For the past five out of six months, I have watched numerous members and supporters of the GLBT community pressure our school board into changing the sexual orientation curriculum policy. I have decided I could no longer sit on the sidelines and continue to watch our school board and superintendent be bullied and harassed by members and supporters of the LGBT community both locally and nationally. There is a huge debate whether homosexuality is on the same plane as heterosexuality. Many, including myself, believe homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. … I am well aware of the national homosexual agenda to come after our kids. If anyone is being silenced, it’s the students who have a conservative Christian viewpoint.

—Laurie Thompson, a Christian parent whose kids go to school in Minnesota’s Anoka-Hennepin School District, and who in 2009 insisted the school hang a Christian nativity scene hung in the Anoka High School cafeteria because the GSA was allowed to post its material, speaking about the “neutrality policy” that forbids any discussion of sexual orientation in school at the district’s board meeting last night. Which sounds like it was awesome. (Thompson’s remarks were met with a young woman shouting, “If they are going to hell, I’m going to hell with them! So go gays.” She was escorted out of the room by security.) And yes, grieving (and terrific) mom Tammy Aaberg was there, which is fitting: this is the school district that, after all, refuses to believe it has an anti-gay bullying problem, and actively discriminates against gay students, and allegedly bullies its own kids.

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