Some of our misspent early adulthood was spent panting over actor Dean Cain, who made hearts swoony in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and gay romantic comedy The Broken Hearts Club — but now we’re retracting those pants, since he’s outed himself as a Trump supporter.

As NewNowNext points out, intent to break our hearts and remind us everything is terrible, Cain has joined the ranks of Antonio Sabato Jr. and Scott Baio, telling Access Hollywood, “I voted for Trump. He has my support.”

“I wanted to change the system. I was not a fan of Hillary Clinton’s. I didn’t like her cadre of people around her, and I don’t like career politicians.”

His most recent reminder where he falls on the political spectrum came earlier this month when he confessed to Tucker Carlson that his fellow actors by his beliefs:

“They look at me as if I’m an alien. I don’t support every policy of the president’s… but it’s crazy. If you like one thing, or you come out and you’re supporting him, you’re certainly aligned with that.”

Is he serious?

Because what we need is to feel even more paranoid and uncertain right now, Netflix is teasing Black Mirror‘s 4th season with a jerky, spliced-up trailer big on jumpcuts and electronic squelches that promises to fulfill all your wildest dystopian fantasies.

Tori Amos shared the second track from her album Native Invader, which is set for an early September release. Of the propulsive track “Up The Creek” and the album’s theme in general, Amos says:

“The songs wrestle with the question: what is our part in the destruction of our land, as well as ourselves, and in our relationships with each other?

In life there can be the shock of unexpected fires, floods, earthquakes, or any cataclysmic ravager – both on the inside and outside of our minds. Sonically and visually, I wanted to look at how Nature creates with her opposing forces, becoming the ultimate regenerator through her cycles of death and re-birth. Time and time again she is able to renew, can we find this renewal for ourselves?”


Featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid, Logic’s latest track “1-800-273-8233” is an ode to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, and it comes equipped with a video revolving around a gay teen at his the end of his rope after his relationship with another man is revealed, leaving him rejected by his father, his boyfriend’s father, and his school peers.

It stars Coy Stewart and Modern Family’s Nolan Gould, who explains why he took the role:

“I think what’s so specifically so amazing about how they chose to tell this story to the 1-800 song, they could have chose any two characters dealing with suicide, but they chose focus on two gay characters, which I think it timely and super important at the moment with so much hate in the world, the people of color, the LGBTQ community and trans people. I think this message is really important.”

From the very beginnings of time, even before dinosaurs roamed the Earth in search of phat beats, The Song of Summer was here, waiting to lull us into submission with its ubiquity and infernal catchiness.

The below video charts every song of summer since 1958, so sadly Syrian banger “Hurrian Hymn #6” from 1400 B.C. isn’t included, though it remains the proverbial toe-tapper and full-throttle club banger.

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