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  • sal(the original)

    male britney,cant hurt right?

  • Josh AZ

    Please, somebody TEACH him to sing.

  • sal(the original)

    he doesnt sound HORRIBLE here,too lazy to look up his other performances

  • romeo

    Guy’s cute. If he’s not wearing a shirt, he doesn’t NEED to know how to sing. He can fart the Star Spangled Banner and I’ll watch.

  • DSNX

    We may need to accept that he’ll be in the Top 12 because, as South Park so aptly put it, “he makes little girls’ ginies tingle.”

    No shot in hell at winning. I won’t be complaining as long as he shows up shirtless at some point on camera.

  • romeo

    @DSNX: Would you do me a favor and NEVER reference little girls’ “ginies.” I hang here just before lunch.

  • LatinCub

    Such tiny little nipples. lol

  • Tim W

    Here is also the guy chosen as the person to support by and never underestimate the power of the Worsters. We’ve been known to keep a few contestant around longer than they probably have deserved to it’s this karaoke wantabe singing competition.

  • scott ny'er

    hot body. nice smile. not digging the hair.

    that performance of apologize. TERRIBLE. Is it really that hard to hit those notes?

  • terrwill

    Who knew????

  • Shawn

    Love the hair…love the smile. he’s gorgeous.


  • Devon

    Everyone fucking sucks this season, so at least by voting for this guy there’s a piece of man-candy to ogle every week. Plus, if he somehow managed to win, it would be the biggest “fuck you” to this show’s producers imaginable. They’d be vomiting tears backstage at the finale.

    And as for his chances of pulling off such an upset, never underestimate the power of hormonal tween girls with unlimited texting plans in large numbers.

  • Lukas P.

    Dang he’s fine. He could tame that mane of hair JUST a little. I wish he could sing better, though but maybe the “worsters” will keep voting him through. Those nipples really ARE tiny!

    I don’t watch the show regularly, just will maybe, some seasons, check out the final 4 contestants.

    I think I need to go program the TIVO…

  • alan brickman

    nothin wrong with him..don’t be too jealous queens…

  • David

    I wonder what the shirtless ‘swimsuit’ competition was for…because the guy behind him looks like Kenny Rogers.

  • Dasher

    OMG he is totally hot. I can always turn down the audio when he sings. In photo 2, he almost looks like Ryan from The Real World Brooklyn…another hot dude, who made the homoerotic video shown here a month ago.

  • MissSenile


  • scott ny'er

    @David: is that before or after the nip/tuck, where he became unrecognizable?

  • BradSA

    He can’t sing but who cares? Let’s keep him around for as long as possible.

  • TheInsider

    @BradSA: Intelligent comment BradSA, wow. Keep perpetuating mediocrity.

  • delurker

    @alan brickman: Thanks, Cap’n defend-a-himbo. You do realize that even when come to the defense of these guys and the various morning gooders, they still don’t want anything to do with you?

  • Cam

    No. 21 · TheInsider said….
    @BradSA: Intelligent comment BradSA, wow. Keep perpetuating mediocrity.

    You know, “Theinsider” normally I would agree with you, but the fact that somebody who can’t sing MADE the top 24 (Yes, he was the alternate, but still) shows that the show wasn’t going for talent this season. I mean are they seriously trying to tell me that the top 24 singers in the NATION out of the millions that tried out are all thin and attractive? I mean look at the girls, there isn’t one in there who is larger than a size 4-6. And even the one “Edgy” girl has salon dreds that are sparkling and obviously put there by an expensive stylist. Give me a break, Jennifer Hudson wouldn’t even have made the cut this year because they would have thought she was too fat.

  • terrwill

    His voice is not that terrible, what was terrible was his song choice. The only way he would have hit those falsetto notes is if Ryan had his balls in a vice grip………..

  • fredo777

    I think the whole concept of VoteForTheWorst is petty + stupid. People who claim to thumb their noses at the competition probably spend more time + effort trying to mess things up than actual fans of the show spend voting for contestants that they genuinely enjoy. Tim’s cute with his shirt off, but he will certainly not get my vote while there are other more talented singers around.

  • Dasher

    @23 – Cam – you really hit it. The show is pageant.

    Now, what song choice would require him to take his shirt off?

  • terrwill

    Vote for the Worst actually does carry a lot of weight. Somewhere there was data that they can sway somewhat like up to 20% of the vote. Which can definatley keep someone around longer than they should. I had a back and forth banter few seasons ago when they had Danny Noreiga as the worst. I had two issues, first Danny wasn’t the worst and second it seemed like implied Gay bashing of an openly Gay teen. The also outed David Hernandaz. I argued that a good percentage of the voters are middle america folks they really wern’t doing much for the Gays.
    Dave kinda sorta agreed but basically said clicks make his site money and he did pretty well during the AI seasons….

    Wouldn’t be that much of a suprise of someone running such a website. except Dave is openly Gay…………..

  • fredo777


    And that brings me to my other complaint about the site. While the Idol-bashers are reveling in dissing the show + trying to send home the better contestants, the owner of the site itself is just profiting from the very show that VFTW is supposedly created to poke fun at. “Oh, American Idol is so stupid. What a joke! (But I sure hope it runs for more + more seasons, b/c this site is making me money)”

  • Bill S

    I thought he was bad last week, but actually, this week, his rendition of “Come On Get Higher” was one of the better performances of the night-a vast improvement over last week.
    He does look cute shirtless, but what’s with the ’70’s teen-idol hair helmet?

  • jess

    he should b in porn he’d b the perfect bottom!!!

  • Bruce

    I’m a big voter for this guy. Very attractive and hey no other guy is a good singer either so shouldn’t we keep the hot guy on. Makes American Idol more relevant to me.

  • Dasher

    Tim sang much better this week, and his performance was actually one of the better ones. Ellen sort of insulted him, and said he should try acting instead. Simon said nice things about his singing this week.

    His performance would have been even better if he had taken his shirt off.

    I think he’s going for the David Cassidy look with the coif.

    Only had a few minutes to recover from looking at Tim before watching Blue Mountain State.

  • fredo777

    @Bruce: While I think he had a much, much, much better performance this week, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that “no other male singer is good either”. That’s simply untrue (I know, I know it’s subjective). Even at their most awkward or wrong-song-choicey (ok, i made that up…), there are several male singers whose vocals I think have real potential.

    Also, jumping on the shallow bandwagon, did anyone spot Tim’s butt in those white jeans when they had the camera at an angle pointing downward at Tim + the other guys who were not currently performing? Hot damn.

  • Cam

    I really think they have too many judges. They edit the songs down to a very short time all so randy and Kara can say the exact same things they’ve said a million times before. Ugh.

  • fredo777

    @Cam: To be honest, I like Randy + Kara. It’s not like Simon’s schtick is completely original after all these seasons, either.

  • Step

    Too bad he’s a christian singer.
    What a waste.

  • TJ Foxx

    What a little hottie….who cares if he can sing?!

  • Soli

    #23: so the fact Jennifer Hudson is fat and had a fat, dead mom makes no differnce?

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