American Athlete Jeremy Abbott Thinks Judging Russia Is “A Little Rude”

USOC Athlete PortraitsThe race to qualify for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi has begun, as U.S. athletes from around the country started gathering at the World Arena in Colorado for the “Champs Camp” this week. As expected, the hottest topic on everyone’s mind is a suggested Olympic boycott and the IOC’s many failed attempts to guarantee athletes’ safety abroad.

But strangely enough, nobody is actually talking about it.

The Denver Post called the issue “toxic within the Olympic movement,” reporting that athletes have been instructed not to comment on the subject and adhere to a new Russian law prohibiting “homosexual propaganda.” Failure to do so could land them a night in a not-so-cushy jail cell.

While many athletes deferred to the USOC for comment, one male figure skater decided to go on record with an insane comment that belongs in a Deven Green ‘Welcome To My Home’ parody. “Maybe I don’t agree with their policies,” said Jeremy Abbott, “and maybe I don’t agree with some things, but that’s for them to sort out.”

He continued:

“Russia is hosting us. I’m not going to go into somebody’s house and be like, ‘Um, the way you decorate is hideous, and you need to completely redo this or I’m never coming back.’ It’s a little rude, so I don’t want to say bad things about a country that’s hosting the world, essentially.”

You know what else is “a little rude,” Jeremy? This.

“My speaking out just makes me look like an ass,” he said. We agree.

And just like Johnny Weir, Abbott is grateful that an Olympic boycott looks unlikely. “Thank God, being an athlete and having trained so long for this, I would just be crushed if that was taken away,” he said. “Pulling athletes out of a competitive event isn’t going to solve some country’s political disputes. It’s only going to affect the athletes, and it’s not going to do anything to change their policies or change the country or change the world.”

Meanwhile, IOC President Jacques Rogge cashes his check in lieu of securing your safety.

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  • B Damion

    Hhhhh…oh Jeremy.

    Thats it. Thats all I got is a oh Jeremy.

    lol…ooo these queens bout to let you have it child.

    Get um y’all!

  • Thomathy

    I believe ‘Olympic athlete’ requires a definition!

    Olympic athlete: a selfish and self-important person who cares only about showing off and proving their prowess in a particular and narrow feat of physical (perhaps mental) exertion to the exclusion, even, of apparent regard for the brutal oppression of fellow humans.

    Olympic athletes, when confronted with questions about boycotts of their ‘sports’ can often be heard to say something like, ‘How unfair for me, after all this training I’ve done to perform, for you to ask me not to out of deference for the oppressed people I’m effectively walking all over by being hosted by their oppressors. All I want to do is show off!’

    Olympic athletes can be identified by their mealy-mouthed replies, overt self-importance and pathetic, disgusting attempts at playing the victim (an especially obvious untruth when comparing Olympic athletes to actual victims of oppression, like LGBTQ Russians).

  • Katbox

    Why are all these ‘ figure skaters’ such drama queens?

  • andy_d

    @Thomathy: YES!!!!!

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    Any athlete who participates in the Sochi Olympics is giving tacit approval to the abusive Russian law.
    He thinks it would be rude to criticize his host’s decor, when the whole point is that he should never accept an invitation from a host who’s known to be evil. I’m mean really, would he attend a function hosted by the KKK?

  • Jared MacBride

    I’m setting the odds of Jeremy being one of the people the law was aimed at as being very high.

  • Stache1

    “and I’m like not going into someone’s house and you know be like this place is so hideous. I mean that’s like you know so rude!”

    Lol Gurl just admit you don’t really really give a shit. It’s all about me and my petty goals. I’d have more respect for you just saying that.

  • Whup-Ass Master

    Dude’s a fucking figure skater. It’s cute that he thinks it’s a sport. It’s also cute that he thinks the world cares about his opinion.

  • Demonic darian

    @Whup-Ass Master: lol yes! I couldnt agree more!

  • Eiswirth

    @Whup-Ass Master: As much as I think he’s completely missed the point and is totally selfish, your claim that figure skating is not a sport is equally stupid. it takes more far more talent, training and skill to figure skate than play hockey. I know heterosexual men who’ve done both, and they agree with me.

  • randallreynolds

    Jeremy Abbott represents the epitome of irresponsible selfishness.

  • erikwm

    Comparing brutal human oppression to interior decorating is even more ludicrous than comparing a figure skater to a jock.

  • Tookietookie123

    While I sort of understand where the Olympian is coming from, you know, having everything you’ve worked for taken away(which sucks), the equality and protection of a group of people is more important both short term and long term no matter what even if you’ve worked for these games for a few years. In case you haven’t noticed, the LGBT community in Russia has been under fire way before the draconian law was adopted. How selfish of him to try to put all of the violence going on in Russia against the LGBT community under the rug. No matter how “rude” it may seem, we need to fight for the Russian LGBT community even if their government fails to do so. I’m so glad I could get that off my chest!!

  • Garth

    As long as he collects his thirty pieces of silver . Me world , me, me , me .

  • Cam

    These athletes were already threatened by the IOC that any expression of “Gayness” such as holding a partner’s hand would be seen as a political statement and would mean their disqualification and being sent home.

    Not a shock then that the IOC is desperately trying to send these folks out to try to claim that any bad thoughts about Russia are “Rude”. Funny, I think arresting gays, and not arresting the folks murdering them are “Rude”.

    And if you don’t think that sprots like figure skating are homophobic then just remember how Johnny Weir was treated and how they made Rudy Galindo continually talk about how he was basically the only gay guy in the sport.

  • Polaro

    No one said athletes were the smartest guys in the class. This twerp proves it.

  • Empyrean

    @Thomathy: I completely agree!

  • sportsguy1983

    I find it funny that many guys are criticizing this guy for being an athlete (and yes, being a figure skater means you are an athlete) and make fun of it. They criticize him for being selfish and wanting to show off, yet the same people adore, drool, and think two cute gay guys making a video about awkward gay kisses to gain some form of fame are amazing people and wish them well.

    Between the two, I think the professional athlete is the better person who is actually accomplishing something of significance and deserves fame of any degree.

  • Jacob Jake

    did you know? when homophobia reaches a certain, critical level in an area, it has been shown to affect the density and stability of ice and other substances?

  • fredhotman

    ” I am alright Jack “attitude of these sports is regretful as they seem supportive of the repressive dictatorial regime of the despot Putin. Just think your attitude helps & condemns a minority because they are LGBT, just put yourselves in their position for one moment. Boycott Sochi show some decency & compassion for those suffering, you so easily disregard in the glory of your selfishness.

  • offbeatoh86

    I think he needs to shut that extremely cute mouth of his. (the rest of him isn’t bad either)

  • MK Ultra

    I’m sure this ice queen has an ex-boyfriend somewhere who would spill the beans on him.
    Just to teach him a lesson about making stupid PR statements.

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