Actor Brendan Fehr Attempts To Clarify Comments About Taking “Risky” Gay Role

60q1-tk-a34bI was just trying to be realistic in the fact that we live in America and being gay still isn’t accepted by all people for all the things.

So I think I got in a lot of trouble about the risks and the rewards. It was always going to be a reward for me in terms of what I was able to accomplish with it and what I wanted to do. But the risks were obviously in terms of other fans out there. I’ve got a big female [fan] base to a certain degree. Would some people not really want to see me in that role? With the Midwest where people watch TV, would they kind of reject me as an actor in that role? I think those were the risks I was talking about.

And it kind of played itself out and me being straight and not knowing that world entirely and then asked to represent that world. There’s a risk there because there’s going to be miscommunication. I don’t know that world as a gay guy or gay woman who’s grown up in that. You recognize the passion and what these people have gone through and what they’re fighting for, but it’s still not second nature to me. It’s still something that I have to put myself in someone else’s shoes for.

Everything I said in that interview I could have made it clearer and more eloquent. I’m not the most eloquent person in the world. I’m kind of a meat and potatoes type of guy. I hope people have enough common sense to figure out what kind of person I am and to give me the benefit of the doubt when it could go either way.”

Brendan Fehr, star of NBC’s The Night Shift, chatting with The Backlot to clarify controversial earlier comments that he’d struggled with the decision to play a gay character

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