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ABC Pretends Modern Family‘s Gays Are a Couple In Real Life

Unfortunately, none of the Newlywed Game questions Good Morning America handed Modern Family‘s cast included, “Who’s most annoyed with the Facebook kiss campaign?” (Update: Wait, a reader says in another segment they did address the campaign. Video below.)

At least Eric Stonestreet is finally learning to appreciate your Facebook love?

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  • C.Edwards

    Have Sofia Vergara and Ed O’Neill kissed? Is there a petition for them too?

  • Cam


    I can tell you that if Interacial marriages were illegal in several states that with Hollywoods track record they would have thrown Sofia Vergara in a blond wig and given her the stage name of Joyce Wilson, or Linda Anderson.

    It’s also a faulty comparison because

    1. There is no societal or legal obstacle to straight relationships.

    2. You have another straight couple on the show that constantly kisses.

  • fredo777

    @C.Edwards: I think I know what the “c” in your name stands for…

    Commenter. Y’know…because you just left a comment. What?


    Talk about creating something out of nothing at all……….
    The show portrays the Gays in a positive light (well maybe Mitchell’s panic frenzy last night because a bird was in the house, not so much) The couple is in a stable, committed relationship raising a child. All the family members including the kids are totally accepting. Even the daughters teen boyfriends bandmates accepted Cam as a member of their band. If you extrapolated them into real life, one could see Miss Neurotic Mitchell being very reluctant to make a PDA.

    Why toss all this drama at the creators?? Giving others pause to include Gay charachters in other series??????

  • Cam


    Look, the issue is that, gays once again are portrayed as neuters. Again, how long on Will and Grace was Will supposedly so upset about his relationship ending that he couldn’t date? Something like 6 or 7 seasons? I was fine with this show, although I noticed that the gay couple had one very stereotypical hysterics every time something goes wrong and another one that was completely uptight, that they are also the only couple where at least one of them isn’t smoking hot, because remember, if at least one of them is hot looking people might think of them as having sex. There is absolutly no affection shown between them. They act like roomates.

    I was somewhat fine with that, until the studio responded to the facebook page with all the B.S. about Mitchell’s heretofore unmentioned fear of PDA and that they had always planned on dealing with it…….in an episode that we already planned out for…um…next season.

    It just got too B.S-y after that.

  • hannah


    Yes, they have kissed.

  • NickadooLA

    While I think it’s only appropriate that they should be allowed to kiss, I’ll begrudgingly admit that Mitchell having an aversion to PDA is well within reason as far as character development is concerned.

    I hope they can turn it into an amusing episode. I have a feeling it’s going to be one of the other characters that points out the fact that they never kiss (probably one of the kids, either Manny in his oh-so-worldly-adult way, or Dylan in an embarrassingly awkward dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers way).

    I’ve always wondered if the “Cameron/Mitchell” naming thing was intentionally meant as a sly Hedwig reference.

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