Adult Film Star Peter Le Redefines The Asian Male As A Dominant Sexual Force To Be Reckoned With

Asian-American adult entertainer and bodybuilder Peter Le (pictured) says he wants to “redefine the Asian male as a dominant sexual force and unleash him on the world” in a new interview with Queer Hong Kong.

The California native burst onto the adult entertainment scene in 2001 when he appeared in a spread for Playgirl. He did in his first solo adult film shortly after that and quickly become one of the leading Asian gay porn stars in the industry, as well as a gay cultural icon in China.

But it hasn’t been an easy ride for him.

“I always felt that Asian models had to push themselves harder,” Le told Queer Hong Kong. “I was told that I wouldn’t go far because I was Asian. So I wanted to break the Asian stereotypes – and there are a lot out there.”

Le says stereotypes of Asian men being quiet, feminine, and submission have plagued him for years. To combat this, he launched the NSFW site PeterFever, one of the top Asian gay porn websites in the United States, in 2008.

“PeterFever features five-foot-four Asian guys topping muscular, six-foot-one Caucasians,” Le explained. “We’re showing that this happens and that there are options out there. Asian men are sexy – and I want us in the spotlight.”

Le was born to Vietnamese parents, but he has enjoyed incredible success in China. On his first visit there, Le says he received an overwhelmingly kind response. “I felt really welcome,” he said, “like I was a part of something bigger. I get a lot of positive feedback from my fans there.”

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  • Joetx

    Hell yeah!

  • Black Pegasus

    He’s hot; too bad most gay Asians prefer white men. If they want to combat stereotypes, perhaps they should start with themselves.

  • 2eo

    @Black Pegasus: I assume you have verifiable evidence to back up this stereotype?

  • etseq

    So pumping yourself full of steroids in order to replace one “stereotype” of femininity for an ever more toxic one that fetishes hyper-masculinity? This concept of stereotypes is complicated – I prefer the concept archetypes – the distinction being authenticity in which we all strive not to judge each other by arbitrary categories of masculinity/femininity but rather on whether we are being true to ourselves and not what standards and expectations dominant society or gay culture imposes on us.

  • MK Ultra

    Hello there )

  • Scribe38

    @2eo: just took a diversity class at college. Asians are defined as “model minorities” “whiter than white” their women marry out of their racial group at greater numbers than any other group (mostly to whites). My professor who is Asian did her thesis on the subject. You can find a link to research on the subject here http://www.wbez.org/series/race-out-loud/asian-american-men-less-likely-date-interacially-102033
    str8 Asian men date outside of their race at low numbers. I can’t find numbers on gay Asian males but would be willing to bet their numbers are similar to Asian women numbers. http://www.asian-nation.org/interracial.shtml
    I think part of the issues is the negative image of Africans within Asian culture.

  • Daveliam

    Peter is one of my favorites. I know that he’s a little too muscle-y for many people, but I think he looks amazing and is very handsome. I just wish he didn’t wax and shave every hair from below his ears.

  • Scribe38

    @2eo: It was so fun sitting in class and hearing about how my race was the most undesirable as mates. Lol. I should have stated that when str8 Asian men do date outside of their race it is with mostly with whites. Dr. Glenellyn Mercedes Naber-Fisher gives a number of dating bias numbers in her class concerning heterosexual couples I am assuming that it would remain the same for homosexual couples. Her work is in Research Format Download so I can’t post a link, but you can google her

  • jimbryant

    Asian men have really nice bodies that are adaptable to muscle build-up. Their legs are also very shapely.

    The only thing I don’t like is the porn connection.

  • Ridpathos

    @Scribe38: I think there is a bias against Asians from gay white males as well. Mostly because as Peter says, most gay white men see gay Asian men as effeminate and flamboyant.

  • Ridpathos

    @Daveliam: I wouldn’t be so sure that he waxes. I’m only half Asian and even I have a hell of a time trying to grow any body hair period. The little that does grow usually ends up being patchy.

  • Scribe38

    @Ridpathos: I agree the idea is that they will be bottoms. I am blk and it happens the other way around. Whites always assume I am going to top. I don’t believe that any white top has ever hit on me. Its weird because blks want top me because they think of me as a nerd/white acting. People have ideas/fantasies about types of people before they meet one. All Asians are smart and passive. All blks are uneducated and thugs/hung.

  • stranded

    I love love LOVE Peter Le, he’s so fucking gorgeous. Beautiful face, massive body, and OH my, DAT ASS!!! Correct me if i’m wrong (please), but i don’t think he’s done hardcore work, just jerk off vids, which is a shame. I think he makes his mark in western-asian porn that’s for sure, but if you’re gonna say the top asian gay porn star, it’s got to go to Masaki Koh, who unfortunately died last May

  • Tackle

    Beautiful guy, And visually, seems like the total package.But I wonder if other Asian guys think so? He seems like he’s doing this for the wrong reasons, and that is so White men as a whole can find Asians sexy and desirable. So if he and other Asians had no problem attracting White men, and if multitudes of White men found Asians hott, I wonder if this website would even be up,and even if Asian gay men preferred another group over their own??
    And he would be even more sexy if he would stop trying so hard, and take on an attitude of not giving a damn what anyone or group thinks about him. And I do agree with @Black Pegasus: that he should start with Asian gay men accepting themselves first.

  • Dev.C

    SInce when did Peter Le come out as gay? I’ve hardly ever seen him touch another guy. when I saw him in a club in SF a few years back he even had a girl with him the entire time to kind of halt any gay boys from tackling him. He’s hot and everything but he’s a bit of a yawn performance wise.

  • Eiswirth

    Peter Le only does solos on his site; man-on-man sex is performed by other models, none of whom are as attractive as he is, IMO. “I always felt that Asian models had to push themselves harder,” says Le. Then why doesn’t he push himself harder and fuck or be fucked by a guy? Is he straight? Is he just using his appeal to make money off gay men? I’d like to know what’s really going on here.

  • tada-no

    Queer culture in USA is dominated and controlled by white, middle class, suburban males. These white males control gay porn production, gay media, dating apps and even hiring of gogo boys at your local pub. Sorry Asians and Blacks but Sean Cody(s) won’t be hiring more than two of you.

  • Ogre Magi

    I am a top that is open to all races. Hot asses come in all shades

  • frshmn

    @tada-no: “white, middle class, suburban males”, more like white, upper middle to upper class males in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. The typical consumer is middle class and probably suburban and are catered to, to make maximum $$$, but they aren’t in control.

  • Teresa F. Baldwin

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  • TinaTheGreat

    As if anyone should care (or wish) to be “redefined” by a grubby porn performer. Mr. Le is need of a piece of humble pie and probably an STD panel as well.

    And, more importantly, why does Queerty keep giving exposure to these jumped-up nonentities?

    I presume you’re speaking from an American experience? Since the vast majority of Asian men live and work in Asia, and those who are gay do date and end up partnered with other gay Asians, I would say your statements are a bit hyperbolic.

    I’m pointing this out because Mr. Le is obviously speaking to a non-American audience.

    And just a side note: it’s probably a good idea for you to question and challenge what you’re told in class. Especially on a subject like diversity.

  • buybioniconitunes

    @TinaTheGreat: uh whats so grubby about Mr. Le exactly? and why would he need an STD panel when all he does on film is solo shows? first of all, you have no idea how much sex he has second, you’re making the assumption that he has unprotected sex

    its always a good idea to question everything but in your case, why especially challenge what you’re told on diversity? because people of color are plotting to take over America? -_-

  • Kangol

    He’s a hot one.

  • Scribe38

    @TinaTheGreat: Number one, he was raised in the United States and he is talking about how Asian men are perceived within this country. The study was a United States study. The only thing that it states is when Asian men date outside of their race it is with white people over any other group. It doesn’t state that Asian men only date white people, nor did I say that they did. One poster was challenged on his statement that gay Asians date whites over other minorities and I pointed out a study that supported his argument. As far as diversity class, maybe you could stand to take a course or two.

    I am going to school to be a nurse and if I cannot respect and understand my patients I cannot serve them. If I do not know that “cupping” is an Asian practice to draw out impurities I may make the mistake of believing a child is being abused when they are not. If I don’t understand that a dead Jewish patient’s parents will want his/her blood soak clothes so they can be placed with their child, I will cause more harm to a family.

    Western culture effects most of the world, even Asia. Why do some Asian’s lighten their skin with creams and round their eyes with surgery? Why create cartoons for your on society that feature all white cast members? What is the purpose of denying that social bias exist?

  • hotshot70

    I love his body! I wish he’d come by to keep me warm! lol

  • mz.sam

    A solo video of Pete had been floating online awhile and has since been taken down. He’s not gay or even gay 4 pay, but still knows he can make $$$$ from gay audiences. I’d rather spend mine on the REAL DEAL!

  • torontoazn

    @Black Pegasus: Not in Toronto =)

  • GeeTom

    God he’s hot. He also has a great sense of humor in this interviews.

  • enlightenone

    @Tackle: “..And I do agree with @Black Pegasus: that he should start with Asian gay men accepting themselves first.”

    Because there’s nothing sexy about a “man” trying to prove they are a man in the eyes of another who may not be anymore of a man than they are!

  • enlightenone

    @Ogre Magi: “I am a top that is open to all races. Hot asses come in all shades.”

    Now that’s sexy as long as you’re not a narcissistic hoe!

  • martinbakman

    Sure, Peter Le provides an alternate to a stereotype, but this article (at least the title) still seems written from the perspective of a white guy.

  • da90027

    Peter is a frustrated actor who turned to exploiting naive young asian boys as a way to make a living when the legit acting career didn’t pan out. He’s never done a hardcore scene himself and his porn is boring as hell. Very little chemistry between models lousy camera angles. He pays his models something 200 bucks a scene. I also know a guy who paid him for an overnighter as an escort. His porn is god awful but fills a niche I guess.

  • OutInTheOC

    Love me some Asian male, 6 foot 2 inches tall, lean, dark beautiful eyes and hair, killer smile, abs for days and smart with 2 masters degrees……..found him and married him….going on 14 years in 2016. I am so happy. Took awhile to find him, but I did.

  • Mykey

    @2eo: I agree, Asian guys on dating apps even say not interested in fellow asians and just white

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