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Anne Heche’s final public words on her relationship with Ellen: “That was my Cinderella story”

I think it was a slow roll. When you come to understand the truth of another. I wanted desperately to have that relationship be the love of my life. That was my Cinderella story.

But what happened was that I was shut out from things that I cared about and in order to make her feel like she was being loved, I would erase those things from my past such as acting and replace them with things that I thought would give her a foundation.

As we got further and further away from me being able to be in public the way that would please her, I began getting further and further away from my friends and my friendships. And one of the things that concerned me very much was that I beginning to feel shut off and shut down and shut away.

I told Ellen that I needed to have friends, she said that she did not want a girlfriend that needed that, and that is the day I left.The late Anne Heche reflecting on her ex-girlfriend Ellen Degeneres in 2021 in what would become her final public words on their relationship.

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