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72-year-old ‘Dynasty’ star comes out as gay & calls reboot “utter sh*t”

It’s better late than never.

One of the stars of the original run of Dynasty has come out as gay at age 72.

The soap opera ran on ABC from 1981 through 1989.

Gordon Thomson played “Adam Carrington,” the evil offspring of Blake and Alexis Carrington.

In an interview with the Daily Beast this week, Thomson said that coming out in the ’80s “would have been professional suicide without question”.

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He added: “It’s not something I’ve ever announced. I’m assuming that people know, and now that I’m my age that’s fine.

“I don’t go out of my way because it’s my generation, I think. I’m probably as homophobic as any gay man alive because of my background.

“While I was growing up it was a crime, and then classified as a mental illness.

“It was not until Pierre Trudeau was prime minister of Canada when I was 23, 24-years-old, did it cease being a crime.”

Later, he said: “It was not until I was nearly 30 that it stopped being classified as a mental illness in the US.

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“So you’re dealing with that. And the shame, the breathtaking lack of self-esteem, has only just begun to seep out of my soul.

“I did have a partner, though not successfully—sadly, ultimately, because of my lack of self-esteem.”

The CW will premiere its Dynasty reboot next month.

On the reboot, Thompson said: “I have had a look at the new Dynasty and I am appalled. What the fuck is the CW doing? It’s utter shit.”

Wow, OK. We weren’t expecting that last part.

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  • radiooutmike

    I did so have the hots for him. My early teen years were confusing. I watched Dynasty for Pamela Sue Martin. But I stayed for Al Corley.

  • ingyaom

    No comment on Rock Hudson? Wasn’t he on that show, too?

    • Stephen

      A year before his death he had a kissing scene with lead, second wife of patriarch… Linda Evans? Crystal. They shared a kiss outside during a marriage separation with her tv husband. It rocked cuz the pun, Hollywood as he died almost a year later and everyone sensationalized the kiss as transmission of HIV in the rags. The problem is you use the dry upper lip on the other person’s lower lip and that is how one must kiss by union decree. Avoiding sloppy kisses, tongue and herpes transmission supposedly. She never got sick, never was in any danger and it was said he even asked her if she was ok with the kiss, no sores or gum issues she was self conscious of. He was playing it safe and knew how to handle it. Now we know it was as it should be. Back then some people were horrified and vilified Rock as out for a paycheck and at her expense with terminal illness. Such crap. He had 3-4 episodes only. And those were his last TV credits. Good question.

    • surreal33

      Stephen the problem with your warped synopsis is Linda Evans did not know Rock Hudson, had a then contagious, UNTREATABLE, disease. Mr Hudson knowingly exposed her despite the possibility he could have transmitted the disease to Linda Evans. Also unless you are an infectious disease physician? What is the basis for stating that “she was never in danger”? Selfish, arrogant, ignorant, trolls like you are one the reasons why decades after Rock Hudson, HIV is still an issue.

    • n1spirit

      surreal33, educate your damn self about HIV. You’re the selfish, arrogant, ignorant troll posting in here; not Stephen (who actually appears to know what the hell he’s talking about). Let me guess; you’re also a religious zealot who frequents glory holes and back alleys as well. Idiot.

  • Sam6969

    He was good looking and played Steven’s straight brother. I watched a few videos on youtube and his character called his brother Steven “fag”.

    His very late coming out has a lot of value, because he explains well how his low self-esteem made him fail his private life, like so many gay men. So he expresses his personal tragedy and he does so as well on behalf of so many LGBT people. A terrible truth people cannot overlook.

    Now he can be true to himself and speak his mind without fear.

    • tham

      Totally…and for the article to state that it was a little late at 72, is a bit mean queen.

      Sure, today, if you’re in your 20s and still on the closet, it might be a personal short coming, but not too long ago, you could have gone to jail or an insane asylum (no really, like in comic books).

  • dean089

    Well, thanks, at least, for confirming what a lot of us always knew.

  • PinkoOfTheGange

    I agree with him about the reboot. I have seen just 30 second blip and Crystal never would of acted the way new Crystal acts in the face of a brat

    • jjose712

      Well, making a reboot to do all exact the same the first time is absurd. They need to make changes.
      And frankly i never understood a priori complaints. First watch the show and then criticied, all critics before actually watching the show has zero value

  • Mandrake

    Gordon Thomson was then and still is a hunk! I’m 70 and would bed him in a heart beat. I always thought he was MUCh sexier than his brother Steven. His hairy chest gave me an erection every episode he took his shirt off.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Dynasty was set in Denver but not once in all of its seasons on tv was there ever a blizzard or heavy snow storm in any of the scenes. Beautiful fur coats, yes, but never any snow. So much for realism. I have no plans to watch the reboot. It would be like trying to revive Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Who really cares? That was the eighties and that show had a lot to do with Wall Street convincing the American public we too could live like Blake, Crystal and the elegant Ms. Devereaux. It didnt quite pan out that way as many of us should well remember.

      And by the way, Gordon, congratulations on your coming out. You timed it perfectly because just like the reboot, who cares.

  • Snicky

    @Mandrake. I agree he was hot then and still is hot. I’m 53 and wouldn’t hesitate one minute to have him. He has aged well.

  • linniejr

    It’s true, we as gay can almost spot one of our own. When watching Dynasty (the original) there was that feeling that Gordon Thompson was not straight. I’m glad he came out, although most of us had an idea any way, all I can say is he played his role well. As for the Dynasty reboot, I don’t think it is going to go over well, especially with those of us who are old enough to remember the original.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Remember that episode when he told Steven that in order for that kid (little Blake) to he his he would have had to have “slept” with Sammy Jo and all of those debates between him and Alexis about attacking Steven for being gay? lol lol As a matter of fact Alexis even changed her will because of one of those debates.

      I’ll bet in the reboot his character is portrayed as a closeted pervert praying on young boys. Now that would be a plot twist that would get viewers to tune in. lol lol

  • Presty15

    And then there were rumors abounding back in the day, about him busted for waving his member around the shower area, while toweling off, sauna, etc. I missed that episode, so maybe all bitchy gossip but he used to be omnipresent there, and then poof…no more.

  • Presty15

    Not that it matters since the place is long gone, but this allegedly took place at Sports Connection, SMB, Weho. Spandex and Lycra heavenly

  • Billy Budd

    He looks HOT, really hot for a 72 yo. I am still young at 44 but I would certainly not refuse him my bed. I wanna look like that when Im 72.

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