A Reminder On Bastard Baby-Fathering, Drunk Driving Politico

Those of you outside of New York probably aren’t following this story, but State Island Representative Vito Fossella grabbed headlines last week when he was arrested for drunk driving.

Well, as can expected, the Republican politico’s private life has been getting probed like you wouldn’t believe. One of the juicier details: the married father of two had an illicit affair – and bastard child – with another woman.

It’s good old-fashioned fun, of course, and Pride Agenda just made it even more of a knee-slapper by reminding us of Fossella’s predictable political history: “…We thought it would be useful to remind people that the Staten Island Representative had voted not once or twice–but three times to, as many of his colleagues argued, ‘preserve the sanctity of marriage.'”

Absolutely shocking.