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Rupert Everett could have been the victim of gay serial killer Dennis Nilsen.

The out 61-year-old actor revealed he used to frequent the same bar as Nilson in a new interview with Piers Morgan, according to Metro.Uk.

“He was in the pub that I used to go to,” Everett said of Nilsen. “Yeah, so I could be dead. He used to go to the Coleherne, which was this leather bar.”

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“I didn’t know him but he was there,” Everett added. “I mean, that’s where he got two or three of his victims from.”

Everett also added that potential run-ins with people like Nilsen are why he’s glad he never had children.

“I knew just recently how dangerous you know my life was,” Everett said. “Which is one of the reasons I would, I would hate to have children. Because there — there must, the terror if you’ve led a dangerous life yourself, imagining how dangerous your kid’s life could be.”

Dennis Nilson was a Scottish serial killer who is known to have murdered at least a dozen men and boys between 1978 and 1983. He was eventually arrested after a plumber discovered human remains clogging the drainage system of his residence. His life was recently portrayed in the TV series Des, which starred David Tennet as Nilson.

Rupert Everett, for his part, has reputation for his frank discussion about his life and career. Before starring in Hollywood hits such as My Best Friend’s Wedding, Everett was a sex worker. After coming out, Everett also says that his career imploded, largely due to homophobia in the film industry.

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