AL Democrat Implies GOP Congressional Opponent Is Gay Over Facebook

Last week, Alabama State Rep. Daniel Boman (D-Sulligent) used his campaign’s Facebook page to imply that his opponent, Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville), is gay. On October 14, Boman posted:

Who would you vote for on Novemeber [sic] 6, 2012 between the following two candidates:

1) A republican who is a homosexual who has a voting record of voting AGAINST ALL homosexual legislation. Further, this particular homosexual congressman has ALL homosexuals working on his congressional staff


2) A democrat who is a straight male, but has no voting record for or against homosexual legislation.

Boman, a former Republican who switched parties in 2011 over  a GOP-backed bill to streamline the firing of experienced teachers, claimed the post was “hypothetical” and didn’t refer to anyone in particular.

“The people running my campaign posed a hypothetical question,” he told “The reason they posed the hypothetical question is we received phone calls about a congressman who may be homosexual.” Boman added that “the only way to remove the hypothetical” of Aderholt’s alleged homosexuality “is to call and ask him.”

But when it comes to conservative candidates, Boman believes that being gay should “absolutely” disqualify one from running for Congress. “The issue is hypocrisy, living one way and voting another,” he said. “It has nothing to do with homosexuality, if that’s your preference or not.”

Aderholt, who is married and has two children, has served eight terms in Congress where he’s racked up a record of opposing LGBT rights, including voting against the Employee Non-Discrimination Act and for a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. He remains unphased by Boman’s comments.

“When someone is making a fool of himself,” Aderholt said, “we hate to interrupt.”

Meanwhile, how’s this for a Facebook poll:

Who would you vote for on November 6, 2012 between the following two candidates:

1.) An anti-gay Republican


2.) An anti-gay Republican masquerading as a Democrat

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  • rf7777

    I contacted this guy by e-mail (the address is easy to Google), and I asked him if he understood what a homophobic jerk he was being for making such a post. He evidently did not. In fact, he replied: “I contacted 14 gay friends before I made the post, and 13 of them said they were not offended at all.” I of course apologized to him for thinking his post was scummy and homophobic (since 13 out of 14 Alabama gays approve!)

    He also added: “if I win I will be more of an asset to homosexuals than any other Alabama congressman.” Wow! How will he ever get over a bar set so high?

    But honestly, he does not think his post was unethical, offensive or homophobic. Unbelievable.

  • Cam

    I have mixed feelings.

    I despise the fact that the guy is trying to get people to not vote for his opponent because his opponent is gay.

    However I LOVE the fact that a hypocritical anti-gay closet case may be getting exposed.

    I think it is good for GOP closet cases like Aaron Shock to see that no matter how anti-gay they vote, this is what the party will eventually do to them.

  • rf7777

    When Michael Rogers outs a hypocritical gay republican, I usually applaud. But he does it as a last resort, only to the really hardcore ones, and he does it with at least some documentation.

    This is different. This is low life, straight DINO politician tossing out unfounded (he calls is “hypothetical”) innuendo in order to disparage his political opponent.

    This is a despicable, homophobic dog whistle in Alabama: “Vote for me, the STRAIGHT MAN rather than him, THE HOMOSEXUAL.”

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