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Antigay Activist Wants Kids To Stay Away From School On Harvey Milk Day

What better way to show your commitment to education than by telling kids to stay home from school? That’s the strategy of an outfit called Save California (why do antigay groups always have names like that?). SaveCalfornia wants kids to stay home from school on May 22, the day set aside to honor LGBT pioneer Harvey Milk. In fact, the group has bought radio ads in Los Angeles and Sacramento telling parents to “protect your children from Harvey Milk indoctrination,” whatever that may be.

Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalfornia, told the Sacramento Bee  that any program that tells kids about Milk’s accomplishments ” is not academic, it’s brainwashing.”

Thomasson is on a roll these days. Just last week he appeared on a radio show in which he declared that the fight over gay rights was leading to (you guessed it!) the destruction of America. “We have evidence abounding that there is a civil war occurring in the United States of America, it’s not being done with guns or knives, but it’s being done by usurpers of the United States Constitution and they have positioned themselves in power, they have infiltrated the constitutional land of the United States, they have gotten there with the help of ignorant people or wicked people and then they have implemented their own will,” Thomasson ranted.

In other words, the usurpers are democratically elected officials and the majority of voters who put them in office. Perhaps Thomasson needs to go back to school himself for a lesson in civics.

Just to prove Thomasson’s point, the usurpers in the Obama Administration have virtually taken up arms against the republic by honoring ten LGBT elected officials as part of the Milk Day celebration, including three from California. The winners of the Harvey Milk Champions of Change are being honored at the White House Wednesday for their “commitment to equality and public service.’” So here’s to the ten champions, who could show Thomasson a thing or two about teaching by example:

  • GA State Rep. Simone Bell
  • SD State Sen. Angie Buhl O’Donnell
  • MN State Rep. Karen Clark
  • Redonda Beach, CA Mayor Michael Gin
  • HI State Civil Rights Commissioner Kim Coco Iwamoto
  • CA Secretary of Natural Resources John Laird
  • CA State Sen. Ricardo Lara
  • Johnson County, IA Recorder Kim Painter
  • Cincinnati City Council Member Chris Seelbach
  • CO State Sen. Pat Steadman

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  • kevininbuffalo

    These clowns make a nice living getting the nutjobs worked up. Guess it beats the hell out of working.

  • hephaestion

    I guess poor self-loathing Closet Cases like Randy Thomasson will be with us for a while.

  • Mitchell

    Teaching your children that hate is a good value and discriminating whether based on how much someone weighs what they look like mental physical disabilities sexual orientation race ethnicity etccc those are brainwashing as well as indoctrinating.

    Just call yourself a hypocrite already Mr Thomasson that label suits people like you perfectly im afraid.

  • jeff4justice

    Randy Thomasson is one of the worst scums on earth.

    But to his credit, no one keeps gays visible like the wannabe heterosexual supremacists who hate us so much yet live lives utterly obsessed with us.

  • Charles175

    If it weren’t for the power of the internet, idiots like this would be quickly re-writing history so as to erase us all together.

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