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  • Mike in Asheville

    Well at least someone is making the A-List entertaining. Bryan Safi, I love you!

  • scott ny'er

    LOL. OK. that was pretty funny.


    Dear Bryan, thank you oh so very much.

    Those Z list bitches needed to be taken down a full 25 letters.

    They seem to actually think their whiney, needy, shallow, superficial, yearning, juvenile behaviours are actually something to be proud of and that the rest of Gaydom should aspire to……………..

  • shaun fletcher

    I was wondering why anyone would even waste the time reviewing this travesty of misrepresentation, let alone another show waste the talented wit of their token gay and then repeat it on a ostensibly queer with pride blog, until I saw that directly below the vid it is a paid plug for the show. I guess like the show, it’s all about who you get in bed with.

  • Cam

    I love how the bleached out one says that he is A List and then there is a shot of him cutting hair.

    I assumed that the true A List didn’t need to work.

  • Matthiew

    Look, everybody. I just added a superfluous “i” to my name. I’m totally on my way up the A-List now.

  • rrr

    That’s funny. I think he has the right attitude about the show. It’s goofy and something we can enjoy and laugh at as trash TV without giving up our battles or expecting the show to be something other than what it is or something more widely representative than other trash reality shows are.

    The extra “i” is probably included in the Brazilian’s birth name. That kind of thing is really common in Brazil, especially among the less educated. American names are used but spelled in weird phonetic ways according to how the Brazilian parents guessed they’d be spelled based on their own pronounciations of them. I don’t see any excuse for the Edwing guy, though. Seriously, Edwing?

  • reed

    oh, shut up queerty-ers. a slideshow of a shirtless model gets tens of thousands more views than a video clip about real news (you know, our civil rights) so don’t act holier-than-thou to this a-list shit.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Bless Bryan Safi. Seriously.

  • Ken S

    To me the absolute height of pretentiousness is the guy who thinks that he’s somebody great and important because he cuts famous peoples’ hair. Buddy… cutting hair is perfectly fine as a way of making a living, but it doesn’t make you a great humanitarian. It doesn’t *make* you a good person who deserves more than everybody else. A haircut isn’t going to create world peace. It isn’t going to solve the energy crisis. In fact, given the rate at which human hair grows, in a month that haircut you gave Lady Gaga isn’t going to matter *at all.* The self-absorption is so intense it’s a wonder he doesn’t become a singularity and form a gravity well.

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