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Aaron Carter celebrates being out and proud by aggressively hitting on famous actress

This week, Aaron Carter is everywhere and doing all the things. It began Saturday, when the pop star came out as bisexual in an emotional Twitter post.

The next day it was announced that he and his girlfriend had broken up.

In his first interview following the announcement, he told “The Bert Short” podcast that he “had discussed it with my ex-girlfriend and she didn’t really understand it.”

“She didn’t want to [stay together], and that was it… We parted ways…I don’t really know what else to say about it.”

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On Wednesday, Carter announced an “impromptu” show at Florida gay bar Hamburger Mary’s:

See you Thursday at this almost sold out pop up show in my hometown! Love y'all! ?

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He also said he wants to star on Will & Grace after releasing a brand-new pop single, which he fortuitously had at the ready.

During Thursday’s show, he openly wept while being cheered on by fanboys (tickets were $10) and performed that brand-new, at-the-ready single, “Hard To Love,” which is about the ex who dumped him because bisexual erasure is real.

And just as you thought it’d be physically impossible to remain upright under the oppressive weight of all the Aaron Carter news, here’s another tidbit that demands your attention.

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He wants to celebrate his newfound bisexual identity by going on a date with Chloë Grace Moretz.

He’s tweeted the actress twice, writing:

Then a mere 15 minutes later he tweeted her again:

Slow down there, Aaron — if she’s into you, she’ll let you know.