Apparently Teachers Who Like Corny Dogs And Drag Queens Aren’t Fit To Teach

Last month an anonymous person sent a letter to the principal of Charter Oak High with two pictures of Mitch Stein, the school’s championship-winning water polo coach, suggestively eating a corny dog and posing with drag queens. The letter called Stein “unfit to coach” and threatened to tell the school board unless he was fired immediately. Stein removed the online images but the school principal fired him anyway. Does that mean that Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry would make horrible teachers as well?

The next day the school’s human resources department told Stein that he was specifically “not fired for being gay,” which led him to believe that he was probably fired for being gay. Now he’s filed a discrimination complaint against Charter Oak Unified School District. Several parents have written the school in praise of Stein and condemnation of the school’s overreaction.

Image via Andreanna Moya Photography

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  • Bob

    Crazybeyes achmann and 19th century Perry re not fit to teach dogs where to poop.

  • Michael

    Hope he wins these people are such prudes I bet it was one of those CONCERNED parents worried about their child. Wank. These people need to pop their prude bubbles already and join this century.They are stuck in the dark ages period.

    I can just see it now: oh noezz 2 guys kissing on tv oh noezz a drag queen oh noezz….. some guy or girl just took their top off nooezzz not the boobies or pecs noezzz!!!! :O

  • I don't get it

    Once again a teacher is fired not only because he is gay but also on the basis of facts happening in his private, personal, non-professional life. Am I the only one to think invasion of privacy should be a federal crime?

  • DavyJones

    It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out (if we ever hear about it again). Since the district never actually supplied a reason publicly for firing the guy; I’m sure right now there are some number of staffers locked in a room going through eery aspect of his life and job trying to find a way to justify it beyond,’He’s gay and posted a picture of him with two other gays.’ Unfortunately, if they can, he’s probably SOL.

  • Hyhybt

    Although this sort of thing should not in any way be cause for firing someone, what you post online is NOT private. And if he was able to remove the pictures, it’s safe to assume he was the one who posted them.

  • I don't get it

    All right then, but still, even if public it’s still strictly non-related to his professional duties. People shouldn’t be able to fire people for reasons unrelated to the job.

  • Capo

    @DavyJones: You wouldn’t be far off.

  • fredo777

    This, I’m afraid, is some bullshit.

  • Guillermo3

    Anyone who’d eat anything that looks like that is fit to be tied.

  • Xadrian

    Good to see real epexrtsie on display. Your contribution is most welcome.

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