5 Things We’ll Miss After The Prop 8 Trial Ends

Perry V. Schwarzenegger, the federal Prop 8 trial, heads for the end tomorrow as Judge Vaughn Walker welcomes both sites to return to court for closing arguments. And while there aren’t any televised instant replays to miss, we’re still gonna to miss the thrilling intrigue — and non-stop Twitter action — it provided. You can read an excellent recap of the trial’s high points here, but we’ve decided to recount the aspects of the trail that we grew to love — from the adorable gays to the bat shit crazy things said by our opponents. Parting is such sweet sorrow!

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  • edgyguy1426

    Does anyone read this stuff before they put it up?

  • Tessie Tura

    It’s Judge Vaughn Walker, dear. Not Judge Walker Vaughn. That memo made it all the way down here to Alabama.

  • @ Get Equal 'Why the h8 on Obamz but not the Repubs who ALWAYS vote against you? (John from England)


    At first I thought…ahhh…Queerty trying to be nice but then, they just can’t stop being mean.


  • jeffree

    Which “sites” were invited, Daniel?
    Did you mean “sides”?

    I’m a big fan of yours; I have complimented you here in the “comments” section before but spreading this article out over siiiiiixxxx pages strains the patience of your readers. Yes, it boosts revenue IF people read all six pages, but most of us won’t.

    You are Queerty’s best writer, IMO, & have a bright future ahead of you. Don’t let the pressure of deadlines allow you to skip editing. I can see you taking over for Anthony Lane at the New Yorker in a few years. Really.

    If you write him, he’ll write back, by the way. Pen & paper get his attention, e-mail not so much.

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