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While the Met Gala’s wild fashions and Tom Daley qualifying for his 5th Olympics took over everyone’s social media feeds this week, the political power players were busy doing all sorts of things while nobody was looking. Here’s just a few of the stories that you really need to know about it…

MAKE NEPO BABIES GREAT AGAIN: Ivanka is said to be “warming up” to the idea of joining her disgraced father’s campaign again proving she’s a glutton for punishment. [Read all about it on Queerty]

ORANGE IS THE NEW CRAP: The cross-examination of Stormy Daniels in the disgraced ex-president’s hush money trial led to some vulgar questions that left Anderson Cooper shellshocked. [Read all about it on LGBTQ Nation]

MAGA MEMORY: The disgraced 77-year-old GOP presidential hopeful couldn’t seem to remember simple facts about his only biological child with his third wife. Now what’s that about a cognitive test?

DOG-EAT-DOG WORLD: Anti-LGBTQ+ South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s disastrous book tour just went from bad to worse… to even worse! [Read all about it on Queerty]

INTERNALIZED HOMOPHOBIA 101: Here’s everything you ever wanted know about those self-hating gays that vote against their own equality in the Log Cabin Republicans. [Read all about it on LGBTQ Nation]

IS THEIR A VAX FOR THAT? Third party presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. previously disclosed that a doctor told him a worm got into his brain, ate a portion of it and died. This tracks as you gotta be brain dead to vote for him.

WICKED WITCH OF THE FAR-RIGHT: MAGA loon Marjorie Taylor Greene got slayed by the perfect Wizard of Oz meme and is seeing all her power melt away. [Read all about it on Queerty]

MAKE TEXAS PURPLE: Democrat Molly Cook just became the first out LGBTQ+ person to be elected to the Texas Senate. [Read all about it on LGBTQ Nation]

OUTFOXED: Even Fox News couldn’t stop themselves from pointing out how President Biden unveiled a $3.3 billion investment from Microsoft to build an AI data center in the exact same spot Trump touted a $10 billion Foxconn facility in 2017 that never materialized and turned out to be just a con.

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