Activists Call For Boycott Of The Beverly Hills Hotel

250px-BeverlyHillsHotel03On Wednesday, members of a labor union called on LGBT consumers to boycott the Beverly Hills Hotel because the iconic accommodation is owned by Hassanal Bolkiah, the absolute monarch of Brunei, where homosexuality is still a crime.

The group, Unite Here, recorded a video (below) asking supporters to “break up” with the hotel until Brunei changes its laws. The spot draws comparisons to another recent boycott, asking “We wouldn’t eat at Chik-Fil-A—why would we dine at the Beverly Hills hotel?”

Speaking of unions, the two Los Angeles hotels owned by the Brunei Investment Agency—the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Hotel Bel-Air—have had quite a few labor disputes: In 2011, the Bel Air reopened after renovations but didn’t rehire most of its unionized staffers.

For more information, visit Dump BHH website.

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  • mattsy


  • Chad Hunt

    That sucks big time. I love that hotel. Cher has a bungalow there. I used to see her there from time to time when I would stay & nothing beats the La Prairie spa they have there with the diamond scrub, veeshee shower, and caviar products. Besides the fact the hot masseurs there always seemed to blow me during my massages. LOL

  • Bob LaBlah

    Does this group (United Here) actually think they helped those poor, hard working people who do work at these hotels by putting together this POS?
    If one can afford $1k per night for a hotel room one must clearly be in the economic class that puts business first and (sadly, based on this video) bullshit second or better yet, flushed. Those are not the type of people whom I would expect to see in a (minimum) $1k per night hotel. I mean really, I lost interest in the “cause” within seconds.
    This video only helps destroy what they claim they want to help protect.

  • hf2hvit

    @Chad Hunt: So what do you drop more? Names or trousers?

  • Chad Hunt

    @hf2hvit: … My trousers have been up for years now, having left porn 5 years ago, and as far as name dropping, so not my style, Cher was simply mentioned to show how Gay the hotel was at one point. Always sad when the str8’s and homophobes ruin a good thing. Sort of like the West Village and Chelsea in NYC.

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