Anti-Gay Paramilitary Comes Out in Hungary

Things may soon get hairy for Hungary’s homos.

A little over a month after right-wingers stunk up gay pride, freshly formed paramilitary group Magyar Garda inducted its first members.

Founded by Jobbik party leader Gabor Vona, Magyar Garda (Hungarian Guard) promises to provide a “true transition,” which, judging from their anti-gay, anti-Roma, anti-Jew stance, won’t bode well for the European nation.

Speaking outside Budapest’s presidential capital yesterday, Vona vowed, “The Hungarian Guard has been set up in order to carry out the real change of regime and to rescue Hungarians.” The real change, critics say, may be the long-term side effects.

Sociology professor Zoltan Fleck remarks:

If the Magyar Guard manages to legitimize itself over the longer term… more such groups will be formed and it will cause a strong fear in the public in a young democracy which still needs to be developed rather than challenged.

The guard may not need to legitimize itself – Jobbik’s already aligned with other right-leaning parties. Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany also expressed his frustration:

When those who establish a paramilitary organiZation are ones who … at times actively seek to make Hungary a place where prejudice and fear reign instead of peace and understanding, then we must act with special prudence.

Gyurcsany now asking the government’s prosecutors to keep a watchful eye on The Guard. No doubt gay activists will, too…

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