Just think, had things gone differently you could be sidling up to this guy at the bar: Family Research Institute director Paul Cameron—who recently opined that President Obama “probably” indulged in homosexual acts—admitted he had wrestled with a sexual attraction to men at a young age.

In a creepy, rambling interview on The David Pakman Show, Cameron suggests Obama buddying up with George Clooney and Brad Pitt is proof the POTUS is a poofter: “If you look at his connections with Hollywood…as Liz Taylor said, ‘Without gays, there is no Hollywood.'”

Later, Cameron admits that he was molested as a child and worked to overcome sexual feelings about men. “As you’re probably aware, I was seduced, or raped, as a child…I was raped homosexually. Had that continued, I don’t know where I would’ve ended up,” he tells Pakman, “I do know that the culture, which was directed toward heterosexuality, overcame whatever feelings I had—and I had some that I acquired as 3-year-old. By the time I was 9 or 10, I was thoroughly interested in girls.”

We’re not even sure how to react. It’s horrible that anyone, even someone as loathsome as Cameron, was sexually assaulted as a child. But that doesn’t mean he was turned gay and then “overcame” it. It just means he was understandably confused—he was 3 years old!!!and emerged as as a (presumed) heterosexual.

We were never molested and we’re as gay as a gallon of poppers.

One last thing: No one we know who has suffered childhood sexual abuse refers to it as being “seduced.”  What the hell is that about?


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