50 Cent Claims Diddy Is Gay, Thinks Gays Should “Just Kill Your Self, LOL”

50-cent-suitIn the latest attempt to try and salvage his fame, an early 00’s rapper named 50 Cent is throwing some gay shade at Diddy (formerly Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, depending on the decade), Rick Ross, and ex record exec Steve Stout.

In an Instagram post from March 2, which was quickly deleted, Mr. Cent implies the three rap heavyweights are in a gay love triangle. “Something ain’t right. Lmao”, he says, most likely referring to the alleged relationship and not the fact that anything he does is still newsworthy.

TMZ reports:

The photos were the latest in 50’s ongoing feuds with the rap titans — Stoute recently appeared in a VH1 documentary about hip hop, in which he called 50 a has-been. 50’s been feuding with Rick Ross and Diddy for years.


The doctored love triangle is most likely a cry for attention, but if it were true, those involved should probably “just kill themselves, LOL.”

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  • wagnerwallace

    I think he was referring to straight men who don’t eat p**sy in that “kill yourself” tweet…

  • RayJacksonMs

    Isn’t that Suge Knight in one of the pictures? Guess we can expect 50 to get Biggie Smalled real soon.

  • jar

    I guess Fitty’s just mad because they haven’t invited him to join the party. They’re all gay.

  • crowebobby

    If you a man and you over 25 and you cant rite a simpel sentence you shud jus kill you self.

  • BBellairs

    @crowebobby: LOL, especially IF you like to eat p***y!

  • Scribe38

    @RayJacksonMs: Nope that is Rick Ross. They look slightly similar.

  • balehead

    Learn to read, queens…

  • Apparatus

    That tweet is 4 years old. This is a non-story?

  • Caleb in SC

    @Apparatus: Absolutely.

  • gwydion

    Does anyone *REALLY* care what fiddy cent thinks?

  • Caleb in SC

    No. I’m not saying he’s gay, but it certainly looks like he’s seen few up close.

  • QuintoLover

    @wagnerwallace: He wasn’t. He’s extremely homophobic and has put in his two cents more than just that tweet.

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