which led to mass incarcerations. Last week at an NAACP speech he stated he regretted these laws which imprisoned masses of non violent and sometimes innocent folks and that led to shooting deaths across the country. He cut federal welfare programs, shortly after this in 1999 his appointments to the Treasury with the assistance of GOP lawmakers drafted policy (Gramm Leech Biley Act) to deregulate the financial industry, removing laws which were on the books and made just after the First Great Depression to prevent another. Clinton enacted the Gramm Leech Biley Act of 1999 and by 2007 the U.S. had a second Great Depression, the bankers however made millions in bonuses off the economic collapse, and since the Obama administration is staffed with former Clinton/Bush officials, the bonused bankers walked free.
    The Clintons and climate change: In 1996 Bill Clinton enacted the Deep Water Relief Act making off shore drilling royalty free for companies, in 2006 Hillary endorses off shore drilling, as Secretary of State she endorsed cracking oversea’s, fracking is linked to Earthquakes as CNN, Wall Street Journal, Fox, National Geographic and other publications all report in the U.S. quakes are linked to drilling/fracking. Clinton 2016 is backed by Exxon.
    Hillary supported the Patriot Act, Bernie Sanders did not. Sanders voted no to both invasions of oil rich countries Iraq and Afghanistan, Hillary voted yes.
    Then there is Bill Clintons enactment of the Telecommunications Act 1996 which deregulated media, in 1984 there were 50 major companies now there are 6. Bernie Sanders did an interview on this subject, enter keywords “Bill Moyers, Bernie Sanders Big Media” in a search engine to watch the interview via PBS.
    I cut Barack Obama slack, some sectors of the economy have jumped back, and rights for homosexuals across the board have been established he stated he went on the DL to make it happen to avoid backlash, neither Clinton had anything to do with this however. Clinton as always is riding public trends to pander votes.
    And the list of female heterosexual gay design friendly top 40 performers the Clintons use to cross promote, hmmm. It’s intentional, a money maker and ploy.
    Bernie Sanders needs volunteers go to http://www.berniesanders,com to join!

  • youarekiddingme

    @DimAsAnEmber: Good point.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    “And how are they one issue voters? Care to explain?”

    I thought I did:
    “As long as the politician has the right position on gay rights, that is who they will vote for.”

    People on sides of the political spectrum can be one issue voters.

  • Giancarlo85

    @youarekiddingme: You basically ignored what I said on the Frank-Dodd rules. There is a lot more to the story than what you’re talking about.

    @poppupz: Thanks for the copy and paste job. What website did you get that from? Hillary is not perfect, but I will support her as the viable candidate. Sanders doesn’t have a chance. He has about as much chance of getting the democratic nomination as Carly Fiorina has for the republican ticket. Next time, come up with your own argument and not something that looks like it was ripped off from some website (a poorly done copy and paste job on top of it).

    As far as the suggestions, that Clinton engaged in deregulation… incorrect. I could post many more regulations that were passed under his administration. He didn’t throw us under the bus. Again, the republicans had a veto-proof majority and he had no other choice. If he were to have resisted, it would have been disastrous for his re-election chances. And at the time, the country (in the vast majority) were against same sex marriage.

    @Alistair Wiseman: You haven’t explained yourself. Most gay voters I know vote on a variety of issues, hence why they couldn’t vote for the party of monumental and catastrophic failures. I have explained how conservatives are actually the single (or perhaps two) issue voters. Conservatives only think about two social issues. They don’t care about the economy, environment, health care, international relations or anything else.

    If people voted on multiple issues, they could NEVER in any good conscience vote republican. Sorry.

    • youarekiddingme

      You obviously paid no attention to the first paragraph of my reply to you…figures.

      About the Frank-Dodd rules…wasn’t ever addressing them.

      You try to focus a discussion on topics that you wish to discuss. Sorry–Not Biting on that hook! Have a good day. Debate over!

  • Giancarlo85

    I’ll reiterate, I’ll support whatever democrat wins the nomination. I cannot envision a republican in the White House. As a voter who votes on a plethora (literally dozens upon DOZENS of issues), republicans sicken me to the core. Anyone who votes on various issues and subjects would see this.

    The economy? Republicans failed at that and gutted a lot of regulation (like the Frank-Dodd act).

    The environment? Republicans failed horribly at that one.

    Foreign affairs? The last republican got us into a disastrous war in Iraq that had severe blowback (ISIL was created because of republican stupidity). Just about every republican wants to put boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq.

    Health care? Republicans think only the rich can have that. Fuck everyone else.

    Poverty? Republicans only increase poverty, not decrease it.

    Immigration? The republicans have not once pushed any form of meaningful immigration reform in the past decade. They only sought to disrupt attempts at reform with obstructionist motives.

    Marriage equality? Every republican wants to roll back marriage equality, and push for so called “religious freedom” bills.

    And another possibility of having a republican president is that the next one would appoint judges. We don’t need more Alitos.

  • Richard

    @Desert Boy: I have to disagree with you. Americans are listening to Bernie Sanders and liking what he has to say. There has been a surge in Democratic Party voter registrations. Every place he goes they have to change venues because the crowds have been much larger than even Bernie Sanders expected. He is our saving grace, not just for the gay community but for America on the whole.

    I honestly believe he will be our next president. Hillary is too far to the right for most people’s tastes, and the majority of Americans are sick and tired of the mean-spirited Republican rhetoric.

    I’ve been communicating with Bernie Sanders for nearly two years because my own Democratic representatives in California were not geared to paying attention to my concerns. He fights for this country on the floor of the Senate and calls the Tea Party Republicans out on their ideas of how this country should be run. The only other Senator who is as outspoken as Sanders is Elizabeth Warren. However, she does not want to run for President at the moment and she is probably best suited for the position she holds now in economics.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Giancarlo85, the comments up was right on. We do not need Scalia II, Alito II, Roberts II. I saw a great interview with Sanders, though he looked cardiac, the white around the lips and the bulging veins in the temples gave me a start. He turned deep red. I loved his words, but he doesn’t have a chance of winning 2016.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Richard: You can believe whatever you want but Sanders is a complete long shot and has nothing to do with the surge in registration. Hillary will win the nomination. The American people like Hillary more. Sorry but look at the polls. And in California, Sanders has no shot.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    I’m sorry about your Republican Derangement Syndrome.

    Perhaps they should all kill themselves and make your life easier.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: You are the one with liberal derangement syndrome and you suffer from delusions. I just stated the Republican record. I didn’t say anyone should kill themselves. I think you need to get away from the histrionics.

  • Large Marge

    I’d like to see a Clinton/Sanders ticket in 2016. They’d win easily as a duo.

    I’ll support either for President if they get the nomination. I’d love to vote for them both on a dual ticket. Bernie could influence a lot of policy as veep and I think he’d take the job.. I doubt hillary would settle for veep though. I’d also like to see the first woman president.

    Bernie is electable if we actually vote for him. I feel he speaks more for the common man than most other politicians, with the possible exception of Elizabeth Warren. Clinton would still be a good leader as well. I’m undecided on my primary vote still and look forward to the debates.

  • lauraspencer

    A Biden/Bernie ticket would be cool.

    B-Squared in 2016!!

  • meghanada

    For all the talk that gay men are misogynistic, most of us *will* support Clinton, and for the one reason that we go gaga at the image of the “strong woman” – the whole mystique of powerful femininity hits a chord with gay men, that’s why we love divas and do drag. Substance doesn’t matter – only style does. And Bossy Woman appeals more to our sense of style than Nerdy Straight Guy, even if the latter is a better friend than the former.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    Is someone’s genitalia really a good reason to vote for someone?

    “Vote for me, I’m a lady.”

  • meghanada

    @Alistair Wiseman: Sadly, it is. White women will vote for Clinton in droves, and there’s a lot of hostility to Sanders among women of color, too. Sharing identity with a politician makes us a lot more sympathetic to him – just ask Obama. And for the reason I stated above, I feel gay men will by and large support Clinton, too.

    But I hope it’s clear I’m not justifying these preferences – I think voting on identity is pseudo-radicalism; putting ‘our people’ in office (where ‘people’ means those who share our sex, race, or orientation) is not a solution to minority disenfrachisement. It’s just cosmetic empowerment, but *it is* appealing to many.

  • jar

    Bernie is the real deal. He is principled and honest, the antithesis of Hillary Clinton. Let’s not forget that as recently as 2012, Hillary publicly reaffirmed her belief in the “sanctity of marriage” and that is for a man and a woman only. She took the full-on right wing anti-gay position on marriage. In 2012, folks! She had no concern about spitting on us when she thought it was to her advantage. That’s the problem with Hillary. She’ll say whatever she has to in order to try to get votes. She’s as immoral as her husband. Birds of a feather.

  • Giancarlo85

    @meghanada: Hillary has substance and has the power to get it done. She is the real deal and knows how to press forward with the Congress effectively.


    ” Let’s not forget that as recently as 2012, Hillary publicly reaffirmed her belief in the “sanctity of marriage” and that is for a man and a woman only.”



    I love how some on here post outright lies and slander, and display their ignorance on here. They don’t have a clue about Hillary. No, not 2012. Hillary was speaking of equality for the community before Obama or Biden even opened their mouths.

    Next time don’t lie like Ron/Rand Paul supporters. I’m starting to suspect Sanders supporters are a lot like Paul supporters.

  • Giancarlo85

    @meghanada: Alistair is a republican who is probably going to support Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. It’s the same old crap.

    You right wingers are all the fucking same.

  • lauraspencer


    I love a strong woman.

    That is why I WON’T vote for Hillary. A strong woman wouldn’t need to use her husband who has cheated on her numerous times to get to the White House.

  • Giancarlo85

    @lauraspencer: You are pathetic. Hillary is far more powerful than you could even imagine. And where is she using her husband? She is working on her own.

    You won’t vote for Hillary. You’ll vote for a republican. We all know that. You’ll probably vote for Rand Paul or Donald Trump.

  • youarekiddingme

    @jar: If you checked that youtube video you would have noticed the date was 2004!! The date of the Huffington Post Article referenced by Giancarlo85 was 2012. Yes, she did change her stance on marriage, which many of our strongest supporters did…

  • Giancarlo85

    @youarekiddingme: You can’t expect a drone to check their own video. I notice some Sanders supporters remind me of Ron Paul supporters. They don’t bother fact checking.

    The speech Hillary gave was even in 2011… before even Biden opened his mouth.


    She is speaking to the world on the rights of the community (Dec 6th, 2011). Has Sanders spoken to the world in such a way? Sure she may have shifted her views more recently (four years ago to be exact), but she has made a positive impact on our community globally. Not only did she speak about our rights, but also criticized bullying.

    Jar is a liar. Just like many others on here.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    lauraspencer, Vote for whomever you deem worthy.

  • jar

    @youarekiddingme: I am aware of the date of the youtube video. She maintained that position into 2012, which was my point. Notably, you don’t have anything to say about the substance of my post. She was right there with the Phelpses and the the other rightwing bigots decrying our relationships as unworthy of the same recognition as her own. All you can offer is that she changed her mind. Which she did as a matter of political expediency. If the public tide had not turned so much, she would have retained her hateful position. You may be vapid enough to disregard that, but decent thinking people do not.

    @Giancarlo85: You’re a clown. I shouldn’t bother to respond to you (like most of the posters do), but since you have the temerity to try to cast Hillary in a better light than Sanders when it comes to our community, that attempt to whitewash the truth cannot go unchallenged. Bernie has been a supporter of the gay community long before it was fashionable. To a petty fool like you, his actions and support matter less than a mere speech. That’s not surprising, coming from someone who thinks Hillary’s hateful views on same sex marriage are of no concern. Shallow thinking from a callow mind.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Presidents come and go, Supreme Court justices are on for lifetime appointments. If you think that Citizens United, gutting the Voting Rights act, and Hobby-Lobby were aggressively political moves by John Robert’s court, just let a Republican win 2016. We will be screwed sideways.

  • youarekiddingme

    @jar: jar: You are not a clown as Giancarlo85 suggests…You’re an idiot! You suggest that I don’t respond to your original post…are you kidding? “…Hillary took on the right wing anti-gay postition on marriage…in 2012…she had no concern about spitting on us…”. Are you deranged? When did she EVER, EVER take on a postion where she acted like she was “SPITTING” on us? The worse thing she said in her 2011 not 2012 speech was that she believed marriage was between a man and a woman. She has changed her views on gay marriage, but not on human rights. She has made a HUGE IMPACT on Human Rights (for many years) and GAY RIGHTS since 2011. You tell me that you don’t embrace supporters of gay rights who changed their views and made a monumental impact on our progress toward our victory in gay marriage equality?

    Are you a Republican? Seriously? One of those Log Cabin Republicans…

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