Aging In The Gay Community Isn’t The Curse Some People Think

eU42cCVYcYi8sV-zBrdhOW9JiNh4YFn--IU-pgGOfus,OFsBDk96g_UurJgHcaVi0pKGKyfFfnUHzifsVCztWDIWe all know the stereotype: “If you’re not young, if you’re not pretty, you become invisible.”

And yet none of us are getting any younger.

In Before You Know It, a new documentary that takes an intimate look at gay aging (gayging?), the lives of several older men are made not just visible but alluring.

And these are not your early bird TV dinner senior citizens. The film follows “go-go booted bar-hoppers, love-struck activists, troublemaking baton twirlers, late night Internet cruisers, seasoned renegades and bold adventurers” who are among the 2.4 million gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans over the age of 55.

There’s Dennis, the former athlete who likes to put on heels when he’s alone at home and “really doesn’t feel that old, and Robert who found his “family” at the gay bars and isn’t about to stop going out.

We’d do well to learn a thing or two from these resilient spirits who prove you’re never too old to live life to the fullest.

Here’s the preview: