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Anton Yelchin plays a struggling gay son in his final film, ‘We Don’t Belong Here’

Peer Pedersen’s directorial debut, We Don’t Belong Here, tells the story of a conflicted mother searching for her troubled gay son.

Anton Yelchin, who died unexpectedly in a car accident nearly one year ago, plays the PTSD-afflicted son, Max, of Nancy Green, played by Catherine Keener.

Keener’s character doesn’t accept that her son is gay, and admonishes the way he self-medicates with drugs. She’s forced to reckon with their strained relationship after Max goes missing, and deeply-kept family secrets begin to surface.

Yelchin is best known for playing Pavel Chekov in three Star Trek films.

We Don’t Belong Here, which also features Molly Shannon, Carey Elwes and Maya Rudolph, is currently available on DVD.

Watch the trailer below:

h/t NNN