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Aaron Carter celebrates being out and proud by aggressively hitting on famous actress

So fresh and clean. About to finish my final songs for the album the studio. #staytuned #løvë

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This week, Aaron Carter is everywhere and doing all the things. It began Saturday, when the pop star came out as bisexual in an emotional Twitter post.

The next day it was announced that he and his girlfriend had broken up.

In his first interview following the announcement, he told “The Bert Short” podcast that he “had discussed it with my ex-girlfriend and she didn’t really understand it.”

“She didn’t want to [stay together], and that was it… We parted ways…I don’t really know what else to say about it.”

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On Wednesday, Carter announced an “impromptu” show at Florida gay bar Hamburger Mary’s:

See you Thursday at this almost sold out pop up show in my hometown! Love y'all! ?

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He also said he wants to star on Will & Grace after releasing a brand-new pop single, which he fortuitously had at the ready.

During Thursday’s show, he openly wept while being cheered on by fanboys (tickets were $10) and performed that brand-new, at-the-ready single, “Hard To Love,” which is about the ex who dumped him because bisexual erasure is real.

And just as you thought it’d be physically impossible to remain upright under the oppressive weight of all the Aaron Carter news, here’s another tidbit that demands your attention.

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He wants to celebrate his newfound bisexual identity by going on a date with Chloë Grace Moretz.

He’s tweeted the actress twice, writing:

Then a mere 15 minutes later he tweeted her again:

Slow down there, Aaron — if she’s into you, she’ll let you know.

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  • BudNOLA

    FYI, she said this the day before his tweet: “When I was 4-years-old I thought Aaron Carter was so cool. And then my friend, when we were both little babies back in Georgia, she liked Aaron Carter, too. We used to fight about who would date Aaron Carter one day. Who knows? Maybe we’ll meet.”

  • ChrisK

    Further proof this came from his handlers looking to get him in the spotlight. Hey it worked after all.

  • kent25

    I mean does anyone really gives a shit about some guy whose girlfriend dumped him because he came out a bisexual and now he’s trying to hookup with another chick? lol Please stop feeding us the BS. Why is this information important to gay people? Seriously he could’ve stayed in the closet instead of using the gay media to farther his failing music career. Maybe he should guess star on Nico Tortorella show instead of Will & Grace

    • ChrisK

      “performed that brand-new, at-the-ready single, “Hard To Love,” which is about the ex who dumped him because bisexual erasure is real.”

      Yeah, the guy is so full of BS. Lol

    • Teri

      Yep reaching out to the lgbtq poor thing doesn’t know he has very few fans in the L & G community

  • Kenney G

    LOL This Shit had nothing to do with the way I live my life, Why is it what queers do is suppose to be important to gay people. Do we hang out together NO! But yet and still we are always lump together like we are alike or something, We have nothing in common with these people, Next time report some important like the Trans community not this Bulls**t

    • Ferdinand Adler

      Mmmm as a gay man I find more relatable bi issues –sexual orientation behaviors– than trans issues –sexual identity disorders–. Ever since the T won the oppression olympics within the community, gays, lesbians and bisexuals have been told how to educate themselves –i. e. dating preferences are sexist, racist and transphobic; there are 70+ genders; ask my pronouns!; and so on– in order to make us distribute their agenda even when it counters ours –when most of society had somehow accepted we were born this way, they made up that notion of non-binary fluidity that implies that no one is born any specific way since gender and sexuality are social constructs and therefore there are baby boys with vaginas and baby girls with penises–. That’s why everyone is pissed off because of the interests and the coverage they really relate to. In order to include, the L, the G and the B are being swept away. So I don’t care about the particulars of the subject matter but, again, as a gay man, an outed bisexual male celebrity dating a straight female celebrity relates way more towards the kind of social acceptance we’ve been seeking for than the trans agenda. Is an LGB community possible at all? I’m sure the remaining TQ+ would make us the new worse oppressors. Don’t forget that nowadays “cissexism” and “cissexist” is a thing… How sad…

  • Teri

    I can’t believe people are buying this crap, apparently his name is dirt in the straight world now he comes her looking for sympathy trying to kick off his Dead music career. Just broke up with his girlfriend and now trying to date another one, lol oh that’s right he’s a trump supporter and by the way he looks a druggie


    A high-profile female star dating a bi man is exactly the progress we need to see at this juncture ..helping smooth the path a little for the hidden army of bi men to follow. Let these liberal “progressive” women put their money where their mouths are instead of just platitudes and bromides

    • Donston

      Almost every famous guy who has said he’s bi or has had sexual attractions or sexual experiences with guys has dated some famous or semi famous chick. Never mind the countless high-profile beards in the industry. But why would a high-profile actress young actress want to date a rough-looking has-been who’s clearly using his new sexual identity and now her name to gain attention, a guy who was just arrested and a guy who’s a drug addict? That makes no sense.

    • ChrisK

      Young girls love the bad boys and it gives her some street cred.

    • Donston

      Aaron Carter doesn’t have street cred. Come on. Also, girls like pretty “bad boys”.

  • Captain Obvious

    I guess the homophobes were partially right. People are trying to make being “gay” cool. Just pretend to be queer and get all the limelight and attention you couldn’t earn yourself. /puke /vomit

    • Donston

      Being gay and/or living a “gay lifestyle” has never been and likely will never be “cool”. Otherwise, there wouldn’t still be so many famous closet cases. Being “complex” has always been where the cool factor and the subversive factor have been at.

  • Donston

    I believe in overall LGBTQ support. But I also believe in people being real and exact about who they are and what they want. Yes, there are people (particularly famous, semi famous and wannabe famous people) who use sexual identity and sexual behavior to indulge their ego, to indulge fetishes, for attention, for the sake of money, etc. But there are also many legitimately bi and queer people who deal with a lot of sh*t, who don’t use people, don’t use their identity for advancements or attention, who aren’t extremely narcissistic and who are willing to be completely honest and direct about the dimensions of themselves and their motivations. However, those types of people are almost never incessantly on social media talking about their sexuality or giving tons of interviews about it or constantly reminding people of their “complexity”.

    No matter what this dude’s actual sexual attractions are or what his “lifestyle” is, Aaron’s motives and manipulation became clear soon after he “came out”. I’m surprised it took this long for most to catch on. When I read he performed at a gay club a mere few days after coming out and performed a brand-new song about how his girlfriend, who he had apparently just broken up, broke his heart what he was doing became even more apparent. If him and his team were actually smart that would have done things more slowly and subtly.

    • BennyP

      TRUE! He’s a Phony and the queer crowd is eating it up

  • BennyP

    I can’t stand people like this, This space is wasted ob this clown, He need to crawl back under his rock

  • am_psi

    This site is like:

    “Bisexuality is real and must be taken seriously.”

    and also like:

    “He talked to a woman, he’s a phony!”

    • Donston

      Eh. I know I thought he was full of it before this article. And this site is all about getting clicks. That’s it. And also, promoting promiscuity.

      If I’m being real, I’m a bisexual male who really doesn’t care much about the “bi cause”. I identify more with gay men. That’s where the majority of my sexual attractions and passions lie. I have the ability to love and commit to a man. However, I am about people understanding the dimensions of sexuality and how much psychology and sociology can be tied to sexual behavior and identity. But too much of the “bi cause” is about indulging people’s narcissism and fetishes and embracing people self-rejecting. And a lot of self-accepting, self-comfortable gay and straight leaning bi men acknowledge this much.

      Every person should be judged individually. No one has to support anyone just because they identify as “one of us”. Besides, aggressively trying to hit on a famous person (of any gender) on social media a few days after you came out and supposedly broke up with girlfriend reads as desperation and opportunist.

    • dean089

      Yeah, that’s where I’m confused by this article. I’m wondering if the writer knows what “bisexual” means.

  • BennyP

    I wish he does get erased, or just crawl back in the closet

  • Eddie W

    Well you know how those crack heads are they will do a dog to get what they want, lol Seriously why are people giving this guy the time of day? So he’s bisexual now? lol Big Whoop, get back in the closet

    • Jaxton

      Jealous that he’s not flying the gay flag?

    • kent25

      I wish they all get back in the closet, we don’t need them mudding the waters

  • kent25

    Someone needs to close the door to the closet, every damn month some meth head stumbles out

  • Danny595

    Gee, funny how that W&G cameo was already shot and scheduled to air in September. It’s almost as if this whole thing were a planned publicity stunt.

    • kent25

      Your Right, he seems fake something fishy going on

  • Jaxton

    I’m glad that females are being exposed on the issue of their hostility to male bisexuality. It exposes their bisexual hypocrisy.

    These are the same girls who go around pretending to be bi to turn on straight guys. Girls, you’re a bunch of fakes.

  • DarkZephyr

    I am not sure why there is such anger that he is hitting on a female after coming out as Bi. He came out as Bi, not gay. Bisexual men find women attractive…

    • kent25

      that’a why he should be in the straight media not the gay one

  • RamblingManNJ

    The guy is finding his way. Yeah he may be acting a bit strange and all over the map, but when you finally allow yourself to exhale and be yourself it can be euphoric. Such propensity to make quick judgments on some of these blogs. As gays don’t we dislike it when evangelicals and others are so quick to judge us?

  • kyle summers

    Nothing can resurrect his dead music career he never really had one to begin with. Now he’s just some strung out junkie look for empathy

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