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A Group Of French Doctors Broke The Law To Help Gay Couples Have Children


A group of French doctors came up with a totally subversive way to protest homophobic laws meant to stop gay parents from having kids – they used their skills to help make it happen.

Over 100 doctors in France have come forward with their actions by publishing an open letter admitting to helping same-sex couples have children via in-vitro fertilization (IVF). In France, both surrogacy and IVF are barred for gay couples, although same-sex marriage is legal.

The open letter published in France’s Le Monde read:

“We doctors, biologists, own up to having helped, accompanied gay couples or single women in their efforts to have children, which is not possible for them in France.”

An extension that would’ve granted the rights to medical assistance for gay couples who want children almost passed with the marriage equality bill in 2013, but was killed due to strong opposition.

The attention-grabbing move is meant to get the law changed, and we’re pretty sure these bold doctors will keep fighting the good fight. Merci médecins!