Proud to be Gay

After 5 Years of Global Messaging, How Effective Is IDAHO?

If the world really did have just four corners, the fifth annual International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia (IDAHO/IDAHOT) definitely touched all of them. Sunday’s effort to raise awareness about discrimination, violence, and hatred toward GLBTs isn’t just surprising for its global reach, but that a grassroots effort really can mobilize the community around the world. Not to mention getting entire countries to sign on board.

(We especially love the message from Iraq.)

Organizers pitch the event as accomplishing a number of things, including the “further the inclusion of homosexual persons in society,” “show the devastating effects of homophobia,” and even get “teachers to talk about homophobia in the class room.”

You tell us: Five years into the event, how are we doing?