What About The Children?

American Psychological Association Responds To Recent Bogus Study on Gay Parenting

In response to the recent cockamamie study that children of gay parents fare worse in life, the American Psychological Association released a statement reasserting its long held proof that children of gay parents fare equally as well as those of heterosexual parents.

From APA’s website:

On the basis of a remarkably consistent body of research on lesbian and gay parents and their children, the American Psychological Association (APA) and other health professional and scientific organizations have concluded that there is no scientific evidence that parenting effectiveness is related to parental sexual orientation. That is, lesbian and gay parents are as likely as heterosexual parents to provide supportive and healthy environments for their children. This body of research has shown that the adjustment, development and psychological well-being of children are unrelated to parental sexual orientation and that the children of lesbian and gay parents are as likely as those of heterosexual parents to flourish.