Aaron Rodgers’ “Dad” Is Allegedly Disgusted By Gay Rumors, Says His Son Is Engaged To “A Beautiful Christian Woman”

rodgers-beachAaron Rodgers appears to be unperturbed by the blogosphere buzz surrounding the nature of his relationship with Kevin Lanflisi, his former boyfriend personal assistant and roommate. In his first game in nearly two months, the Green Bay Packers quarterback led his team to a stunning victory against the Chicago Bears yesterday. Sports wags are calling it the most dramatic comeback of the season with Rodgers throwing a 48-yard touchdown pass with just 38 seconds left. Yay!

However, the same can’t be said for all members of the Rodgers clan. A person claiming to be Edward, Aaron’s father, has contacted Kenneth Walsh, who operates the fun blog Kenneth in the (212), to express his outrage at Walsh’s write up of the alleged outing of his son, whom he insists is not only 100 percent hetero but engaged to a “beautiful Christian woman.” (Aren’t they always?)

Rodgers pere writes:

I’m Aaron’s dad and this is a disgusting post. Aaron is actually engaged to a beautiful Christian woman. You are a slime ball for spreading this bullshit. How would you like your sorry ass sued!!!

The industrious Walsh wasted no time in playing internet sleuth and found a photo of the alleged couple on a sports gossip site (this is really a thing!) and the following description of said beauty:

Super Bowl MVP’s have their pick of the litter…Anyone they want, anytime…Aaron Rodgers didn’t make the rules, he’s just enjoying them…Here’s Aaron Rodgers with his latest girlfriend Destiny Newton frolicking on the beach…She’s blond…check…Tramp stamp…check…Stripper name…check…and looks like she’s up for a good time…My source tells me Aaron has been seeing Destiny for about a month, but it’s nothing too serious yet…

Not your run-of-the-mill Christian beauty, right? While it hasn’t yet been confirmed that the email was indeed from A.Rodge’s father, who works as a chiropractor specializing in sports-related injuries in Chico, Calif., Queerty readers have been alerting us to related stories since we broke the news about the Rodgers-Lanflisi speculation this past weekend.

OutSports reveals that Aaron’s brother Jordan, who was a quarterback at Vanderbilt University, has history as an antigay activist. In which case if the man who sent the nasty email to Walsh is indeed the patriarch of the athlete brothers, it’s understandable why Aaron, if he is gay, isn’t swinging the closet door open just yet.

Another Queerty reader named Amber let us know that rumors about the Packers champ have been brewing for months and sent us a screen grab of a comment on an NFL site she came across recently.


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  • DShucking

    Oh, well as long as she’s christian.

  • Mike

    Aaron needs to be hittin’ the gym more and he needs a tan. If that’s really him in that picture, I believe that he’s not gay.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Aaron’s Dad, huh? (Who the hell cares what HE thinks?!) Be sure and neuter or spay all of your ‘tween offspring!
    This “C””c”hristian shite is starting to even piss me off!

    PS: Quite frankly, Aaron’s looks are nothing to write, nor even e-mail, home about!

  • avesraggiana

    That cannot be a recent picture, he looks well, kinda outta shape. And of course, only a beautiful Christian woman will do, for the closeted ones.

  • DistingueTraces



    Christ, Queerty.

  • Alton

    There’s nothing like a Queerty comment section to make me lose faith in my community. Grow up, you shallow, bitchy, empty-headed, superficial queens.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Alton: Physician, heal thyself! You really shouldn’t post while looking in your mirror.

  • tjr101

    Not just a beautiful woman, but a “CHRISTIAN” woman. LOL

  • Daveliam

    God forbid a man not look like a tanned chiseled Andrew Christian model, otherwise, he has to be confronted with such venom from the gay community. Such shallow comments. A tan doesn’t increase your worth in society.

  • gay4liberty

    Um, I don’t think that would be from Aaron’s father, for a host of reasons:

    1. I don’t think the father of an NFL megastar would be so uncouth toward the owner of a two-bit gossip blog, ESPECIALLY when his son is in the midst of an Earth-shattering rumor.

    2. I don’t think Aaron’s Dad would use THAT kind of language, whether or not he’s upset.

    3. The “Dad” sent this message from a CELL PHONE. I mean, c’mon, REALLY? The number would be displayed and everything.

    4. If this was REALLY Aaron’s Dad, do you HONESTLY think Kennethinthe212 would post it?! NO! He’d contact him privately to resolve the matter and would subsequently remove ANY post on his blog referring to the Aaron Rodgers Gay Rumors.

    Think, people.

  • Cam


    No actually many of these sports stars come from very ignorant parents. Just because the kids have learned how to deal with the media doesn’t mean the parents would.

  • gay4liberty

    @Cam: OK, point taken. I’m sure there are some NFL stars who have bigoted, ignorant parents.

    However, Points 3 and 4 remain. Do you REALLY think Aaron’s Dad would send that kind of message via his cell phone? When you e-mail someone through your cell phone, your phone number is displayed in the e-mail.

    Also, do you REALLY think Kenneth would post the contents of said message, if it’s really the Dad? NO! Kenneth would most likely contact the man privately and agree to take down any Gay Rumors posts.

  • Kangol


    Why do you assume Kenneth “would likely contact the man [Aaron Rodgers’ father] and agree to take down any Gay Rumors posts”?

    In 2013, with sites like Perez Hilton, TMZ, Mediatakeout, etc., out there, you really think this lone blogger would buck the trend of pushing what’s already out there in the air?

    One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the prior Queerty post on Aaron Rodgers is that he is a self proclaimed Christian who adheres to St. Francis of Assisi’s concept of preaching the Gospel at all times through your behavior. (Cf. Pope Francis)

    He’s no Tim Tebow (either in terms of talent, which has a millions more of, or falling-to-the-knees-to-pray eligiosity), but he’s pretty devout.

  • viveutvivas

    Just remind me what all you guys in the other thread who said he could do better than KL saw in that pile of dough…

  • gay4liberty

    @Kangol: That means he’s not in-your-face like Tebow. He’s a Christian, but he’s not the Tebow type where he mentions Jesus every 3rd word.

    I peg him as someone in a mainline denomination like the UMC or a more lax non-denominational church.

  • gay4liberty

    @Kangol: My point is this: Why would he contact Kenneth, and not a big name blog like Perez Hilton or Radar?

  • Franco C.

    Queerty, really? Leave the family alone, leave the man alone and mind your own business. This is simply mean-spirited. They deserve privacy, regardless if you find his father’s comments offensive. You should remove this post, and again, mind your own business.

  • ho

    Welcome to queerty; Guilty until proven otherwise (couldn’t come up with a substitute for guilty so don’t jump all over my shit claiming gay does not equate with guilty). That’s the new normal. I hate the internet.

  • jimbryant

    I don’t necessarily think Aaron Rodgers is gay in the exclusive sense but I suspect he may be wishing to turn away from the homosexual choice. A lot of men do this, partly out of religious belief and partly out of distaste for the indulgent gay scene.

  • erikwm

    If a male celebrity is dating a Kardashian, we hear about it ad nasuem from the press and no one complains when gossip writers chase the story. But if a male celebrity is in a homosexual relationship, everyone is supposed to mind their own business?


    It’s not shameful to be gay. Deception and lying is shameful. If Rodgers is gay and lying about it, the press should chase the story. They would chase it if he were hiding a relationship with one of the Kardashian sisters.

  • jimbryant


    Your point is valid but you need to remember that much of the interest in the Kardashians comes from women. Women like to imagine themselves as a Kardashian, living the high life and being pampered by heterosexual men or men who claim to be heterosexual (eg Kanye West).

    Women do NOT like reading about male homosexuality, especially if it exists in men who also date women. Firstly, they can’t relate to it and, secondly, they fear it. Male homosexuality de-values women.

  • gay4liberty

    @jimbryant: LOL homosexual choice. And DOUBLE LOL at “indulgent gay scene.” You act like the guy went to gay bars and had 10 sex partners a night. Assuming the story is true, he was exclusive with one man. Hardly indulgent.

  • Fahd

    After reviewing the story yesterday, I am convinced that Rodgers had a loving relationship with Lanflisi.I believe that it was physical. Wouldn’t that be something if Rodgers owned up to it?!

    However, posting follow-up stories that lack credibility will not push Rodgers into opening up (snicker)about any gay relationship. Instead, boloney like this follow-up story helps Rodgers to deny and ignore the whole thing.

    Sure, keep the story alive if you can, but Queerty is just harming its credibility and journalistic standing by referring to an alleged email that Kenneth Walsh might have received from someone purporting to be Aaron Rodgers’ father. What is this? Revenge of the copyeditors?

    One quick review of Walsh’s blog makes it clear that Aaron Rodgers’ father would not contact him directly. Also, Aaron Rodgers and his family would have lawyers, even if they were going to waste their time contacting an obscure blog. Smart people don’t threaten to sue penniless bloggers – they have they lawyers intimidate them if they need to. Here, no one cares about this obscure blog.

    Queerty shouldn’t undermine the original story that brought together some separate factual tidbits to build a credible story about a possible gay relationship of a still-active (snicker) Superbowl MVP Quarterback. Don’t ruin it. [Btw, some internet traffic that I read mentioned that Queerty reposting the story gave it more credence — don’t ruin that with baseless follow-up.]

    That is all.

  • erikwm

    @jimbryant: My point is valid and there are no buts.

    The only reason the media still tip toes around it is because it’s treated as something embarrassing or shameful.

  • ppp111

    That picture is actually old. I think it dates back to 2011 after they won the Super Bowl. I’ve read additional blogs that said he was rumored to be dating other women but most of it was just speculation or hearsay.
    I don’t know whether that person who contacted that blog is whom they claim to be. I do know that the parents reside in Chico and the father runs his own chiropractic business. Aaron also has an older brother who is not in the sporting field.
    If it is him he’s only doing what a protective parent would do. I personally don’t know if Aaron really is gay (or bisexual since I know lots of ‘confused’ men like to use that) but when all is said and done it’s his business and his choice on how he handles his business.
    BTW, jimbryant, I have to disagree on your observation about straight women. My sister once told me that when a man leaves his wife for another woman, she’s devastated but believes she doesn’t have anything she doesn’t have herself. But if a man leaves her for another man it’s another story. It can destroy her self-esteem because she begins to question her own attractiveness and whether or not she caused him to turn to men. I’ve never understood why women would feel that way. If people went gay because of how they were treated by the opposite sex, the vast majority of this planet would be all same-sex couples! But I digress.

  • charwegl

    No prominent athlete is ever going to come out if shit like this is printed constantly. I’ve only ever heard of this website since these rumors started.

  • tardis

    Well, by the sound of it, looks like he’s for sure not coming out anymore. Poor guy. Being in the closet is so…ugly.

  • SteveDenver

    “…is not only 100 percent hetero but engaged to a ‘beautiful Christian woman.’ (Aren’t they always?)”

    I literally L’d O-L!

  • AuntieChrist

    turn away from the homosexual choice…?????? That proves that jimbryant is a non-gay troll. No gay person would call being gay a choice…And why is some dumb football jock getting so much attention..? Could it be that we want the sames assholes who stuffed us in lockers called us names and beat the crap out of us in school to also be queer…???

  • rextrek

    its actually pretty pathetic IF this guy is gay – and his daddy needs to come out and POINT OUT his engagement to a “christian” gurlllllll…..very sad……especially IF he really is gay.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Franco C.:
    I couldn’t agree more with both of you. Speculation is a fool’s errand. Let’s move on.
    @AuntieChrist: Yeah, it seems old jimbryant outed himself as an outsider when he used the word “choice.” Sexuality is not a choice. The moron.

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    *sigh*. All I had to read was “…good Christian woman” from A. Rodge’s dad and involuntarily my eyes rolled.

    “Christian” – the word people use anytime they want to be exempt from something. What a 10 cent word.

    Chick’s got a nice rack tho. Almost as good as A. Rodge’s

  • mikestrawn


    I think it’s brilliant that BJMcFrisky (which sounds like a homophobic taunt) has outed jimbryant as not being gay. Apparently these two straight guys work for rival right wing anti gay outfits.

  • the other Greg

    Let me get this “straight” (pardon the expression):

    Aaron Rodgers’ Alleged “Dad” Is Allegedly Disgusted by Rumors of Aaron’s Alleged Gayness, Says Aaron is Allegedly Engaged to an Allegedly Beautiful Allegedly Christian Woman (Who Queerty Alleges To Be a Stripper).

    No sh1t?

    And in other news: Kevin Lanflisi Still Hasn’t Done Anything, Although He Is Alleged To!

  • jimbryant

    BJ McFrisky,

    Yes, it is a choice if one decides to avoid engaging in sexual activity with either a man or woman. It’s called “chastity”. Never heard of it? Poor you.

    One can be homosexually chaste by choice. One can be hetetosexually chaste by choice. Aaron Rogers may well have decided to be homosexually chaste.

  • Black Pegasus

    I predict all of this will be forgotten about in the coming months. Aaron will get married to his “Christian beauty”, Kevin will be slapped with a confidentiality arrangement which will include $$$, and everyone will live happily ever after. No major sports will come out anytime soon. The End.

  • the other Greg

    And “jimbryant” is chaste by OTHER people’s choice!

  • AuntieChrist

    @jimbryant: You can try and back peddle all you want b**ch…But your Freudian slip is showing…

  • Kieran

    I can’t understand why any NFL’er would be hesitant to come out and get labeled “queen of the NFL” by queerty.

  • Ridpathos

    Why does this guys private life concern you that much queerty? If he doesn’t want to be out yet, why are you trying to force him out. It’s no wonder even many gays hate the gay community.

  • Sleepy

    I don’t get the attacks on his physique. I suppose we are so used to seeing guys on PEDs that when athletes who don’t use them take their clothes off, it’s a bit of a shock that this is actually what most quarterbacks look like. Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Alex Smith etc. all pretty much look like this guy sans shirt.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @jimbryant: No, my friend, it’s not about chastity, it’s called “bisexuality” when an individual is equally attracted to both sexes and “chooses” to abstain from one or the other.
    Welcome to the party.
    @mikestrawn: WTF? I work for a “right-wing anti-gay outfit”? Wrong again, Einstein. Keep trying—perhaps one day you’ll figure it out that, much like women and minorities, not all gay men think alike. Sorry to introduce reality to your rose-colored world, but dem’s de facts.

  • B Damion

    @erikwm …..Yes, but why is it ok to put so much energy in outing someone?
    What is with this current obsession to out these sports figures?
    It’s not right. It’s really annoying and out right rude.

  • nedt31

    @Jeremy. You are simply put a smug a$$hole to write this trash piece. Your hypocrisy is mind numbing. “Don’t judge me or discriminate against me because I am gay!!!” But you (and the lion’s share of your brethren who have commented on this trash) have no problem chastising the “Christian beauty” who is supposedly his girlfriend. This kind of irresponsible crap our media latches onto and/or becomes viral through social media can destroy this guy’s life! But who gives a damn so long as you further YOUR agenda. You think that being gay and being out of the closet entitles you to hide behind the moniker and gives you free reign to say and judge alike! God forbid someone calls you out for being the hypocritical judgmental a$$hole that you are, you will simply lash back with “homophobe!”. You need to do everyone a favor and crawl back into the proverbial closet that you came out of…

  • Rita S. Vasquez

    as Kim responded I am surprised that a student can earn $7498 in one months on the computer. learn this here now…

  • jimbryant

    BJ McFrisky,

    Bisexuality is not defined as being equally attracted to both sexes.

  • CCTR

    Stop all the Queerty bashing! Queerty is “Free of Agenda. Except the Gay One.” :)

    Even though this story is based on allegations, rumors and speculations it is still a “story” with a gay element, that many people are interested in.

    Aaron Rodgers has not been outed. Is has not been reported here that he is definitively gay. These sites such as Queerty are describing their stories as rumor and speculation, rumors that have been circulating before now.

    Unfortunately salacious stories are very common with celebrities and we all know this. Let’s not make the gay stories some dirty little secret that should be handled with more care and sensitivity than the other gossip.

    If Rodgers did have a gay romance with this guy neither did a good job at covering it up and keeping it out of the public eye. If Rodgers did not have a gay romance with Kevin L he probably doesn’t care much about the rumors and he probably understand why people would speculate. People close to him should also not be swayed by what is reported on the internet by people who don’t know him.

    I understand coming out as gay is a personal choice and no one should be outed. Everyone has the right to do so or not. Outing him would be so wrong and I don’t think that has happened. It is his business but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t or can’t care.

  • nedt31

    CCTR. Queerty and the idiot Jeremy who wrote it deserve to be bashed! This article reeks of sarcasm and smugness. Who the hell is Jeremy or Queerty to (1) attempt to out anyone – celebrity or not and (2) mock his Christian girlfriend – “beautiful Christian woman. (Aren’t they always?)” The hypocrisy is nauseating! A comment above by Ridpathos was spot on… “It’s no wonder so many gays hate the gay community.” Shameful and embarrasing.

  • CCTR

    @nedt31: Thanks for your response, but obviously we disagree that this is an attempt to out someone, and we also disagree on what self hate and self loathing in the gay community are about. I do agree that mocking the Christian girlfriend is simply mean.

  • xzall

    Today on ESPN radio Per Aaron Rodgers : “Re: Internet rumors: “I’m not gay. I really, really like women. That’s all I can say about that.”

  • tr6886


    I want to remind you that Wentworth Miller said the exactly same thing in 2007, and he even talked about marrying his dream girl one day. He came out in 2013. Actually, medial won’t speculate those stuff if there is no slight evidence. By the way, I really don’t care. Even if I were him, I would never try to risk my millions dollar.

  • litper

    She’s now playing Wentworth Miller’s game. WE MUST OUT HER!!!

  • ppp111

    I remember those interviews with Miller as well. He was very adamant that he was straight and I got the impression he was also annoyed that such talk was surrounding him. But of course he was still on TV doing Prison Break and I imagine he didn’t want to risk alienating fans of the show. Come on, it was the Fox network so I probably would have done the same thing. I agree with you that if I had a multimillion dollar contract, an upcoming playoff game with a big rival, and lots of media coverage, this internet speculation is the last thing I need on my mind. Besides, in the end, it’s his business anyway.

  • DShucking

    I realize it’s all just gossip and he just denied that he is gay. But I just don’t understand why a grown man who is a millionaire has a male roommate. I’m not saying he’s gay, but what’s up with the roommate situation?

  • DShucking

    “I’m not gay. I really, really like girls.” – Arron Rodgers.

    Well now I’m convinced. I mean, if you had only said “I really like girls.” I would have said you were lying but since you put that second really in there what more is there to say.

  • ppp111

    I’d like to say that perhaps he just likes the company. If they’re of like mind then they would be just best friends. But I agree with you that it’s not like he can’t afford a place himself. If he was a rookie I could understand. But he’s been in the league for nine years. Who knows.

  • Teleny

    @mikestrawn: my thoughts exactly.

  • Teleny

    The wild card is of course Kevin.,, He could either confirm, deny or say nothing about the rumors. If its true that he’s a well-adjusted gay man, Aaron might be sorry about the pubic denial.

    There’s another scenario: that he’s bisexual and does still feel attraction toward women, but does not feel he’s a gay male. But that’s a sorry way out because he is still lbgtq.

  • TomMc

    @dougmc92: Good for him: He didn’t say “thilly”.

  • jay28

    I actually don’t care about his sexuality, he’s got a great arm, and is one of the best at hitting the long throw downfield than any of the short throwers out there! An exciting player to watch, will likely be hall of fame nominee! Just because he’s not black and doesn’t have million kids by many different women, doesn’t make the guy gay! Unlike his black teammates, he doesn’t have to impregnate women to prove he’s not gay! WTF are you trying to say Mr. Walsh are YOU gay? Not that i care about you either, why spread malicious rumours about someone? Are you just a worthless POS?

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