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The Abbey is getting its own reality show starring Ellen’s Gardener

Oh, goody! Just what the world needs. Yet another reality show about what goes on “behind-the-scenes” at a popular Los Angeles gay bar.

One of West Hollywood’s most famous gay bars, The Abbey, is the subject of a new E! reality show called “What Happens at The Abbey.” Think Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, minus Lisa Vanderpump, five years after that show originally premiered and long after its popularity peaked.

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The show will center around on the bar’s team of employees, their romantic relationships and hookups, work struggles and triumphs, and unending personal dramas. It also promises lots of douchey musclebound 20-something men, a few pretty women, plenty of skin, and tons of sexsexsexsexsex.

The Abbey absolutely is a soap opera,” one of the show’s stars, Elizabeth, says. “Which basically means there’s a lot of fighting and a lot of f*cking!”

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No one you know is on the show, except maybe Billy Reilich, better known as Ellen’s Gardener, who apparently now works as a “VIP server” at the bar.

Watch the trailer for “What Happens at The Abbey.”

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  • ChrisK

    The show captures the transformation well ie almost no gay people on their staff. The bartenders are hot but I think they have a rule not to make eye contact with the customers ever. Then there’s the watered down $15.00 drinks. Douche comes in spades there.

    If you like to play games like hooking up with a straight guy..I mean straight acting it’s the place.

  • Chevelter

    The show looks like more brain-rotting, soul-sapping junk.

  • metta

    Wow….that looks really terrible.

  • UCLADave

    I have been going to The Abbey off and on for years I wouldn’t consider myself a regular but I go there enough to recognize faces and I can say honestly I have never seen one of these people working at The Abbey don’t recognize one face just saying


    Thought Billy was gay, he sure did bend over and show his goodies online not to like g ago. Anywho the gay bars in Weho are overrated, over run, and over priced.

  • Xzamilloh

    Reality TV is still in demand, but this formulaic approach has gotten beyond old.

  • Giuseppe

    Another reality TV show mess, and the gay factor makes it worse, vapid, lisping queens. WHY is the community always presented as either drunk/drugged addled, idiotic or desperate?

  • strix1

    Haven’t been there in years, don’t miss it. Surprised Ellen is involved in a trash-entertainment like this. This show will be buried eventually amongst all the sizzle reels being pitched by thousands of YouTubers.

  • ErikO

    Another pointless reality TV show. I’m not surprised Ellen or someone associated with her is behind it.

  • DCguy

    Siiiigh, Asians get “Fresh off the Boat”, African Americans get “Blackish”, and lgbts get “Fire Island” and “Whatever This is”.

    (Yes, I know there is “The Real O’Neils. but the rant didn’t sound as good if I acknowledged a show with gay content out there.” ;) )

  • Sluggo2007

    Tackiness knows no bounds.

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