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6 times Lil Nas X won the year by putting haters in their place

Elon Musk might be Time’s Person of the Year, but it’s pretty clear that Lil Nas X won 2021.

Not only did he release his debut album, the critically acclaimed and commercially successful “Montero”, which included the two #1 hits, but his name was in everyone’s mouth for a myriad of reasons. And he handled it all notably well for someone who only arrived on the scene three years ago, with the record-breaking single “Old Town Road.”

Plenty of people tried to drag him down this year, but he didn’t let them, and, in fact, made his haters look like utter fools on numerous occasions.

Here are six times he won the year while giving literally zero f*cks…

He got personal

While “Old Town Road” was the kind of mega success most artists only ever dream of, it wasn’t exactly the most personal song. There’s very little of the man himself in those lines, catchy as they are. 2021 changed all of that. Lil Nas X’s music became intensely personal–from admitting to falling for a straight guy to including lyrics about what it was like growing up. And he didn’t care what anyone had to say about it either.

He recently told GQ, “We’re all human beings. We all have similar experiences. I’m sure there’s somebody out there with the exact same situation as me. So I might as well open up my life. I want to build a fan base of honesty and authenticity. And I was like, I have to go there. When I feel like I shouldn’t do it, I feel like that’s when I should definitely go for it.”

He added that that’s what made this year so special to him, because it was “real,” and he was no longer playing it safe. It definitely opened him up to scrutiny, but it also clearly worked, launching him from possible one-hit wonderdom to true super stardom.

The Satan shoes

You know you’re making waves when even giant corporations get mad at you.

Lil Nas X stirred up all kinds of controversy when he partnered up with MSCHF to release the infamous Satan shoes, a pair of modified Nikes that allegedly contained a drop of human blood.

The small run sold out within seconds and brought about plenty of pearl-clutching and a lawsuit between Nike and MSCHF that was eventually settled. He further trolled everyone by releasing an “apology” video that was anything but remorseful.

SNL lick and BET kiss

When Lil Nas X performed “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” on Saturday Night Live two things had everyone talking: 1. He suffered a wardrobe malfunction that nearly left him exposed, and 2. One of his back-up dancers licked his neck.

Naturally, this upset the prudes, and in true Lil Nas X fashion the artist did anything but tone it down for his next big televised performance at the BET Awards. This time, he and that same dancer kissed.

“I feel like it’s what needed to be done. Because it’s easy to just hug a guy, but I feel like if you kiss the guy, you get straight to the point. I really sugarcoat the performance, and it gets the job done,” he told the OHP Uncut podcast afterwards.

There was, of course, another backlash, which he found hilarious.

Got the last laugh on Lil Boosie’s hateful ass

Rapper Lil Boosie, AKA Boosie Badazz, has been talking trash about Lil Nas X for far too long. But instead of getting mad, Lil Nas X just trolled him back… by telling his followers that he was working on a collaboration with the homophobic rapper. Boosie couldn’t handle this and told Lil Nas X to commit suicide. Classy!

Someone sounds jealous that he’s never quite reached the heights of his much younger counterpart. Maybe if he spent more time working on his craft and less time festering in his hate he wouldn’t be so easily triggered?

Trolled Tekashi 6ix9ine


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When Tekashi 6ix9ine thought he was being cute by commenting on an Instagram post featuring an article about China mandating anal swabs to test for COVID-19 with “Lil Nas X entered the chat” and a skull emoji he perhaps should’ve thought twice.

Lil Nas X responded with a video with the caption, “this you??!” It showed what appeared to be 6ix9ine sliding into his DMs with two messages, one that said, “yo”, and a follow-up saying, “Gonna be in ya city soon what you doing lol?” and a smiley face and a heart emoji. Oops, got ‘em!

King of the clapbacks

Let it be known, Lil Nas X is the king, queen, prince, princess, duke, and duchess of clapbacks. In addition to having the last laugh against Boosie and 6ix9ine, he also won all his Twitter beefs, showing that if you come at royalty, you best not miss. Especially if the king was raised on the internet.

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